Dreams Related To Apple

Cutting an apple into slices

Slicing an apple carries the meaning that you are wandering in the dark, and something that should be obvious is still not apparent to you, resulting in negative outcomes of everything you attempt to do or accomplish.

Red apple

The appearance of a vivid red apple hanging from a tree depicts the onset of open opportunities and favor normally associated with unexpected blessings and rewards.

Ripe apple

A ripened apple means it is time to act on your long-awaited dreams by using a well-thought out plan to accomplish your goals.

Rotten apple

A rotten apple signifies that there are labors or projects in your current life which are in vain because they will not yield the desired results they were intended to yield.

To eat a rotten apple

Consuming a rotten apple portends looming illness or self-destructive tendencies, the latter especially if you were aware in your dream it was rotten before biting into it.

Picking apples from apple trees

I dreamed I was with family, sister, mother. I saw an apple tree, there were many apple trees, full of big red apples. Some had 4 apples hanging together all over the trees. I picked 2 apples from one of the trees. They were the biggest, reddish apples ever.

A tree bearing fruits, like the apple tree in your dream, signifies achievements. Apples, in particular, symbolize happiness and contentment from various aspects of your life. Since you were with your family in the dream, it means your main source of happiness will come from harmonious and supportive relationships. Picking the apples from the tree also suggest reaping the rewards from your hard work. You will probably enjoy financial success from your business or project which you will happily share with the people you love.

Dreaming about apples or other fruits meaning and interpretation

Apples lying on the ground

An apple or many apples strewn across the ground, especially when beneath the canopy of the tree which bore them, is a warning that harm may come to you from people who lie to you or deceive or take advantage of you in another way.

Wormy apple

An apple infested with worms foretells of falsehoods you will soon encounter, which might misguide you or take you off a path important to you.

Breaking an apple to amuse friends

I had a dream where I broke a ripe apple with my bare hands yet it felt soft, me and my friends were laughing the entire time and it impressed them. But it felt easy and not that impressive to me. What does it mean?

Symbolically speaking, an image of breaking a ripe apple in front of your friends means you are presently making a greater progress or accomplishing more in comparison to your peers or close friends who could have similar goals, interests and ambitions. Subconsciously, you are validating your success and accomplishments, but because of your personal determination and persistence, not because your peers are less determined, resourceful or capable than you.

Spitting out rotten apples

I have dreamed that I entered a garden full of fruits and I picked up one apple fruit and ate it just once, I found the apple was full of worms and I spit and threw the apple, and also one goes inside my back side of my mouth, but forcefully I spit it out. Please tell me what that could mean.

An apple infested with worms foretells falsehoods you would soon encounter. These circumstances may misguide you or take you off the path leading to your goals. The garden full of fruits points to different opportunities that may be present in your future. However, choose the tree well, because those offers that may seem too good to be true may end up being rotten inside and leaving you with no room for career or personal growth. So choose well.

Apples stuck in eyelids

I was trying to go to sleep but stacks of red apples were between my eyelids, keeping them open. If I closed my eyes, a castle would crumble to pieces.

While a little strange and quirky, the meaning behind this vision should be taken seriously. Red apples represent opportunity and blessings, so seeing them in the context of a dream vision is usually very auspicious. The same holds for the feeling you experienced about the castle crumbling if you close your eyes. This means that if you do not keep working hard using the opportunities you have been given, you may find that your plans have dried up before you have a chance to use them. It is a warning to keep doing your best and not get complacent.