Dreams Related To Applause

Receiving applause

If you are receiving applause in your dream, it may indicate that someone you know is very jealous of you and the kind of life that you have. That person would go to great lengths to discover what makes you successful in life.

Someone receiving applause

If you dream that someone is receiving applause, it is an indication that you are becoming jealous of somebody else's accomplishments and stature in life. It could also be a sign that you are hungry for appreciation from other people, and that you also need to be more appreciative of your own unique qualities and accomplishments.

Hearing applause

Hearing applause that is directed to you, especially if you are standing on stage is telling you that the person you are interested in also feels the same way towards you, and that he or she likes you more than the other person who is trying to vie for his or her attention.

Yourself giving an applause

If you see yourself giving an applause in your dream, it shows that you are about to fall for someone who is highly esteemed in your social circle or among your colleagues. This new relationship will also earn you greater recognition and respect among your colleagues.

Applauding frantically to someone

If you are applauding frantically to someone, an actor or a speaker for example, it is a sign that something significantly good and desirable is about to come into your life. There will be a lot of very positive changes in your life in the future.