Dreams Related To Army

Being part of armed force

Being part of armed force shows that you are about to face some severe trials and hardships in life. This can also mean being under the influence of someone who is bossy and hard to please.

Being drafted in the army

Being drafted into the army in a dream can serve as a metaphor for the anticipation of impending conflict or challenges that may bring a period of distress or turmoil. These challenges might appear as unsolvable or particularly vexing, leading to feelings of unease. While dreams can provide symbolic insights, it's crucial to remember that they are not literal predictions. To address such situations effectively, consider seeking support, developing problem-solving skills, and maintaining a resilient mindset to navigate through the difficulties that may arise in your waking life.

Being faced with an army

Dreaming that you are being faced with an army signifies being in the middle of a long, unsolvable battle with someone. This conflict will torment you for a long period of time, and you will have difficulty moving on from it.

Army maneuvers

Seeing army maneuvers or armies moving to complete their maneuvers is a symbol that you are a very organized person. You are more drawn towards discipline and strict order and this disposition affects how you live your life.

Seeing an army

Seeing an army signifies that there will be a tremendous force that will enter your life, and this will bring about a significant change in you. Try to be more discerning about the changes that will happen and look at them with an open mind because the result, either positive or negative, depends on you.

Avoiding being drafted in the army

If you dream that you are avoiding being drafted in the army, or preventing your loved ones from doing so, this is a sign that you should trust your intuition. If you do, you will be able to get out of a very sticky situation or a disadvantageous business proposition. Take heed and follow your instincts because it might just save you a lot of trouble.

Enormous army in front of you

If there is an enormous army in front you, it symbolizes being held captive by other people's influence. You are being imprisoned by how other people behave or think, so try to be more aware and discriminating in life choices you make.

Army in fight

An army in fight shows that you will be involved in a controversy by being the whistle-blower of a scandal or a fight, and you will reveal some details about it making others upset. This will lead to unexpected consequences that you would not want to happen, and you might be placed in a precarious position for uncovering such sensitive matters.

Army parade

An army parade is a symbol of gaining recognition and reward. You will soon be held in high esteem for the great work that you did, and you will be awarded for your accomplishments accordingly.

Army entering the house and assaulting people inside

Dream of soldiers they where 4 came in our place they beat everybody there badly hard I was there but they didn't touch me I was carrying a baby and trying to play DVD.

Dreams about soldiers or military personnel entering your house and when these dreams have negative connotation or contain scenes of violence indicate that attempts to get help from authorities or (social) agencies which you will have a need to contact because of some personal issues or problems might not be successful or will not be resolved in your favor. The notion that you were not affected by this visit also means that you will be solely responsible for solving possible issues or conflicts which may occur in your life, to the point of doing it on your own.

Battling with an army

Battling with an army refers to making a very important decision in life. You are about to face the battle of trying to come up with a decision regarding issue that will affect you in a big way.

If you are able to defeat the army in your dream, this shows you are prepared and confident to overcome whatever roadblock on the way to achieving your goals in life.

Being in charge of an army

Being in charge of an army means that you are trying very hard to prove yourself to the people in your social circle. You are still working on gaining their recognition of your skills and abilities, and yearn for them to believe in your capability to get things done.

Someone as an army commander

If in your dream you see someone in the role of an army commander, this is a sign that you will soon be able to utilize your connection with a powerful person in order to pursue your plans.

Army on the move

If you see an army on the move in your dreams, this signifies that your negative feelings will overpower you, to the point that they will hinder you from reaching your goals. In turn, this will cause you much torment and despair.

Being a part of a winning army

Being a part of a winning army tells you that you will soon gain the trust and respect of someone who used to ignore you. This person will suddenly take interest in what you say or do and will seek your advice on certain matters.

Foreign army

Dreaming of a foreign army is a foretelling of being surrounded by talks of politics. You will be at the center of seemingly endless, useless rumors, but how to avoid or break free from them is entirely up to you. You may choose not to be involved in the first place.

Being left to die in the army

Female. I was enlisted into the army with a loved one who I had a romantic relationship with, but it ended because he hurt me deeply. In combat, I was cornered and disarmed. An enemy soldier was attacking me while my loved one stood by watching. I kept pleading with him to help me, that I didn't want to die, but he allowed me to be killed brutally. The details of the dream were very gory.

Being drafted into the army with a former flame suggests conflict. You might face confrontations in real life. Engaging in combat is a sign of built-up aggression, perhaps you need to control your temper or release it, whichever will help alleviate inner turmoil. The recollection of your loved one being idle while you suffer and die in the dream indicates your yearning for him to take definitive action. In the dream you want him to save you from death which in real life translates to your need for closure or a proper explanation that will help you move on and heal. Dreaming of your death has both positive and negative interpretations. On the one hand, death could mean destructive behavior, illness or a growing desire to escape an undesirable situation. On the other hand, death also denotes self-discovery and personal transformation. Both could be true in your case, a resurgence following the devastation.