Dreams Related To Arms

A broken arm

Dreaming of broken arms, whether they belong to you or someone else, is a sign of danger. This type of dream is usually a prediction of being in a dangerous situation, either through your own fault or not, or having a serious accident, such as being injured during sports, having a car accident, or getting injured at work. Broken arms in a dream, resulting from an accident, are indicative of a loss of personal safety or quality of life, so it is important to be careful and take precautions when and where necessary.

Arms made of wood

My arms were made out of wood, they kept peeling off.

Having arms made out of wood suggests those close to you are not entirely trusting your true motivations. You may say that your intentions are noble when it comes to a romantic partner or a political cause, but those who know you best might suspect there is another, more selfish cause for your actions. The peeling wood further represents your continued behavior strengthening their opinion of you. It may be a good idea to think carefully about your true motives and work on aspects of your life that you can improve without raising any eyebrows.

A robotic arm

Male. I am at the doctor's to get my arm looked at. I look down and there is no skin on my arm, and my arm is not flesh and bone, but mechanical.

Having bionic or robotic body limbs means you are being forced to do things which are against your will. Others could be forcing their ideas and expectations too harshly on you, so you feel as if you are being forcibly transformed into someone you are not. There will be a lot of struggle between you and your loved one as well as an internal struggle on whether to pursue your passions or capitulate to their wishes.

Unable to move arms

Dreams about being unable to move your arms usually mean some type of mental dichotomy resulting from two opposing ways of thinking. When arms are restricted without physical holds in a dream, this vision tends to represent irrational thoughts and desires being in conflict with more rational, practical reasoning. This type of dream shows two very conflicting choices that need to be decided between, usually with no option for middle ground. Being unable to move your arms could also predict someone close to you, such as a family member or good friend, leaving you for some reason, usually without a warning or explanation of such decision.

An aching arm

Dreams about painful, aching arms are an ill omen. This type of dream represents dark forces circling your life, especially if the pain is caused by a visible wound, such as a bruise, cut, burn or a larger, more serious injury. Arms that throb with pain, in a dream, might also indicate a more serious physical danger, like a car accident or work-related injury, occurring in the near future.

Bare arms of an unfamiliar woman

Seeing an unfamiliar woman’s arms in a dream, particularly if they are uncovered or bare, are symbolic of needing to relax and not be concerned about materialistic things. Perhaps you are troubled by financial worries or could be doing upgrades to your home which are causing stress. This type of dream is a reminder to think and care about the important things in life. Dreams of a woman’s exposed arms can also be taken as a sign of being able to enjoy many wonderful things with your family, such as a comfortable family life or a nice trip, which will lead to further closeness and happiness for you and those you love.

Being saved while using your arms

Dreaming of being saved or saving yourself by using your arms in a life-threatening situation is a very positive sign most often associated with gaining respect or bettering yourself, particularly in regards to work or projects in your life. Similar to pulling yourself up by your bootstraps, having someone save you or being able to save yourself with the arms from a risky or perilous encounter predicts starting a new business venture or large personal endeavor which will garner recognition and admiration from those around you.

Waving with your arms

Dreams where you see yourself waving your arms wildly are symbolic of biting off more that you can chew or being given tasks beyond your capabilities. Waving arms are a signal of needing help, necessary in a situation where you are overwhelmed and probably feel helpless or frustrated by your inability to keep your head above water.

At a restaurant with wounded arms

I was waiting in line at a restaurant and I had deep cuts on my arms that hurt really bad and a man was sitting in front of me cleaning and bandaging my wounds.

Waiting in line at a restaurant in a dream usually reveals the dreamer's desire to venture outside his or her comfort zone. There may be a lot of stress or responsibilities you need to attend to in the real world, hence you are looking for reprieve and a chance to focus on your priorities. The cuts or deep wounds on your arms suggest an inability to reach out to others. Perhaps your day-to-day duties leave little time for you to maintain meaningful connections with friends and loved ones. It may also mean that you lack the capacity to take proper care of yourself. Hence, you need to reach out to others and ask for help in order to find solutions to your current problems.

Someone putting their arm around you

Someone putting their arm around you in a dream, like your waist, can be a metaphorical representation of the emotional desire for affection, comfort, and a need for answers. Generally, it indicates that you may be seeking emotional support and longing for a physical connection with a person who can provide reassurance during challenging times. However, consider reaching out to trusted individuals in your waking life who can offer the support and understanding you need.

Dog biting my arm and not letting go

A dog biting your arm and not letting go of it in a dream represents someone's attempt to hold you back from moving forward, or a conflict with an enemy who wants to harm you. Furthermore, the bitten hand or arm in this case is a metaphor for your hampered ability to take action and make progress in your life. Regarding spiritual interpretation, this dream signifies that you are challenged to overcome obstacles and move forward in your journey, despite facing opposition.

Not having arms

Seeing yourself without arms in a dream is an interesting, but not necessarily negative sign. This type of dream represents being in an unexpected, unusual position, possibly outside of your control or comfort zone. When your arms are missing in a dream, it indicates not being adequately prepared for or knowing how to react to a given situation because it is beyond your understanding or experience.

Burned arm

Singed skin, especially the arm, sends a signal that your body is not as healthy as you want it to be. Something may have happened which hurt you, but you are fortunate enough to have any serious or lasting repercussions to your physical well-being. Although you may feel pain from an injury, this will go away with ample rest and time for recovery. In some cases, burnt arms imply a hidden idea which will only reveal itself to you if you open yourself up to new possibilities.

Right arm

Dreaming of your right arm is associated with your active and outgoing nature in life. The right arm often signifies the masculine side and represents your ability to take action and assert yourself. Overall, this dream suggests that you embrace your active and assertive qualities, using them to make progress and pursue your goals confidently.

Hairy arms

Seeing arms thickly covered in hair in a dream predicts tough times ahead. Arms covered in dense, matted hair symbolize trials and tribulations, the result of which could cause a loss of face or embarrassment. It is important, however, that these difficulties will not be permanent. Remember - "Tough times do not last, but tough people do".

Having many arms

Dreams about having many arms are usually a sign of happiness. They indicate having a happy, satisfied life or an increase in wealth or standard of living. However, for those involved in fraudulent or illegal activities, dreams about multiple arms or hands could be a sign that the jig is up. This type of dream could be a warning to double-dealing individuals that their wrong-doings might soon be exposed and that they could be punished for their transgressions.

Dreams involving multiple hands or arms can also represent labor or work. This type of dream recollection indicates the undertaking of a large task or plain hard work in the pursuit of an important goal or dream. Though the process may be demanding or even harrowing, these endeavors could yield surprisingly positive fruits, earning the respect and admiration of those around you, including family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances.

Arms longer than usual

Dreams about elongated arms, particularly your own, are a sign of not knowing what to do or feeling powerless either in a certain situation or in a place in your waking life. This type of dream is usually interpreted as an indication of your mental state, long arms being uncomfortable and ungainly, showing your inability to find comfort or solace because of the present predicament.

Arms shorter than usual

Dreams when the arms appear shorter than usual are a sign of a lack of preparation in your life. Short arms are a symbol of shortsightedness and in this instance represent starting or becoming involved in a project without considering the amount of work or resources it will take or the unintended consequences of the endeavor. This type of dream is a warning to think more carefully about potentially unrealistic goals you are aiming for in your waking life.

Arms growing from the back

Having a dream vision of someone with arms growing from their back, rather than from the sides, is an ill omen indicating potential problems at work. Arms growing from the back are usually interpreted as possible obstacles or impediments, and seeing this symbol in a dream is therefore indicative of conflicts with superiors, colleagues, team members or other employees. Dreams of this type could also reflect existing issues in household management, either financial or ideological, or could mean facing difficulties in achieving certain goals or aims.

Someone with arms on the sides of the body

Seeing someone sitting in a relaxed manner with their arms at the sides in a dream vision is an indication of your current involvement with someone who is lazy or indolent. The person you see laying about in this type of dream symbolizes the laziness or lack of ambition which characterizes the person you are dealing with. If things continue as is, specific plans or goals that you wish to accomplish may not be realized or may fall by the wayside, leading to disappointment or conflict.

In love with someone with no arms

I was madly in love with a man with no arms.

Dreaming of being in love with someone who is missing body parts is a negative sign. It heralds increasingly demanding and dangerous situations appearing in your path. These would take large amounts of time and effort to resolve or get out of.

Rash on arm

Dreaming of a rash on your arm symbolizes repressed anger and frustrations that you are holding onto. You may feel like something is impacting your life negatively, and you are not able to control it. That could be a physical manifestation of these annoyances. Moreover, this dream is a sign that you need to acknowledge and address your emotions before they epitomize into physical symptoms. It may be time to release your pent-up frustrations and regain control over your life. Overall, this dream suggests that it's essential to find healthy outlets for your emotions to prevent harm and it is a reminder for you to focus on your mental and physical health.

Someone grabbing my arm

Dreaming that someone is grabbing or pulling your arm indicates that some situations around you have gotten out of control, and you need to start acting to get the upper hand. This dream is also a representation of your mentality. You are having unwanted thoughts about your current situation which might lead you to danger if you do not start changing your thoughts and your sentiments about the things around you.

Someone with one arm

Seeing someone with one arm in the dream realm symbolizes a missing aspect or broken connection within your family or personal life. It serves as a metaphor to explore what might be severed or incomplete, prompting you to seek answers and work towards healing and restoring that missing piece.

Someone with a broken arm

Dreaming of someone with a broken arm indicates a sense of vulnerability and the need for support. It suggests that answers and a sense of belonging can be found by acknowledging the danger and reaching out for help, as Carl Jung believed dreams often reveal our unconscious nature and can serve as a prediction of inner healing when seeing such images.