Dreams Related To Artillery

Part of artillery in action

Being part of artillery in action or observing a piece of artillery firing near you tells you that your social circle at the moment is not good for you. You are surrounded by people who like talking behind your back and who engage in useless talk, so distance yourself from these people because they are wasting your time.

Inactive artillery

Inactive artillery or an artillery with no action means that you are insecure of yourself and feel self-conscious when being around other people. You need to develop your self-confidence more to overcome this and be able to push forward towards achieving your goals.

Hearing artillery shots

Hearing the thunderous sound of artillery shots in a dream can serve as a symbol of significant events or news heading your way. It foretells the arrival of important information that holds great meaning and impact in your life. This news has the potential to shape your path and bring about transformative changes. Pay close attention to your surroundings and remain open to receiving this vital message or opportunity. Prepare yourself for the possibilities that lie ahead and embrace the potential for positive growth and development.

Seeing artillery

Seeing artillery in your dream is a bad sign. You are about to face misfortune and you will not be able to do anything about the situation right away. Finding the solution to the difficulty you are about to face would require a lot of time and effort.

Being a part of artillery

Being a part of artillery symbolizes difficulty in expressing yourself. Not being able to communicate or express your thoughts and feelings to other people stops you from achieving your goals in life. There may be times when you need to voice out your needs but fail to do so because of fear. Think about consulting an expert who can help you with this problem, like a career advisor or a personal coach.