Dreams Related To Astronaut

Being an astronaut

Being an astronaut is an indication of being socially active. You will enjoy the company of friends and will be constantly in touch with them. You will also spend more time doing things that you love to do together.

Realizing you are an astronaut

Realizing you are an astronaut is a foretelling of expanding your horizons. You will find a new job where you will grow even more individually. You will meet new people, make new friends and in the process learn more things from them. This is a sign of personal growth for you.

What is the meaning of dreams about space or cosmos

Astronaut in open space

An astronaut in open space or seeing an astronaut doing a spacewalk signifies making major decisions that will affect the outcome of your project or undertaking. These decisions will be instrumental in the success or failure of whatever endeavor you are working on right now. At the same time, it also means that you have to exercise caution when signing any legal document.

Talking to an astronaut

Talking to an astronaut is a sign of family dispute. There are disagreements arising in your family, probably among parents and children or aunts and uncles against nephews or nieces but it involves disparity between different generations. This will cause big problems within your family.