Dreams Related To Arch

Arch ruins

Arch ruins or an arch that is partially or completely destroyed symbolizes sorrow and despair. You will be faced with sadness in your life, for whatever cause or reason.

Triumphal arch

Seeing a triumphal arch in your dream indicates jealousy. Someone in your social circle is envious of the blessings you are receiving right now and will go to great lengths to get in the way of your success. This person will try to get in your shoes, so take steps to avoid this.

Walking under archway

If you are walking under an archway in your dream, it symbolizes having someone new in your life who will be a source of vital support and security.

Sitting under an arch

Sitting under an arch is a sign that you are about to travel to a faraway place or be away from home for quite sometime while you are working on a project or an undertaking. This is mostly business or work-related travel.

Lit up arch

Seeing a lit up arch in your dream or an archway decorated by sparkling lights tells you that are about to meet someone who will make a big difference in your life. This person will add vibrancy to your life and will change your life in unexpected ways.

Grand arch

Seeing a grand arch refers to overcoming hurdles and hindrances in life. You will be able to triumph over all the road bumps along the road to success and this in turn will yield admiration and reverence from people around you.

An archway

Seeing an archway in front of you means that you will soon spend a lot of your time on activities that are useless and time-consuming. If you see this in your dream, try to be more careful about choosing activities that you will undertake in the near future to avoid wasting your time.