Dreams Related To Apocalypse

Observing apocalypse

Observing apocalypse in your dream signifies something catastrophic. You will experience much despair and hopelessness brought about by the passing of a loved one, a difficult divorce or major changes in your body due to puberty.

Dead grandmother and apocalypse

I saw my grandmother who passed away when I visited her home in province. Then I saw fire balls thrown up from heaven like it's the end of the world.

Dreaming about observing the apocalypse could translate a catastrophic event or experience. You might soon experience despair and hopelessness. These feelings would be brought about by the passing away of a loved one, a difficult divorce or a separation from someone who is close to you. These could also be brought about by a major life change, such as a visible physical change. However, you also had a vision of seeing your deceased grandmother. This could suggest that, amidst the experienced chaos, you would always have a a safe place to return to. This safe haven would be your shelter against the experiences filled with hardships and iniquities of this world.

Being chased during an apocalypse

I was being chased in an apocalyptic world. The weapons being used were elements, fire water, etc. That we could just project from our bodies.

Being chased in an apocalyptic world may allude to some great misfortune or negative event that is about to befall you. Just like an actual apocalypse, this occurrence would flip your world upside down in the worst way possible. This is likely related to your friends or peers, as projecting things out of your body could point toward being ridiculed or rejected by those near you. It is possible that others would see your troubles as your fault and so deign not to help or have pity on you. The elements may suggest you are not serious enough and could be putting yourself in a bad situation unknowingly, perhaps leading to some terrible event predicted at the beginning of the vision.

Recurring apocalypse

If there is recurring apocalypse in your dream, it may be telling you that you are being the center of ridicule among your colleagues because of your careless behavior. You have hurt the feelings of other people because of your mindlessness and were not even aware of it.

Being in a movie about Apocalypse

I was an actor in a movie where I was one of the four horseman of the apocalypse, it was a comedy kind of like a Marvel movie would be, it was mixed with elements of Wayne's world. I was War and my brother Death tried to get out of helping us accomplish our goals like usual, and as soon as he was dragged into the spirit realm where he was tortured over and over I simply had to turn around and pull him out of the spirit world. It was funny.

Both of the main symbols in this vision are rather serious, despite the rather humorous atmosphere. Being an actor in a movie points towards deception and gossip. Although the rumors may not be related to you at first, your proximity to the malicious comments puts you at risk of being next. Furthmore, the apocalyptic imagery in the dream predicts catastrophe and chaos. Perhaps what is shared behind backs would destroy a cherished friendship or wreck upcoming plans you had made. It is possible the tone of humor in the vision is an indicator of an upcoming separation, most likely with the friend or friends you were alienated from due to these rumors. In any case, you should be wary of any gossip around you and avoid saying anything that could be misconstrued or used against you.

Apocalypse during a party

I am a girl. I had it in February, very vivid and detailed. I was at a party with my friends and a new guy I did not recognize. This new guy did some creative things. Suddenly, there was an Apocalypse and we were fighting police-officers and there was also smoke. I was beaten down and then I woke up in the dream!! My friends said the Apocalypse only were an illusion due to the smoke. Then this guy. We melted to one in each other eyes. He said "30 August" to me in the dream. Help me understand?

Attending a party in your dream means you want to relax and have fun. The stranger at the party likely represents your desire to break your routine and meet new people in order to widen your world. He could also symbolize a hidden inclination or a repressed personality trait that you would soon discover about yourself. Similarly, the apocalypse points to a major change. Since the context of your dream seems to be referring to personal transformation, there is a possibility that you are contemplating changing your lifestyle or following another career path. The apocalypse, therefore, signifies the destruction of one area of your life and the beginning of another chapter in your personal journey. Meanwhile, the police represents authority. In the context of your dream, this means that your elders, perhaps your parents, may not approve of the life-changing decision you are about to make. This is why there is smoke in the dream scenario. It represents confusion and anxiety. While you feel the need to make this major shift in your life, the disapproval from others may be causing internal conflict and making you rethink your plans. Finally, "30 august" may not necessarily point to the exact date, but it could mean that you need to make a decision soon.

Saving people during apocalypse

It was like the last days on earth. There was a cloud of black heavy smoke in one part of the sky, the rest seemed to be clear. Fireballs were raining out of the sky and exploding. I lead the people through the chaos.

A dream in which you witness a horrific and devastating scene that could fit a description of the apocalypse is a powerful ill-omen. You may soon go through certain events that could bring a great amount of despair and hopelessness. This could include the passing of someone close to you, the loss of something you hold dear or something completely unexpected and negative in its nature. As long as you remain steadfast and persevere despite these unfortunate circumstances, you would come out stronger on the other side having gained the kind of wisdom that can only be earned through hardships.

With a brother during the Apocalypse

I was in the middle of the apocalypse, and everything was on fire. I was the only living person I could see. I was running around looking for my little brother, screaming and crying for him. I kept screaming "My baby brother, my baby brother, where is he?". But I don't have a little brother. I don't remember ever finding him in the dream. I haven't had a dream this distressing in a long time. I woke up agitated and sweaty. What could this mean? I am a male.

This vision represents a huge up and down you are about to experience in your life. In a sense, you are about to go through an emotional roller coaster filled with the lowest of the lows and the highest of the highs. The apocalyptic event you were going through in the vision represents a catastrophic change you would soon be faced with. This could be the death of a loved one or a separation from a friend or lover. Searching for a little brother who does not really exist, however, means you could find happiness in the most surprising places. For example, the death of one family member may bring you closer to another. While you would surely feel great emotional turmoil during this period, there would also be some sweetness to accompany the bitter.

People vanishing during an apocalypse

It was the end of the world. The last day was on repeat, but one tiny thing would change each time. People were vanishing as well as my loved ones and myself. Then I had sex with an ex-boyfriend 15 years ago and I didn't like it.

Dreaming of the end of the world or the apocalypse points to a significant change. You may be on the verge of a personal transformation. Perhaps you feel the need to change your lifestyle or attitude for the sake of your well-being and maybe even a better future. Sex with your ex-boyfriend is a bad sign that an old conflict or issue will be returning to your life. Perhaps this would be the catalyst that would make you decide to leave the past behind and change for the better.

Living underground after apocalypse

I dreamed about a post-apocalyptic world where we would be forced to live underground in small communities and relocate from one community to another through tunnels.

Dreaming of a post-apocalyptic world often portends going through some catastrophic or cataclysmic event that shakes the very foundations of your life. The period of time that follows is likely to be very challenging for you. However, living in an underground community and traveling through tunnels could point toward finding ways to turn this hardship into a blessing or opportunity. It may require some creativity and hard work, but the results could be surprising.

Surviving an apocalypse

To dream of an apocalypse represents fear and uncertainty. You might be undergoing a transition phase in your life and you are feeling scared of the unknown future. Aside from this meaning, it could also mean that you are surrounded by toxic people, and you feel suffocated by your environment. Additionally, surviving the end of the world also implies spiritual awakening. You are starting to get to know yourself better, brought by the major changes that are currently happening in your life.