Dreams Related To Anime

Having an anime boyfriend

The dream was that I had an anime boyfriend and he was a secret agent and we couldn't do normal couples' things like hold hands or an assassin would kill us, so in the dream I got mad and said "i just want to be a normal couple and do normal couples' things!". So later in the dream my boyfriend grabbed my hand, but we had to hide it and then I woke up and I don't know how old I was in the dream or who the boyfriend was.

Dreaming of symbols and images from an anime usually reveals the dreamer's attachment and fondness to this genre. It also illustrates your tendency to escape or get lost in your own thoughts. In addition, fictional characters sometimes embody certain characteristics you admire or want to emulate. Alternatively, this anime boyfriend could be a representation of your creative, dreamer side which can sometimes make you appear distant and a little bit eccentric to others. Hence, this dream vision is your mind projecting your desire to control your impulse to get lost in your imagination and be a little more present, especially during social occasions. In effect, this semblance of normality which you want in the dream refers to your efforts at being more realistic with your expectations, whether in relationships or your daily existence.

Anime characters coming alive

Dreaming that anime characters come alive, perhaps characters from an anime you love or from a popular anime that may be in the periphery of your consciousness even if you have not watched it, means you may be prone to distraction and procrastination lately. While wasting your time may give you novel insights and bursts of creativity, they may not bear useful results or yield productivity. Perhaps this vision is a way for you to get back on track and channel your creativity into something worthwhile.

Killing a girl in an anime world

I was in an anime world and killed an anime girl, but after I did I cried, it's like I had to do it, before I killed her I said "I hope you find happiness in the other world" and she said "I will try" with a smile and tears and then she put my hands on her, it was a back hug and she died. I saw her dead eyes and went insane and hugged her hard.

This dream about being in an anime world means that you want to participate in some fun and pleasurable activity or event, but for some reason feel guilty and hesitant to join. Killing the girl could point to some unresolved anger or frustration, making it likely that both your anger and guilt spring from a similar place. Your conversation with this girl reveals your subconscious desire to be happy. In this case, your subconscious is using your form in the dream to address an internal need to be at peace. If you are unable to let go of your negative feelings, either through self-reflection or the seeking of professional help, you could become ill physically, as is seen in the image of you hugging the girl as she dies. Curing your tumultuous mental state would make you feel physically lighter and lift your spirits.

Creating anime

Envisioning yourself creating anime, drawing or sketching the characters before bringing them to life, may be an indication that you have a lot of unspent or excess energy and you may be using it in a less than ideal outlet. For example, you may expend creative energy into hedonistic pursuits like sex or risky activities. Instead of focusing on improving your craft or advancing your position, you may just give in to temptations because the alternative would take a lot of discipline and dedication.

Watching anime by yourself

Watching anime alone, perhaps using your laptop or television in the comfort of your room, actually means the opposite in reality. Instead of being alone, you would get to spend a lively and memorable time with your friends and loved ones. Perhaps you would go on a vacation or bond over coffee and movies. Alternatively, you may feel frustrated about the way things are unfolding in society and part of this may also be because you feel like you nor others seem to be capable of exacting lasting positive change.

Learning to fight by an anime character

Hi! One of my more recent dreams involves me on top of a train learning sword fighting with Shinobu Kocho from the anime Demon Slayer. I was also apparently in New York.

Dreaming of characters from movies or series you watch can sometimes mean that your brain is simply processing all the content you consumed during the day. When you binge-watch something, it is common to have certain characters or images bleed into the dream world. Other aspects of the dream such as being on top of the train and sword fighting mean you crave excitement in your life. Trains follow a specific and predictable route, so finding yourself on top of it reveals your desire for spontaneity and adventure.

Meeting with anime series characters

A southern Italian (my favorite character) was on his knees covered in snow. A Russian guy and a British guy were approaching him with weapons. The Russian had a water pipe, while the British had a pirate sword and his left eye was glowing. The dream was way longer, but this part is important. They all are from anime series, by the way.

Dreaming of your favorite anime reveals your attachment to this series. Constantly seeking out content related to the series would naturally make certain elements of the show appear in your dream as these are salient symbols in your head. Beyond that, the symbols in this particular dream reflect hardships and conflict. Snow is related to difficulties encountered in reality. You may bear witness to the hardship of your peers and be faced with the decision to help them out of their predicament instead of just being a bystander. The weapons suggest threat and force against the Italian figure. Perhaps a friend is experiencing pressure or getting bullied and this dream is telling you to pay attention to the suffering of others to help them.

Objects and people turning into anime

A dream where certain objects or people become anime or animated, like a cartoon version of reality or where anime characters and things are intermingled with life-like things, is an indication of your artistic sensibilities and creative mind. You may be inclined to pursue the arts, such as painting or sculpture, as a full-time source of income or as your hobby. Perhaps this dream symbol suggests that an opportunity would arise in which you can fully indulge in your passion for the arts with positive results.

Watching anime with someone

Having a companion while you are watching anime in a dream vision, likely a romantic partner or even a close friend in reality who is a constant in your life, means you and this person would soon spend a good chunk of time together. Instead of a peaceful and calming time, it would be more fun-filled and action-packed. This is good because things may have become boring and monotonous lately so you have also been seeking some excitement in your life. This may come up as a spontaneous trip which would be a welcome change.