Dreams Related To Anger

Angry at the father

Feelings of anger or rage directed at your biological father or a father-like figure in your life may suggest that you have lost the moral high ground in some way. Perhaps you compromised your morals in order to get ahead, either by cheating on a test, swindling someone out of their hard-earned money or presenting yourself as different than you truly are. This may come back to haunt you, as the truth always finds a way to surface. You may even come to have a lack of faith in your own abilities because you did not accomplish your achievements honestly.

Being angry

Being angry and upset in the dream realm is often a reflection of frustration and anger in reality. In a sense, the emotions from your waking life are bleeding over into your dreams. You are probably upset at someone for a particular reason, and you may have trouble expressing your emotions in a productive manner. You may be stuck in a cycle of crying by yourself or ignoring this individual instead of directly telling them how you feel. Now that you are aware of this issue, however, you can begin to correct it through various means.

Dead father angry

Envisioning your dearly departed father as angry or upset in your dream could reveal that you are feeling some guilt or disappointment in yourself. This is likely because you have failed to complete a task or goal that you set up for yourself. For instance, many individuals see this vision in the months after the start of a new year because they have fallen behind on resolutions like going to the gym or saving money. This dream should serve as a reminder to get back on track, even if you can only do a little to make progress toward your end goal.

Angry mother attacking viciously

In the dream I frantically was trying to run from my angry mother who was trying to attack me... I sensed she was trying to kill me... I saw I was losing lots of blood and realized I was hemorrhaging... I was running within her home as I knew I needed medical help or I would die... Got to an old rotary phone and my mother yanked it so I could not call 911, and then used the phone to try and attack me as I was losing lots of blood... I woke up.

This dream is rather complicated and depends highly on your current relationship with your mother in real life. The image of your mother attacking you and you running away from her portends unfinished business, an unrealized goal, or a lost opportunity. There might be a project you have been working on or planned to begin that may not come to fruition, despite your best efforts. Additionally, the large amounts of blood you saw in the dream from your injuries point to some financial troubles which may or may not come as a result of the lack of success you experience. Finally, the old rotary phone you tried to use represents difficulties in communication, most likely with you mother due to her presence in the dream. If you are currently having major disagreements with your mother or if your relationship has been shaky recently, this dream might indicate her interfering with your life in such a way that you lose out on some major aim or dream you have been working toward. On the other hand, if your relationship with her is very good, you may experience some unlucky event and, in your unhappy state, lash out in such a way that she is hurt. In both cases, you should be wary of both her actions and your own.