Dreams Related To Asian

Seeing an asian

Seeing an asian man or woman in the dream world can be symbolic of some minor challenges or inconveniences creeping up in reality. In some cases, this may refer to funny, inconsequential issues that you can laugh at in the moment, but sometimes this can also refer to roadblocks with more serious consequences.

An Asian woman living in the house

I have been going to a Chinese food place where I find this Asian cashier extremely attractive, I always order their food which makes me see her a lot. I'm 22 years old, 23 in May, and born in 1994. So, when I went to sleep I had a dream where I believe I was in my own home but instead of having a shed, it was a room, there was clothes as if a woman was living there. This woman was Asian and she told me to wake up and I was attracted to her, had a flashback of a murder scene happening in this home.

The Asian connection which provides background for this vision may reveal the presence of empty promises or outright lies. It is possible you are being deceived, although the person deceiving you may be none other than yourself. Being attracted to this woman in both reality and the dream world speaks of something unusual or exotic which you would like to experience for yourself. However, you may be imagining that she reciprocates those feelings, meaning you are not being honest with yourself about the reality of the situation. This could lead to some internal conflict and great disappointments, as represented by the murder scene.

An asian person for men

For men, the image of a man or woman of asian descent, especially if they do not know such a person, may reveal that they would soon be deceived in reality. This active deception may cause him to lose something very important. The individual duping him may be a stranger, but it is equally possible that it would be someone close to him too.

Asian food

Eating Asian food, or simply looking at the dishes laid out on a table, indicates a discrepancy in your books. Thankfully, it is a minor lapse in accounting and can easily be fixed. However, if you put off this issue, it could eventually pile up and get you in trouble with the IRS. Sloppy bookkeeping or poor records of business transactions also suggest a weak link in you roster of employees. They probably need more training or a proper sanction to get things back in order.

Asian restaurant

An Asian restaurant, serving Japanese food or Chinese cuisine for example, means you will be dealing with a minor or manageable problem. You cannot ignore this issue, so you might as well deal with it as quickly as possible so you can focus on more important tasks. For instance, a friend could be asking you to recommend their YouTube channel or TikTok account to your social circle. Or maybe someone's anniversary is coming up and you still have no gift idea. Putting off this task will only cause more problems, so it is time to tick it off your "To Do" list.

An asian for middle-aged women

For middle-aged women, the image of an asian could be an indicator that she would meet a young man who would pretend to be truly in love with her. This young man would use her feelings against her to procure either money or favors. While she may be willing to trade these things at first, she would ultimately become disappointed when he moves on to another target.

Killing an asian

Killing an asian is a positive symbol in the dream world. It means you would be able to overcome any problems you are currently facing and make your dreams come true. This would bring you great happiness and satisfaction.

Kissing with an asian for women

For women, the act of kissing an asian man may be a warning from your subconscious to be less trusting of those who call themselves your friends. A close female companion or confidante may start using the secrets you share with her to take advantage of you or spread rumors. She is most likely trying to make herself look better in the eyes of others by putting you down or trying to take what is yours because she is jealous.

Two Asian siblings killing themselves

This might sound really weird. I had a dream of two Asian siblings sharing their last meal and using the utensils to kill themselves at the same time. I really have no influence, I'm just watching this happen. I'm really scared.

The notion of Asian siblings observed in this dream is symbolic of being exposed to some empty promises or even lies. These deceptions could be related to and aimed at your current plans, professional or otherwise. Someone or some people could have been hampering your efforts to make progress by standing in your way and interfering with your plans and intentions. You seem to be incapable of preventing such interference. You mention that you could not help the siblings and stood there as a witness unable to offer any help. This could reveal your timid or perhaps indecisive nature. This personal trait may be preventing you from accomplishing more in life and fulfilling your dreams, especially when you are faced with serious obstacles and feel frustrated. Overall, this dream suggests that you would be more successful by being in control of, acting upon and managing adverse circumstances occasionally appearing on your life's path.

Doing business with an asian

Doing business with an asian man or woman during the course of a dream vision predicts getting involved in a fraudulent, deceptive situation. This dream should be interpreted as a sign to not make any hasty decisions regarding money or investments, as waiting things out and reviewing the situation may reveal the true nature of who you would be dealing with or help predict the long term effects. You would feel better about making the right choice if you spend more time thinking things through.