Dreams Related To Apology

Ex-boyfriend apologizing

Hi, I'm a female and I just had dreams about one of my ex-friends (he used to be my FWB) he has been frequently appearing in my dream: it's usually him apologizing to me or we're somewhat romantic. Then, I had somewhat of a sex dream with my male cousin in the same dream twice? What does this mean?

These two visions seem to point toward the same conclusion albeit with slightly different connotations. Both dreams suggest unusual or unexpected developments taking place in the future that would put you in a bad position or make your life difficult in some way. The romantic gestures from your ex-friend with benefits could mean that you already are expecting a change to take place, although you are likely hoping for something more beneficial to you. The sexual dream involving your cousin additionally reveals that the outcome of this development may require you to spend a lot of time or energy to fix the problem or at least mitigate the damage.

Someone being apologetic

Dreaming of someone constantly apologizing in your dream state varies depending on who this person is. For one, an apologetic father in this dream signifies that you lack recognition of what is happening around you. You might feel that everything is going well without realizing that some things are happening beyond your knowledge that could taint your integrity. On the other hand, an ex-boyfriend asking for a pardon is your psyche's way of saying that you would soon experience overwhelming feelings about your romantic or personal relationship.