Dreams Related To Arrest

Someone getting arrested

Encountering a dream where you witness someone's arrest unfolds a meaningful symbol, offering insights into your own life's path and interpersonal dynamics. This imagery serves as a reflective mirror, highlighting the need for introspection and a fresh perspective. Just as the dream portrays an external event, it prompts you to turn your gaze inward, considering your actions and interactions. By interpreting this symbol, you're urged to reevaluate your choices and attitudes, especially towards those closest to you. Just as the dream scenario unveils consequences for another, so too might your actions have repercussions.

Husband being arrested

A dream that my husband is arrested.

Dreaming that a loved one is arrested suggests a part of you is crying out for help. Since your husband is arrested in the dream, this means you need his help or support the most. Your individual priorities and responsibilities could be keeping you from spending quality time together, so you have not had the opportunity to share your inner struggles. On the other hand, this dream symbol could also imply that you are neglecting your family. You could be dealing with a lot of things outside of your household and these preoccupations keep you from focusing on your husband and other members of your family. It is possible that your subconscious is merely reminding you to rethink your priorities and place your family first for a change.

Family member arrested

Arrest of a family member.

Dreaming that a member of your family is arrested means that some part of you may be calling out for help. Whoever gets arrested in the dream means you need this person's help or support the most. For instance, if it is your dad being arrested, then perhaps you want to reach out to him in reality to ask for financial help or just some guidance to help you resolve your existing issues. Alternatively, this could also mean that you are neglecting your family. You value your freedom and independence so much that you have a hard time listening to your parents advice or relying on your siblings from time to time even during instances when you need them the most. So maybe it is also a matter of pride for you to take care of your own problems. Unfortunately, this also means that you may fail to check up on them because you are so wrapped up in your own concerns.

Your own arrest

Encountering a dream where you witness your own arrest unfurls a thought-provoking symbol, hinting at the potential for a positive business proposition to grace your path. This vivid imagery functions as a mirror reflecting your potential future ventures. Just as the dream depicts an unexpected event, so too might a promising business offer unexpectedly present itself. By decoding this symbol, you're urged to stay open to new opportunities, recognizing that even seemingly unsettling scenarios can lead to favorable outcomes. This dream serves as a reminder to approach upcoming business propositions with an open mind, embracing the potential for growth and success that might arise from unforeseen circumstances.

A friend getting arrested

If you dream of a friend getting arrested, it symbolizes that the support and assistance you currently need will come from that very friend. This dream indicates that they will be there for you in a time of need, offering their help and guidance. It suggests a strong bond and reliable friendship, where your friend will stand by your side and provide the assistance you require. Embrace their support and appreciate their presence in your life. This dream serves as a reminder that you can rely on your friend during challenging times, and together you can overcome any obstacles that come your way.

You arresting someone

Dreaming that you are arresting someone indicates that you are about to convince someone to follow what you tell them to do, and this person will do it willingly without having any second thoughts.

Someone resisting arrest

Seeing someone resisting arrest foretells of good fortune. You will be successful in whatever endeavor or venture you are thinking of right now. So whatever project you are planning to undertake, now may be a good time to do it.

Avoiding an arrest

Dreaming of avoiding an arrest is a sign of resolved issues or conflicts. It means that whatever internal conflict you are waging inside you will finally be put at rest and you will find that peace you are longing for.

Being wrongfully arrested

Seeing yourself being wrongfully accused of doing an illegal activity and getting arrested symbolizes losing control of your life and a need to change your behaviors. This foretells that if you keep following your bad habits and doing wrongful things you will end up suffering badly. Whatsoever wrong is going on in your wake life you must immediately assess and make amends accordingly before the arc of universal forces takes its course.

Running away from police arrest

Dreaming of running away from or evading police while they try to arrest you is an allusion to your tendency to run away from responsibilities in the real world. You might be in a situation where you are taking the lead, and this is bringing you too much anxiety that you want to run off. Sadly, there is no chance for you to do so, for any attempt will cause a backlash that will damage your reputation.

Being arrested and then helped

I was caught by police. Some of the transgender came there helped me and beat police officers and one among them threw money on me.

Dreaming about being arrested by police when you felt as if you were innocent means you will be victorious over someone who is trying to compete with or overpower you. If you knew you were guilty of a crime in this dream, it means you are entering a period of hardship and suffering in your life which might have serious consequences. Being helped by a transgendered person in this situation can be interpreted as support or help coming from someone (male or female) when you might be experiencing a lot of pressure from a person who is superior to you (such as your employer, landlord etc.). The vision of money being thrown at you is a symbol of your kind and generous nature and your ability to reciprocate when help is offered to you.

Being arrested after using someone's credit card

I was in a local store when I found a credit card lying on the floor. I then proceeded to use the credit card to buy very expensive things such as a new car and an entirely new wardrobe. I soon became worried I would be caught. Soon after, the police arrived at my house and arrested me. In prison, I saw some friends from an old school I don't get to see anymore.

Spending someone else's money to pay for your expenses or purchases is a warning about a possibility of some negative outcomes. You might be caught doing something deceitful or it can also refer to losing a close friend because of your reckless or careless behavior. The image of being arrested by police also serves as a prediction that you may soon get an offer so lucrative and irresistible it would be hard for you to turn it down. But you should exercise prudence and due diligence. You would want to know whether such an offer, too good as it is to be true, could benefit you in the long run, or ruin your financial standing, leave you feeling cheated or break ties with friends or people you care about.

Arrested for gathering vitamins from a tree

I was in a dream when I saw myself plucking vitamin C in a well-greenish tree and police came and arrested me and my family members.

While slightly unusual, this vision seems to carry a fairly positive connotation. Seeing a tree full of green is usually indicative of good things blooming in your life, similar to how trees blossom and come to life in the spring. This means you can expect to receive great happiness or to achieve the things you have been working toward. Additionally, being arrested in a dream is often associated with being invited to participate in lucrative business endeavors. While you should do your research on individual offers, the returns are likely to be good, considering your efforts and resources are put in the right place at the right time.