Dreams Related To Arguing

Witnessing others arguing

In the context of a dream vision, watching others argue and fight predicts a number of major changes taking place within your circle of good friends. Someone may leave or be added to the group, or the group dynamics may suddenly shift if someone gets a new job, enters a new relationship or moves away.

Arguing with someone

That happened in a dream, I don't know whom I was arguing with and then the argument was over in the dream and something happened after that. Then I wake up and all I could think is I should have said this.

Arguing in the dream world is normally interpreted as a negative symbol to behold, as it is associated with conflict, betrayal and impolite behavior. Not knowing exactly who you were arguing with makes it difficult to come up with a precise interpretation, but considering your waking thoughts, it seems likely that this is related to some disagreement you are having with someone in reality. Your thought that you should have said something points towards a prolonged issue that is weighing on your mind. Until you resolve this issue, it would be difficult to feel at peace. You may even need to swallow your pride and allow the other man or woman to win in order to move on from this troubling situation. While it might be difficult to do so at first, you would surely be happier in the long run.

Someone arguing with another person

Watching two other individuals argue in the dream world is usually interpreted positively, as it is related to material wealth and the acquisition of new items. You may soon become the owner of an expensive piece of art or make a good investment that is sure to increase your wealth.

Arguing scientifically

Arguing a scientific or academic point during a dream vision, such as at a conference or a formal debate, means you have some yet undiscovered skill or talent that you have not tapped into. Perhaps something is holding you back from trying or maybe you do not have the time or energy to explore those particular avenues. If you did look into it, however, you may find some ability that would improve your status at work or among friends.

Arguing in general

Arguing, as a general dream symbol, represents fighting, quarreling and misunderstanding in reality. You may soon get into a disagreement with a friend or face some challenges with your co-workers. While you may struggle or get frustrated during this time, you would eventually be able to find a way to get things back on track.

Arguing with family

In general, arguing with family members in a dream is a negative symbol to perceive. It is a harbinger of misfortune and difficulty, particularly something that hits close to home. In fact, the troubles you face may even lead you to abandon some of your better personality traits. For instance, your usually calm demeanor could be replaced with anger or rage, shocking and disappointing those closest to you.

Arguing to prove your point

If you found yourself arguing fiercely to convey and validate your point of view, it is a sign that you need to pull the plug on stress and your work life for a while. The stronger you were arguing, especially if you were feeling angry and desperate, the sooner you need that vacation, to come back fresh and productive.

Arguing with mother

Arguing with your mother while in REM sleep may be a subconscious warning that things are about to turn south in reality. This symbol is linked with all sorts of unfortunate possibilities, including accidents, layoffs or injuries. The implication of this symbol, however, is that there would be no one person to blame for the terrible events that are about to unfold. Perhaps a systemic problem has led to these issues finally being recognized, or perhaps a natural disaster would be the cause of the damage that occurs.

Arguing for those in love

Arguing with the one you love during a dream vision portends an insurmountable rift forming between you two. You could find that there is a topic on which neither of you are willing to compromise, leading to either a change in your relationship dynamic or a complete separation from this individual.

Arguing fiercely

Seeing yourself arguing with intensity reflects how you try to convey your beliefs and ideas to people around you, yet, only very few people understand your ideologies. As a result, you often find yourself mislabeled and suffering from being misunderstood all the time.

Winning during arguing

If you see yourself winning during arguing, this means that you have a natural talent to turn the tables to your favor. You can easily turn people's opposing views into supporting points in order to win your argument.

Participating in arguing

Being a participant in an argument means that you would soon make a new social connection. In some cases this refers to business and networking efforts, but it usually points more toward establishing new friendships or acquaintances.

Continuing arguing in a dream

An argument that continues from wake life into your dreams at night reveals your propensity for debating and winning others over to your point of view. If you have not tapped into those particular talents, you should consider taking a course or joining a debate team so that you can hone your skills and get more practice.

Arguing with parents

Anger and conflict, in the context of a familial dispute, means that you are dealing with issues within your family unit right now. Perhaps your mom is causing you some distress or your dad is more distant than he was before. Alternatively, a sibling may be behaving rudely towards you. No matter the challenge you are facing, not allowing these people to step all over you and standing up for yourself would be an important step towards fighting for respect and recognition.

Arguing during petty quarrels

Arguing with someone on a petty, unimportant matter means that you could soon face a period of disappointment and sadness. Alternatively, this symbol sometimes predicts being falsely accused of a crime or of some wrongdoing against a friend, of which you would be completely innocent.

Arguing with loved ones

If you dreamt you have been arguing with a loved one, then it is time to take caution and try to avoid conflict as your relationship with a loved one is about to be put to the test. You may find yourself in a difficult situation which you would have to deal with alone, without any loved one near you to support you.

Being defeated during arguing

If you saw yourself losing an argument, this usually signals losing a battle in your real world. You might experience some negative shift in something that you are working on or become hindered due to obstacles. Disappointments are coming your way but there is always something you can do to overcome the problem.

Arguing with someone influential

Arguing is already a tedious task. However, when it is done with a high authority figure, it is often more difficult. If you dream of arguing with a powerful individual, your dream symbolizes a difficult task that you are currently undertaking. What is even more disappointing is that you are passionate about the task, yet the results are not motivating you enough. Nevertheless, you may yield acceptable results after all with persistence and dedication.

Arguing with dead mother

Arguing with your dearly departed mother, whether she passed recently or many years ago, is an ill omen to see while dreaming at night. In most cases, it is symbolically linked with the idea of something you expected to turn out well taking a turn for the worst. For instance, you may have been expecting a promotion only for someone else to receive it instead of you.

Arguing with a dead person

Having an argument or fighting with someone who is no longer alive, such as a friend or a relative, is an indication that you will soon experience a fulfilling life. This event will be a result of your hard work and effort in your career and personal endeavors. Despite this positive meaning, this dream also holds a negative interpretation. In the real world, you might be surrounded by overwhelming feelings because of your work or studies. This is why it is important to also look after yourself while achieving your goals.