Dreams Related To Aquarium

Yourself swimming in the aquarium

Swimming in an aquarium is often considered a harbinger of unhappy news. In this case, it predicts imminent and unavoidable loss in reality. This could be either financial loss through poor investments and sudden expenditures, or it may be material loss due to theft, damage or disaster.

Changing water in the aquarium

The act of changing out the water in an aquarium portends significant changes taking place soon in wake life. These changes would be a great departure from your current situation, although whether it is for the better or not is unclear by this symbol alone.

Aquarium in your house

The image of an aquarium inside your house when you do not own such an object in reality is often interpreted as a highly ominous symbol. It usually precedes events that would cause you great hardship or sadness in reality. Alternatively, you could have to deal with multiple issues of a smaller nature. Putting out each of the fires that appear would take up much of your free time.

Buying a larger aquarium

Buying a larger aquarium than the one you already own, whether you own one in real life or only in the dream realm, points toward a tendency to try and make yourself happy with material possessions. You tend to shop or spend whenever you feel down rather than dealing with the true source of your emotions. This vision can be considered a suggestion from your subconscious to be more careful with your spending habits.

Cleaning and refilling an aquarium

The act of cleaning out and refilling an aquarium sheds light on an upcoming attack coming from your enemies. Those who do not like you and wish you ill are likely planning to hurt, sabotage or embarrass you. If you are not careful, you could easily fall victim to their vicious attacks. They would surely take advantage of your vulnerable position.

An exotic aquarium for women

For women in particular, the image of an exotic aquarium filled with tropical plants and fish could reveal that she is about to be courted by or enter into a relationship with a man of wealth and means. However, despite the apparent appeal of such a partner, the romantic union would never last because of poor communication and a lack of commonality between the two parties.

Clean aquarium with its inhabitants

An aquarium that you perceive as being particularly clean and well cared for along with its inhabitants means that you would achieve success, and therefore happiness, in some major project or goal. You may soon be promoted or given some sort of recognition for your outstanding achievements. The magnitude and staying power of this shift is often thought to be proportional to the size of the aquarium you saw in the dream.

An aquarium in general

The general image of an aquarium in the dream world, such as one that is devoid of particular details or features, means your financial situation would greatly improve. You may inherit money or property from a wealthy relative or win big at a casino or by playing the lottery.

Focusing on fish in an aquarium

Particularly noticing the fish swimming around inside an aquarium is often interpreted as a positive symbol in the realm of dreams. It suggests you would soon get a gift or be on the receiving end of a special surprise by someone who loves and cares about you very much.

Buying a small aquarium

Buying a small-sized aquarium in the dream world is often associated with giving up or letting go of something in reality, usually a goal. This vision usually means you would no longer pursue a particular path or end result, likely because you would learn that the benefits do not outweigh the sacrifices when all is said and done. This may leave you feeling a bit empty and disappointed, but you would be free to move on and possibly go after other opportunities.

Aquarium breaking and saving it from a cat

My fish aquarium broke and I was trying to save it from my cat.

Dreaming about fish in an aquarium, whether or not you own one in reality, could mean that you have decided not to interfere with other people's issues. This means you are trying to take a stance of neutrality on things that do not directly involve you. However, because the aquarium broke and you had to save the fish from your cat, it may suggest that whatever problem you are trying to stay away from would eventually require your interference to avoid creating an even worse situation.

An empty aquarium

An aquarium that is devoid of fish is often considered the manifestation of your need for attention and support. You probably feel that your loved ones and close friends are apathetic toward your problems, and you are likely hurt and confused by their apparent refusal to have sympathy for your situation. Your vision, however, suggests that you need to consider their position more carefully and think about why they might be unavailable rather than assuming it is because they do not want to help you. Perhaps they have other obligations or problems of their own to deal with.

A smashed aquarium

A smashed or damaged aquarium represents an upcoming fight or disagreement you would be a part of in reality. In addition to predicting the bad blood and aggression that would flare during this period, the symbol further reveals that your careless words or retaliatory behavior would backfire spectacularly, meaning you should consider not saying the first thing that pops into your head. Instead, you should carefully consider how you respond and act in a dignified, respectful manner so that you can maintain the moral high ground. Another possible interpretation of the image of a smashed aquarium places significance as a warning of losing faith in your ability to make your hopes and dreams a reality.

Feeding fish in the aquarium

Feeding fish in an aquarium is often interpreted as a sign that your future includes multiple tasks and responsibilities which would require extra care and attention. While this may seem troublesome or unreasonable at the time, the results of your efforts would bring you great success and recognition among your peers.

In some cases, the image of feeding fish is thought to reveal pregnancy for women. Older women who are no longer trying to conceive can interpret this symbol as a warning that a past health condition is about to flare up again in the near future.

Someone staring at an aquarium with fish

A dream that centers around the image of someone staring at the fish inside an aquarium means you would soon run into or have an encounter with someone whom you do not like in reality. In many cases, this individual may seem to be ridiculous or annoying. However, now would be a good time to give this man or woman a second chance, as they may have better aspects to their personality which you have yet to discover.

Someone dismantling an aquarium

Watching someone take apart an aquarium, whether it was a large fancy setup or a small, simple tank, sheds light on your current work situation, namely suggesting that you do not actually have enough time to complete the tasks or projects you have taken on in reality. You should probably direct most of your focus and efforts on one or two important points until they are completely taken care of rather than dividing your focus and possibly not accomplishing anything at all.

A cat trying to get a fish out of an aquarium

Envisioning a cat trying to get at fish inside an aquarium and doing nothing to stop or prevent it suggests you tend to act thoughtlessly and without considering the consequences of your words or actions. Because you would probably put your foot in your mouth often or hurt those close to you, this habit would be considered a great source of trouble and struggle for you.

Many aquariums

Envisioning multiple aquariums in a dream, such as at a pet store or larger aquatic center, could reveal an upcoming period of time filled with inconvenient and stressful issues. You would have to juggle multiple responsibilities in order to meet the deadlines and finish the tasks assigned to you.

Watching fish in an aquarium

A dream that centers around you watching fish swim around an aquarium suggests that you are expecting to be on the receiving end of a pleasant surprise or heart-warming present soon. This vision may further point toward getting this desired object or outcome from someone you are fairly close to in reality, such as a long time friend or family member.

An aquarium with women on the ceiling

I was in my room (in my then parents' house) on my bed and looking at the ceiling. There was a clock (working). Also there was a big glass box, maybe filled with water, with 2-3 women in red dresses moving as if they were in an aquarium.

Finding yourself in a room from your previous residence reveals your desire to escape your present problems by finding comfort in simpler times. The mounting stress could be driving you to retreat into your shell and put up a wall between you and the rest of the world. During this moment of retreat, your friends and family will likely have a hard time connecting or reaching out to you. The ticking clock means you cannot stop the challenges ahead and that sooner or later you would have to face your responsibilities. Finally, the glass box is a metaphor for the fragility of life, while the women in red dresses allude to momentous occasions which will have lasting effects on your life. Three women could mean three defining moments which will test your faith and your character.