Dreams Related To Apartment

An unfamiliar apartment

This dream means that you are in a foreign place and you should be prepared for any modifications affecting your life. If the room was large and radiant then you should expect positive transformations. An untidy apartment means that unfavorable conditions are coming your way. Either way you should be ready for the adjustments whether good or bad.

Buying new furniture for the apartment

This dream is a forewarning of the recurrence of past disputes and altercations between you and the parties involved. You should be prepared to talk about the wrangles yet again so as to come to a solution. Differences of opinions can be a huge cause of contention among the people involved.

A fancy apartment

This dream represents the coming of good tidings. You might be on the path of acquiring riches or high earnings from a business venture. There is a high chance of making new friends and gaining knowledge in a new area. Your life is about to change for the better so enjoy every minute of it. Meeting new people opens up new opportunities that might further enrich your life.

Unfamiliar apartment for women

This dream is a warning about the return of a past lover who has ill intentions. The past lover aims at disrupting the current relationship which the lady is involved in. The former lover might begin to spread false information in an effort to cause disputes in the lady's relationship.

Moving into a new apartment

Relocating into a brand new apartment indicates growth. You are about to embark on a journey of exploration and new experiences. After going through this journey, you will become a changed person with a brand new perception of the world. In this dream vision, the oracle could be encouraging you to step outside of your comfort zone and finally have the courage to chase after what you want in life. This type of mindset will attract opportunities which would not be available if you stay in the confines of your current life.

Apartment on a top floor

This dream shows that you are longing to find or improve your mission in life. You might be inclined to be more spiritually aware when finding your goal in life. It is highly likely that you have at your disposal both physical and psychological means to achieve your goals. Simply follow your ambitions with the means available.

Changing your current apartment

This dream shows impending heartache. The one you love or are in a relationship with is having an affair. Your heart will be broken by the person you hold dear. Your partner will betray your love as if it meant nothing. Watch out for any signs of deceit. The dream could also mean that you are enthusiastic about making serious adjustments to your way of life.

Apartment for single men

This dream represents a passionate love affair that will leave lasting memories. The couple involved will be able to have a remarkable time full of romance. A strong bond will be created to make room for a seductive encounter. The people involved will have an incredible experience.

Apartment for married

This vision signifies a broken bond between a married couple. Someone will be able to penetrate the bond that the couple has. The love affair will tear them apart eventually leading to separation. This couple will have to be very careful and watch out for anyone with ulterior motives.

An empty apartment

Dreaming about an empty apartment means that you are prepared to be in a new romantic connection. If you are already with someone, then it means that you want to make adjustments to your life by breaking off the relationship. The lack of furniture means that you are enthusiastic about moving on and breaking the ties with your current lover.

Being evicted from an apartment

This vision is a positive representation of being in a position that allows you to acquire something that you have been longing for. You are going to be in a financially stable state. Now you can buy that item that you have been wishing for. You may soon be able to afford a vacation trip or indulge in a shopping spree or some other fun-filled activity you would only dream of until now.

Apartment on a bottom floor

The vision shows your inability of making decisions during certain situations. There are times when making a judgement becomes challenging. Doubting yourself whether you are making the right choice or not is what commonly happens to you. You should analyze both the negative and positive results of a choice before deciding.

Apartment looking new

This dream signifies an opportunity for growth in various aspects of your life. Widening your limits by exploring new things that affect your life is a great sign. You should be able to improve yourself by accepting new chances that might come your way. You are in a position where living through new experiences will add value to your life.

Renovating your apartment

The dream symbolizes that new opportunities are underway. You are likely to become interested in performing new activities during your free time. There are increased chances for you to try out your new talents. You can begin by taking small steps as you advance towards widening your favorable circumstances.

Buying an upscale apartment

This dream represents the unfeasible nature of your goals and ambitions. The expectations you have in life might be hindered by your principled nature of always following the rules. Your warm hearted nature towards others does not provide much room for your pursuits to thrive.

Unable to leave your apartment

This vision signifies failure of your trip arrangements. Expect sudden shocking news that will force you to cancel your traveling plans. There is a serious situation that will have an unfavorable impact on your planned activities involving this trip. You can prepare yourself for terrible news that will require a pause in your plans.

Apartment occupied by strangers

I would get home and people were in my apartment washing clothes and sleeping, people I never met and they had the key to my apartment, and I will get so angry and fight with them and kick them out of my apartment.

Seeing your home being occupied by others without your consent is a negative omen. One that portends upcoming issues in your relationship with someone close to you. Be it your boyfriend, a friend or a relative, this person's company may have already become cumbersome for you. He or she may end up doing something that would represent the last straw.

An old apartment after a fire

I dreamed that my former pizza shop was burning down, but not the whole building, the part or apartment where I lived was still standing.

To dream that your place of business is burning down is actually an auspicious sign. This means that all your current plans or projects you have implemented will be very profitable and produce successful outcomes. For this to happen, a transformation or a new strategy may need to be put in place. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, this vision reflects renewal and fresh ideas.

New furnishings in the apartment

This vision means that you can take advantage of your creative personality to introduce new opportunities. Creating new networks by applying your creativity is a great way to get started. You expect varying outcomes when you put your plans into action. Use your imagination to come up with ideas that can materialize into something of benefit.

Renting an apartment to someone

This vision signifies your current situation of being distracted by a certain issue. The state of being engrossed in your worries makes you feel like you require assistance. Your present predicament puts you in a high likelihood of seeking aid elsewhere. Somebody else might be in a better position to assist you with the issue.

Apartment looking unusual

This dream shows that your present undertakings will yield positive results. A peculiar looking apartment signifies that your efforts of enhancing your life will flourish. You should comfortably continue working on your recent project for positive outcomes. Improving your life will bring about high chances of success. Luck is definitely on your side, so you should expect valued achievement.

Living in an apartment you dislike

Dreaming about living in an apartment you dislike means that you are tired of performing your regular life activities. You feel like time is stagnant without experiencing any improvement. Experiencing lack of motivation in your work will make you disinterested in lots of things. You can try to find ways to boost your morale by acquiring a different outlook towards life.

Living in an apartment for homeowners

Your dream vision portends that you are having a hard time accepting the kind of lifestyle you live. You might be yearning for a modest way of life that provides personal freedom. Sometimes we feel like the life we live does not provide us with contentment. Trying out something different might change the situation.

The need to have apartment rebuilt

My nephew came into my 2nd floor apartment (which is the top floor) and told me I was needed upstairs. He wasn't panicked but did seem concerned. That was when I awoke with a start from the dream.

Dreaming about someone telling you about you needing to expand your quarters serves as a reminder that you are not doing enough for those close to you. You may have forgotten to send a birthday card or disregarded an invitation to a family reunion or celebration. You could be in a situation when people who once were important to you are slowly alienating themselves from you or find reasons not to communicate with you any more unless you do something about it. This vision is a stern reminder to look back and re-evaluate your connections, especially with those who really matter in your life.

Unable to find a decent apartment

I'm female. I have had dreams about searching for a new apartment. I want to live alone in a one bedroom, but the property manager shows me an apartment where a female needs a roommate. She isn't home, it's nice and clean, but the bathroom is odd. It was an open floor that looks down the stairs, she is not there to meet. The 2nd is also nice, but the female is having a party. I'm having a very difficult time getting any help to find the room that's not attached to the apartment. Makes me mad.

Both searching for a new apartment and seeing an odd-looking bathroom portend major changes taking place in your life, especially changes regarding location or scenery. This vision seems to point toward traveling somewhere, either temporarily or permanently, which gives you the opportunity to see new things and experience a different way of life. It may be a good time to seize the day and make the most of any occasions that arise.

A date with someone special in an apartment

I dreamt being in this apt building, there was an elevator although I never seen this place I knew where I was going. After arriving to the designated floor I remember feeling someone special was waiting for me in the apartment. His face was not clear, but his posture was tall, warm, brown handsome man. I remember feeling like a very blessed woman, he was someone every girl dreamt of having but he chose me. I felt loved, special, I felt his gentleness, I felt safe, well supported and giggly.

Dreaming about an apartment building has two meanings which are connected. The first is that you are a confident, skilled individual who is good at getting what they want. This means that you understand your value and do not let others disrespect or walk all over you. Knowing where you are going as you move through this building, then, has a second, special meaning, indicating that not just any door will do. You need the right door and the right person behind it. The handsome stranger who was waiting for you, then, represents the positive energy in your life, the happiness you currently have, and the blessings you will continue to receive.

An old apartment being remodeled

I have this reoccurring dream about this I guess secret apartment or maybe an old apartment I never let go. It always looks the same in the dream but I don't exactly get good vibes when I am there. I have this dream every so often I just dreamt about it again and this time it was torn down... I don't exactly remember being sad... Just kinda shocked. I almost feel like it was remodeled or something. I don't know that I felt it was gone forever but idk. Help :(

A recurring dream about an old apartment, or a secret apartment, means you like to dwell in the past. You carry a lot of baggage from previous experiences and these thoughts or memories are holding you back from fully embracing the present and looking forward to the future. So seeing this apartment get torn down is actually a good sign because it means that you are mentally ready to close old chapters, tie loose ends and let go of memories weighing you down. This also implies a personal transformation after you have dealt with all your personal issues. So the remodeling actually represents your growth and maturity after this period of introspection.