Dreams Related To Assault

Being assaulted and robbed

I was set up at work at a plant in my hometown for assault and theft.

Being set up or framed for something you did not do actually means you are not taking responsibility for your actions. You have hurt others or committed wrongdoing and yet instead of owning up to it, you have a tendency to blame others. You also tend to play the victim when in fact you are causing damage yourself. A little self-awareness is what you need so that you can understand the repercussions of your actions.

An assault by a student

A fellow student pulls me onto the ground and rips my panties off and tries to keep them.

Underwear represents a part of your wish to keep private. Being assaulted in your dream and having your panties torn off indicates a violation of personal space and privacy. There could be people in your life-threatening to expose your secrets or use them to blackmail you. On the other hand, this vision could also allude to feelings of ineptitude and intimacy issues. Perhaps you feel insecure in your skin and uncomfortable about your sexuality.

Assaulting a baby

I have disturbing dreams of continually smacking my baby in the face. Over and over.

These types of dreams can often cause anxiety once you awaken. However, more often than not these are merely harmless manifestations of real-world anxieties. To see a baby in a dream is generally an auspicious sign. Babies represent potential, hope, opportunities and blessings. In the context of your dream, smacking your baby over and over could be a projection of your frustrations at being unable to realize your full potential. Additionally, this may be a result of your inability to get that promotion or whatever goal you are eyeing at the moment. This awareness of your emotional state can in fact help you turn your attention into honing your skills to help get that much closer to your dreams.