Dreams Related To Ash

House on fire and birds in the ashes

I am a male who dreamt I was visiting an old friend of mine. His young daughter started a fire which I was putting out. It kept jumping around and I kept putting it out. No fire extinguishers or anything, just myself. Then it jumped to the curtains and I pulled them down and stomped them out. The ashes on the floor had 2 bird-like creatures in them. I cant say for certain the type of bird. Also in the dream I was speaking with people who were offering me advice and opportunities. In my dream I knew them.

Visiting an old friend can symbolize old issues or past mistakes that are once again resurfacing and causing trouble in your present life. Struggling to put out the fire reflects your own struggle to deal with your old transgressions or lingering issues. Your approach to resolving this past trauma may not be effective. For example, you may be using Netflix, dating apps and mobile games to keep yourself occupied so your mind would not have to deal with unresolved issues. Meanwhile, the presence of the people giving you advice means you need to seek professional help for your personal issues. They will help you pinpoint the real source of your problem and find out how exactly to resolve it.

Raining with black ash

Black ashes falling like rain from the sky.

Thick, choking ash which falls from the sky in a thick rain predicts serious social conflicts and even warfare soon occurring in the area where you live. Those around you may be swept up in the frenzy of the fight, with the chaos obstructing the normal flow of affairs that would in turn result in rash and violent behavior and clouded reasoning.