Dreams Related To Antenna

Setting up an antenna

Setting up an antenna on top of your house means that you will soon be able to receive the necessary solutions you have been looking for when it came to dealing with things needing your immediate attention or needing your personal resources in order to be completed.

Household antenna

A household antenna is a sign that you are about to receive some useful news from unanticipated places that will turn out to be highly significant resources needed to resolve your current conflicts or help your plans progress.

Antenna mounted on the building

To discover an antenna mounted on the building you are observing in your dreams means you are about to experience a major breakthrough in the project or task you are undertaking.

Grounding antenna in

Grounding an antenna in your yard means someone is about to provide you assistance in handling your financial worries or problems. You can expect to meet someone who has a genuine interest in improving your current financial situation.

Broken antenna

To see a broken antenna is a warning of ill luck. It could mean bad luck in general or unanticipated bad news may be delivered to you real soon.