Dreams Related To Astrologist

Looking for an astrologist

Looking for an astrologist who can tell your future is a symbol of worry. You are constantly fretting over what will happen in the future. You need not be anxious though, for there are better things in store for you and your worries are just useless.

You as an astrologist

Dreaming that you are an astrologist is a vision of illegal activity. You are about to initiate undertaking an illegal act or behavior which could bring you danger. Try to be more mindful of the consequences of your actions to avoid any potential trouble.

Unwanted telling by an astrologist

Unwanted telling by an astrologist or receiving some unfavorable reading from a person practicing astrology is a reminder that you should rethink your life. Reflect on the way you view things and how you approach decisions you have made in the past. It is time that you change your perspective in life for your own good.

Meeting with astrologist

Meeting with an astrologist in your dream means that you will be able to read through the dubious intentions of someone who is trying to fool you. This person is trying to get you involved in a business proposition or an activity but you will be able to discern his or her real intentions.

Listening to an astrologist

Listening to an astrologist or getting advice from an astrologist shows you that you will be faced with trials and hardships. In these situations, you will have to learn to trust your instincts and rely on what you feel is right. Try to apply what you have learned from previous experiences to help you overcome challenges.