Dreams Related To Assault

Being assaulted and robbed

I was set up at work at a plant in my hometown for assault and theft.

Being set up or framed for something you did not do actually means you are not taking responsibility for your actions. You have hurt others or committed wrongdoing and yet instead of owning up to it, you have a tendency to blame others. You also tend to play the victim when in fact you are causing damage yourself. A little self-awareness is what you need so that you can understand the repercussions of your actions.

An assault by a student

A fellow student pulls me onto the ground and rips my panties off and tries to keep them.

Underwear represents a part of your wish to keep private. Being assaulted in your dream and having your panties torn off indicates a violation of personal space and privacy. There could be people in your life-threatening to expose your secrets or use them to blackmail you. On the other hand, this vision could also allude to feelings of ineptitude and intimacy issues. Perhaps you feel insecure in your skin and uncomfortable about your sexuality.

Assaulting a baby

I have disturbing dreams of continually smacking my baby in the face. Over and over.

These types of dreams can often cause anxiety once you awaken. However, more often than not these are merely harmless manifestations of real-world anxieties. To see a baby in a dream is generally an auspicious sign. Babies represent potential, hope, opportunities and blessings. In the context of your dream, smacking your baby over and over could be a projection of your frustrations at being unable to realize your full potential. Additionally, this may be a result of your inability to get that promotion or whatever goal you are eyeing at the moment. This awareness of your emotional state can in fact help you turn your attention into honing your skills to help get that much closer to your dreams.

Being assaulted by parents

I was out with my mom and dad, then my mom slammed me to the ground and started kicking me, hard. When she stopped, I wanted to report her to the nearest officer, but my dad held me by my throat so I wouldn't. Then my mom started ripping my clothes off and threw me on the ground again, kicking and stomping so hard my bones shattered. Then I felt something biting me hard, I couldn't see it but I suspect it was my dad. I was trying to scream and no sound came out. Then I woke up. I am female.

Dreaming about being attacked by both your mother and father could represent taking the criticism of others to heart much too easily. This means you may be overly sensitive, making a mountain out of a mole hill when you get your feelings hurt. This is likely to lead to difficulties in your interpersonal relationships, as others may get annoyed with having to shield you from the truth. Trying to scream but being unable to make a sound suggests you could become sick in the near future. However, others may not believe the severity of it, thinking you are blowing it out of proportion much like everything else.

Being assaulted by an ex-friend

I was skipping down the street and singing, very happy. A car pulls up and an ex-friend jumps out with a metal pipe and beats me to a pulp. The blood, teeth, and bones seemed like that of 6 people. She is laughing and belittling me the whole time. She is a self-professed vigilante murderer and we had a bad falling out.

Dreaming about being beaten up by an old friend signifies feelings of repression and hopelessness. Although you may have stopped being friends, you still harbor some feelings of resentment which seem to surface time and again. Perhaps they betrayed you and every time you think of them it brings back that feeling of utter desolation. The fact that your friend beats you until you are reduced to a bloody mess signifies the loss of trust which occurred due to their devious actions.

Assaulted by a man at a bar

A man poured a drink over my head whilst holding me up by the neck. Then I threw my drink at him and asked why he did it to me. He then lifted me by my neck again and tried pouring another drink down my throat. Then he had me hanging by the legs. I noticed under all the tables in this bar we were in were black bags with people in them. Then I shouted to my friend who is a security guard. He came over, the mean guy dropped me and he and my friend squared up. The mean guy beat my friend up.

Dreaming that you are being tortured by someone who is using water or some other liquid, such as pouring the drink down your throat or dousing you with liquid, alludes to being pressured to perform in the real world. The neck, as a symbol, represents the divide between the heart and the mind, so being held by the neck reveals your confused state in relation to your current circumstance. Perhaps your superiors are forcing you to do something that is against your values. Your rational side knows that in order to gain their trust you need to follow their orders, yet your heart does not approve. You may need to decide whether your job is worth compromising your personal beliefs.