Dreams Related To Appetite

Good appetite

Having a good appetite in your dream is a sign that there will be new people who will enter your life and these people will play a significant role because you will form deep, meaningful relationships with them.

Do not give too much of yourself in this new friendship because this person will cause you much disappointment in the future. As much as you can, distance yourself from your friend so that you will avoid being hurt and distressed.

Poor appetite

If in your dream you're having a poor appetite in the middle of a feast or dinner party, it foretells that you will make new friends. These new people will blend well in your life, causing no stir or disturbance to you.

Someone with good appetite

If you dream of seeing someone with good appetite voraciously consuming a meal to the point of gluttony, this is an indication of bad company coming your way. It is a warning that new people in your life will create havoc and bring distress to you.

Be wise and cautious when being around your new friends. They may appear trustworthy and engaging but be guarded with your words and actions. Give yourself some time before revealing too much of yourself to them to avoid being hurt in the long run. Let them earn your trust first before you open yourself to them. This way, you will avoid any untoward incidents in the future.

Someone without appetite

A vision containing the presence of someone without appetite is an indication of illness or poor health. This is a warning that you should be more wary of your health and avoid getting sick. If at present you are already experiencing some kind of illness, now is the best time to visit a doctor or specialist.