Dreams Related To Artery

Cut artery

A cut artery in your dream signifies facing an accident. Something catastrophic like an accident will happen to someone dear to you. Be on the lookout for possible warning signs that can lead to such an event, like telling your friends to drive carefully and to check the condition of their cars in order to avoid accidents.

Swollen artery

Seeing a swollen artery on someone's arm foretells of meeting someone new in your life. This person will play a significant role in your life for he or she will become your closest and one of your most trusted friends.

Using a tourniquet on artery

If you dream of using a tourniquet, it means that you will be able to get out of a very sticky situation in a creative way. You will employ the best means to solve the problem and use your crafty skills to your advantage.

On top of being in control over difficult situations, you will have the ability to discern who among your coworkers is deceiving you. Your instincts would work to your advantage and divert you away from the influence of insincere friends.