Dreams Related To Asylum

Interacting with patients of a mental asylum

My schoolmates and I were transported to an asylum to interact with the patients. The others got creeped out, but I however like the idea. I made friends with two kids who were mental patients. Some weird psycho was yelling at me so I punched him and yelled right back. According to the doctor, since I am the only student willing enough to interact with them, they sent me to an isolation box where there was a quiet patient. We eventually became friends. My schoolmates got scared of me.

A dream wherein you see yourself and your schoolmates enter a mental asylum to interact with the patients in an indication of the arrival of difficult times in your waking life. Perhaps each of you as individuals are going through a particularly trying period which tests your faith and patience time and again. The notion that you saw yourself interacting with mentally challenged kids shows your willingness to tackle these problems head on. The presence of a psychotic person symbolizes the existence of certain obstacles. Since you successfully overpowered this person, it portends that things would eventually turn for the better. You would gain the respect of your classmates because you would emerge stronger despite all the problems which you may soon face.