Dreams Related To Art

Icon-painting as art

Dreaming about painting iconic images, such as sacred religious figures, is a favorable sign to experience in a dream vision. Creating iconic art, such as of the Madonna, predicts success and the garnering of positive results from your current endeavor, particularly when you rely on religious faith or spiritual guidance in your undertakings.

Oil paintings as art

Dreaming about creating art in the form of oil paintings is a negative symbol associated with risk. Producing an oil painting in a dream predicts involvement in underhanded or illegal activities. The result of these activities, if realized or caught at, could significantly impact your life in a negative way, perhaps affecting your personal lifestyle or the well-being of those around you.

Looking at art created by you

Seeing art you have created in a dream vision, be it a painting, a sculpture, or pottery, symbolizes your life as you currently see it, potentially without real meaning or purpose. Admiring the fruits of your artistic endeavors while dreaming is a wake-up call to look at where you are currently in your life and to reassess where you want to go before it is too late to change course or go back. This might include reevaluating your current routine, your relationships or your dreams and aspirations for the future.

Art masterpieces

Looking at an art masterpiece in a dream is a negative sign predicting insincere relationships in your life. Examining or studying beautiful art, either at a museum or special exhibit, could be interpreted as a warning to more carefully consider those around you, particularly close friends and new acquaintances. There is a chance that someone is not all they seem to be and may hurt you, surprising you with the level of their deceit and double-dealing.

Being interested in art

Having a dream vision of becoming interested in or entranced by art, be it viewing art in a museum or learning about art through taking a class, symbolizes gaining a positive outcome from the learning of something new. This art could be represented in a dream by paintings, sculptures, or pottery and reflects the acquiring of a practical skill or book knowledge. This knowledge may become useful in a surprising and unexpected fashion, particularly in the pursuit of personal aspirations or career goals.

Countless art items in a museum

Having a dream about an art gallery filled with an uncountable number of priceless artifacts but being unable to peruse them all due to time constraints is a representation of events in your own waking life. This type of dream is often associated with experiencing many events beyond your control and struggling to find your voice and place within this context, because doing so might bring you more confidence and self-assurance in the future.

Dreaming of many pieces of art but being unable to study them all can also represent a desire to become more knowledgeable in either academic subjects or practical skills. Interest in art while dreaming speaks of interest in broadening your store of knowledge, benefiting you in the near future or further down the road. Your mastery could also earn the respect and favor of those around you, particularly colleagues or close friends and family.

Having a dream vision about visiting an art gallery is a negative sign, usually predicting disagreement or conflict in the near future. This might be a small misunderstanding with a friend or co-worker or a larger fight with someone you consider very close to you. Envisioning an art gallery in a dream can be taken as a warning to be careful in your words and actions so as not to cause rifts in your relationships.

Talking with an art collector

Dreaming of conversing or having a deep discussion with an art collector or other art professional is neither a positive nor a negative sign. Rather, it is a warning to be cautious of those you place trust in or rely on. Not being aware or concerned with your relationships may allow some unscrupulous person to lie, deceive or take advantage of you.

Famous paintings as art

Having a dream vision about admiring or trying to acquire famous paintings is a possible representation of dubious activities you are considering to get yourself involved in. The inclination to purchase items of art within a dream reflects partaking in activities of a questionable nature, possibly related to fraud or deception. Though these actions may seem profitable at the moment, it would be wise to consider consequences of such intentions on your future.

Many statues as art

Dreaming of multiple statues, such as an art exhibit displayed in a museum, often predicts separation and loss. Seeing many large statues as part of this dream vision usually indicates either a breakup with a lover or partner or the dissolution of a friendship with someone whose company you value greatly. The cause of this separation may be similar personality flaws or not being able to balance each other in the pursuit of your goals and dreams.

Old lithographs as art

Dreaming about old lithographs, especially when they are envisioned as art, is a representation of your current drive to better yourself. This could be a desire to improve yourself in terms of work, such as learning a new skill or taking on a challenging project, or following a passion, like learning to create art or make music. The pursuit of this endeavor could occupy a lot of your time, but lead to a feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction.

Art represented by a muse

Seeing art in the form of the muses in a dream vision is usually representative of a personal desire to better yourself through either the arts or science. This might include experimentation at either work or in your home or the pursuit of artistic endeavors, be it painting, sculpture or pottery. Dreaming of the muses in art is a wakeup call to consider latent talents and abilities which you could harness and use for the benefit of others and yourself.

Visiting an art workshop

Dreaming about visiting an art workshop or studio is usually associated with positive outcomes. Being in a place where art is created in the dream state predicts fame and popularity, with the respect and admiration that usually accompanies it. In addition, this dream also has another positive connotation, indicating growing wealth or increased financial security compared to your present status in life.

Creating art

Dreaming of the creation of art in any form is usually a negative sign, predicting the slowing or complete halt of effort or progress on some project or projects that are important to you. This stoppage may be due to logistical issues, health problems, or the sudden need to travel away from where you are working. For women, this type of dream could also symbolize a lover or partner cheating and then leaving for someone else.

Visiting an art exhibition

Dreaming about visiting an art museum or exhibition indicates a strong willingness to give of yourself, especially in regards to work or your career. Perusal of fine art symbolizes your dedication to do your best by any means possible, potentially with the goal of receiving a promotion or being recognized and admired by those you work with in a professional capacity.

Marble statues as art

Seeing marble statues and busts in a dream vision, be they in a museum or special exhibit, is an ill omen possibly predicting the loss of a relationship. This person could be a close friend or family member, but ultimately is likely someone you consider a soul mate or life-long friend. Though the exact cause of this break or separation is unclear, just as marble is physically hard and cold, the loss of someone close to you may cause a coldness or hardness within you if you do not take care.

A bronze statue as art

Envisioning a bronze statue in a gallery or museum during a dream is a negative sign. Bronze art is often associated with possible romantic endeavors, such as flirting, courting or dating. However, this particular type of dream indicates that the person you are interested in does not share your affections or reciprocate your advances. As a result, the romantic relationship you may be anticipating to take place will be unable to come to fruition.

A statue of Themis as art

Seeing the statue of Themis in a dream, whether you are studying it or just passing by it in a museum, is usually associated with being involved in long, complicated and expensive legal matters in the near future, such as a court case or custody battle. There is more to this dream than that though. By paying close attention to others surrounding the statue, you may be able to discern the other members of the proceedings, be they on your side or your adversaries.

Tapestry as art

Observing a beautiful tapestry in a dream, especially when viewed as art, indicates the desire for a luxurious life. This type of dream represents yearning for material possessions, particularly those of high value, and financial security. It could also be a reflection of your intention to court and eventually marry someone who has inherited or accumulated wealth, so you could basically achieve the same goal. Subconsciously you may even be considering possible marriage candidates who meet or exceed your preferred income level, although it may be wise to consider all aspects before getting in too deep.

Getting ripped off with an artwork

I had a dream that I was buying artwork from a cheapskate and I worked for him. I had maybe 7-10 paintings and some ceramic pieces that I picked out from the shop. I was going to pay him cash and he was trying to overcharge me.

The image of art stands out very prominently in this vision, but, unfortunately, the interpretation is rather unlucky. Buying artwork within the context of a dream suggests you are currently involved in a project or business endeavor that is not going to turn out well. Either the funding for the plan is drying up (along with the support that was once behind it) or, if the task is completed, it is likely to fall far short of expected profits. Additionally, knowing that you already had pieces of art from this store in your collection, particularly paintings, predicts being in a risky situation that is probably connected to the current plan you are working on. You should look for specific trouble areas in your work and try to fix them in order to mitigate the damage their development may cause. It might also be a good idea to avoid new, innovative ways of doing things in favor of safer, well-tested methods that guarantee at least some measure of success.