Dreams Related To Angel

Seeing an angel

Seeing an angel is a foreshadowing of life events that will astonish you and touch the core of your being. This is usually an indication that your life is undergoing a drastic change that will be very beneficial to you because of the newly found opportunities it will bring.

Dancing with golden angels

I am a 24 years old girl. In my dream I saw that I have gone to a place where golden angels are flying and dancing happily. Most of the angels were females. I touched an angel out of curiosity. It was like a silk cloth. And nearby I saw that small kids were singing hymns wearing white clothes. My nephew also was there. All angels were happy to see those kids. There was a small green color statue similar to an angel. I took it into my hands and prayed to Mother Mary and that status came back to life.

Being in a place where golden angels dance around happily is an auspicious symbol associated with happiness, wealth and peace of mind. If you have been struggling or suffering recently, this vision could be a message that you would soon feel some relief from the hard times of the past. This is supported by the image of the children singing in white clothes, a symbol indicative of celebration and upcoming occasions of a joyous nature. Perhaps you would attend the wedding of a loved one or find a new, lucrative job opportunity to lift you out of your current circumstances. This is attached, however, to the green statue and your prayer to Mother Mary. It seems you need to ask for forgiveness of someone or possibly forgive yourself in order to acquire these blessings. You cannot hold onto past hurts and hope to move forward at the same time. Letting go would allow you the internal calm you desire as well as open you up to the possibilities of the future.

Angels singing

Seeing angels singing to you in your dreams is a positive sign of upcoming enjoyment and a peaceful existence. It can also mean you are about to become the recipient of a large inheritance from an unanticipated source.

Talking to an angel

Talking to an angel in your dreams is a sign that you will receive news that your long term acquaintance whom you love very much is about to pass away and cross over in the near future.

Yourself as an angel

If you see yourself as an angel in a dream, then this could be a caution to consider other alternatives to the way you distribute your profits or assets. To prevent losing your wealth, you might want to ponder the possibility of using your extra profits to assist those people you know are in desperate need of help and who can benefit from your generosity.

Angel in white clothes

Spotting an angel adorned in pristine white garments in your dream bodes well for the near future, suggesting a forthcoming and auspicious event in your life. This celestial presence may symbolize divine protection, guidance, or spiritual blessings, bringing positivity and harmony to various aspects of your existence. Be open to receiving the gifts that the universe has in store for you, and embrace the opportunity for growth and transformation. Keep a positive outlook and be receptive to the signs of positive change that may present themselves, for this celestial encounter signifies a time of hope and fulfillment on your life's journey.

An angel talking to you

Having an angel talking to you in a dream is a sign that something exotic but superficial is about to attempt to interfere with your way of life. This is coming from something you are not accustomed to believing in, but will have an impact on your peaceful existence. Therefore you need to be cautious of the views and beliefs entering your life at this time.

Being an angel with wings

I am a female. In my dream I am an angel with beautiful wings. I am flying. I feel very free and happy. After a couple of minutes I land on earth, my wings go into my back and hide so I blend in as a human. Then I help children in need.

Dreaming about having wings and flying could have multiple interpretations, but the notion of being an angel at the same time in this dream vision could be indicative of your worries and concerns toward someone you care about in your waking life. This desire to help the individual, either materially or emotionally, resonates with the ending of your dream. Your recollection of hiding your wings inside your back after flying could also point out dissatisfaction with your own existence and constant questioning your true calling and place in life. Perhaps by helping others you can finally attain peace of mind and certainty for yourself.

An angel above someone

In the realm of dreams, the presence of an angel hovering above the head of someone you have a deep connection with signifies an impending transition. While it may evoke a sense of sadness and loss, it symbolizes that this person is nearing the end of their earthly journey and may soon pass away. It serves as a spiritual reminder to cherish and appreciate the time you have with them, offering an opportunity for closure, reflection, and the expression of love and support.

Being touched by an angel

I heard an angel say "Husband", it touched me very lightly on the hip and the touch got heavier as it pressed in on my hip and it woke me up. When I woke up I could still feel where it touched me.

When an angel is present in a dream, it usually sheds light on some future event that would be both wonderful and a little unsettling to witness. It could refer to an interaction with a spirit or other higher power, or it may mean you would have a close encounter with death or another universe. The pressure on your hip may have been the angel's attempt at guiding you toward this experience. You could interpret this literally, as in the direction the angel pushed represents the direction you need to go, or figuratively, as in when it is related to some physical relationship with someone in reality.

Dark angel

Seeing a dark angel in a dream could be a sign of indifference. It means you are experiencing some uncertainties in your life that may produce phases of depression and low self-esteem when you attempt to try something new such as developing a new project or creating a new business. Try to rely on your instincts to help overcome these feelings of doubt.

Flying with angels

If you find yourself flying with angels then you can expect to receive honor and admiration in real life. Also, expect people to give positive reviews and speak highly of all your endeavors and success when you have this type of dream.

An angel on fire

Male. My dream was of an angel on fire descending down.

Seeing an angel on fire means someone you know who has a pure heart would be corrupted by evil forces in their environment. This could be a kid you know who would become involved in criminal activities and their potential would be crushed because of terrible circumstances. Alternatively, the angel could also be a symbol of your own goodness and desire to protect your loved ones. Unfortunately, you would be exposed to the harsh realities of life which would make you cynical or even ruthless in order to survive. Your ambition would outweigh compassion and you would end up hurting important people in your life.

White angel wings

An angel with pure white wings, or seeing just the white wings of an angel, alludes to a period in your existence when higher powers or people of authority will intervene to help you achieve your goals. If you are experiencing a slump and starting to have negative perceptions of yourself, then luck is on your side because people with the influence and resources will prop you up during this low time in your life and soon enough you will be back on your feet.

An angel putting planets back in order

I am standing outside with my mum in her garden looking at the night sky. We can see all the planets very clearly and they are very colorful but flying all over the sky erratically! Then a small golden angel or fairy flies around my head and lands on my nose and tells me everything will work out fine. My mum and myself look at one another and smile, we look up to the sky and all the planets have calmed down and gone into their planetary positions and there are golden sparkles everywhere?

The meaning of this vision changes based on the presence of and message from the angel you witnessed. The idea of talking to an angel by itself suggests someone you know may be about to pass from this life. The message itself, however, clearly tells you that there is nothing to worry about. This is reflected in the previous image of the night sky. The night sky is often associated with spirituality and enlightenment. It is reasonable to interpret this as related to the passing of your special person. Your initial reaction may be to blame your God or resist religion as a coping mechanism, forcing your life into a tailspin of sadness and despair. The image of the calm sky at the end shows that continuing to trust and rely on your spiritual rights and prayers would help you find peace and understanding in this difficult time.

Trumpeting angel

To hear the sound of a trumpeting angel means you need to prepare to undergo a time period of displeasing arguments or long term disagreements. You can also expect disloyal activities to occur behind your back and you can expect surprise events to occur without your foreknowledge during this time period.

Dead angel

Discovering a dead angel in your dreams is a very negative sign. It could mean you are about to lose a child to some unfortunate occurrence. This loss could be the result of a legal proceeding or some other process to remove the child from your life.

Angels in clouds

While this esoteric symbol may seem mysterious, it actually has a very straightforward interpretation according to Christian dream scholars. The image of angels in the clouds alludes to soon receiving good news that leads to a period of time filled with great happiness and prosperity. In some cases, this means financial or tangible prosperity, like a new job leading to a better or healthier lifestyle, but in some situations it also refers to spiritual or emotional prosperity, like the lifting of a weight off your shoulders.

Soaring angels

Seeing angels soaring above you is a sign of good news. However, if you dream this same dream on a frequent basis, then it could mean you are about to stumble into some trouble by speaking too much when a detailed explanation is not needed.

Smiling angel

Encountering a smiling angel in your dream signifies the imminent arrival of a deeply fulfilling and genuine romantic relationship that will sweep you off your feet. This angelic presence represents the divine intervention of love in your life, bringing joy, passion, and a profound connection with a special someone. Prepare yourself for an enchanting journey filled with romance, excitement, and emotional fulfillment. Embrace this opportunity with an open heart and an open mind, allowing yourself to fully experience the magic and beauty that awaits you. Trust in the power of love and believe in the extraordinary possibilities that lie ahead.

The city of angels

To dream of visiting or living in the city inhabited by angels is a sign that your personal life, financial progress, work and career success, or any other future living arrangements will involve Taiwan.

An angel giving life

In my dream an angel Michael or Gabriel, gave me its life by entering me.

In the dream world death often symbolizes a new beginning. The notion that you were given life by an angel could signify that there would be certain instances or events in your life which could change your perception forever. It would lead to the death of all your old ideas and beliefs and you might have a spiritual awakening. It would benefit you greatly and give you access to opportunities which had once seemed almost impossible for you to have.

Sad or crying angel

Seeing a sad or a crying angel is a sign of dishonor. It is possible you have sacrificed honor and dignity and used questionable practices to achieve your current level of success. This dream is a warning to reconsider your approaches to achieving success if you desire great accomplishments in your life.

An angel handing a baby

I am a man and a minister of the gospel. A friend of mine who is a prophet had a dream in which he saw an angel giving me a baby.

It seems your friend's vision does carry a prophetic message, although whether it was meant for him or for you is unclear. Because you received the child, it is possible you are the intended recipient of this message, but it is also possible that your friend has a role to play in it as well. Receiving a baby is often thought to symbolize something good or positive coming your way. This could be a development you have been hoping for or praying about for some time, or it may be something sudden and unexpected. Receiving the baby from an angel may imply that this situation would make you busier than you were before, but you would be happy to take on the extra work for the benefit of you and your community.

Angel with a fire sword

To dream about an angel pointing with a sword of fire is a suggestion to use caution and think twice about your current behavior. It can also mean that you are about to lose the respect of people in your inner circle because of your increasing arrogance and lack of ability to behave appropriately.

Angel of death

An angel of death as a dream symbol reveals a grim perception of your current situation. Perhaps you are feeling emotional or angry about a particular decision that you made, and now you want to undo a lot of your actions in order to have a fresh start. Unfortunately, focusing on your regrets is a barrier to opportunities for you to move forward. Dwelling on your mistakes is keeping you from finding ways around a frustrating circumstance.

An angel behind a stranger

Seeing an angel standing or flying behind a stranger or someone you are not quite familiar with is a warning to be prepared to receive tragic news about the death of a very notable or respected person whom you have personally known for quite some time.

An angel passing through fire

In my dream I was outside by a fire and an angel passed through the flames and came right at me, no words were spoken.

When you dream about seeing an angel, it could mean you are about to go through some events that will astonish you and touch the core of your existence, such as some drastic change or transformation which could be beneficial because of new opportunities it could bring along. Also, witnessing a fire that is harmless could also be a symbol of abundance and a lifestyle characterized by prosperity and wealth. Perhaps these are the outcomes of what the drastic change would bring about.

An angel with two white wings

Seeing an angel with two enormous white wings suggests you are at a point in your life when higher powers are intervening to help you succeed. If you were having problems solving issues in the past, then you can rest assured that never before thought of solutions are coming to fruition to help you overcome your problems now.

Being saved by an angel

I dreamed about the ocean and how an angel saved me from the ocean that was going to destroy the city, he was so nice to me that he gave me money and place to stay in my dream. Female.

For women, dreaming about the ocean is often thought to be the manifestation of stress and anxiety in reality. You are likely under pressure from multiple areas in your life, like work and familial obligations, leading to feelings of being overwhelmed or drowning in responsibilities. In this case, the angel who saves you and brings you to a safe dwelling suggests you could be acting poorly towards those who are trying to help you during this stressful time, such as your partner, parents or co-workers. You may need to apologize to someone you have lashed out at unjustly. The money you received from the angel is an indication that you are a kind and generous individual at heart. You just need a reminder sometimes that everyone has challenges and that we need to be careful that our own frustrations are not taken out on others.

An angel asking you to follow him

Seeing an angel asking you to follow him to heaven in a dream is a sign that you may have a serious health condition that may require you to take proactive steps to get the condition taken care of immediately.

Someone acting as an angel

To witness someone you know acting as an angel in a dream means you are about to receive some assistance and advice from a person whom you would never expect to receive beneficial information or help from.

Angel flying away from you

To witness an angel flying away from you and leaving you alone means you are about to experience a period of troublesome times real soon that will eventually lead to substantial losses and great disappointments.

Angels who startled you

Dreaming of angels who startle or take you by surprise can be interpreted as potential deceit or false information circulating in your waking life. The dream serves as a metaphorical warning about conflicts or misunderstandings that may be created behind your back. It encourages you to be vigilant and aware of the dynamics within your relationships, fostering open communication and addressing any rumors or falsehoods that could lead to conflicts. It prompts you to navigate interpersonal relationships with caution and integrity.

Several angels around you

To notice several angels around you (two, three, and so on) is a sign of multiple personality traits. It is a suggestion of how many different personalities you may have in real life, or it could be an indication of how many different ways you act or present yourself when you interact with other people.

Angels entering your dwelling

To see angels entering your dwelling is a sign to exercise caution in trusting others. It means you need to beware of the people you trust with your assets or other things you are fond of or else you may find these things being easily taken away from you.

An angel quickly descending from the skies

To see an angel quickly descending from the skies means you will experience a time period when you will not be able to solve your existing problems. There will be no apparent reason for why you won't be able to solve these problems while experiencing these difficult times.

Angel taking to deceased family members

Dreams about an angel who took me to a real hot place. My family was there, and so was my family that had pass away. The angel told me to get my family and repent.

Dreaming about an angel guiding you could translate your need to be forgiven by someone you might have offended recently or in the past. This offense could have been committed as a result of ignorance or unawareness about the sensitivity of the other person's feelings. That is, it was not necessarily an ill-intended action. This interpretation is reinforced by the image of the hot place and the need for you to repent, all pointing towards the symbol of hell or of the doomed. Alternatively, if you felt that the angel had a benign attitude toward you, it could mean that you will be consoled, comforted and eventually forgiven by others for your deeds. If you did not feel intimidated by the presence of the angel, you may be about to receive some good news or end up better off in financial terms. Dreaming about your deceased family could translate your grief and sadness about their absence. Yet, given the simultaneous image of the angel by your side, this dream signifies the slow process of emotional healing and coming to terms with the loss you had experienced.

Surrounded by angels in white

Four angels with white on flying above me. The sky was clear and blue. One angel stood in front of me with eyes of fire. Didn't say anything.

Seeing several angels soaring above you is a sign of good news. However, if you keep having this same dream on a frequent basis, then it may mean that you are about to stumble into some trouble by speaking too much when a detailed explanation or personal opinion is not needed. Angels in white clothes traditionally symbolize a beneficial occurrence that is getting ready to happen, however the image of one angel with fiery eyes could also serve as a warning to exercise tact and be careful of what you say because you could miss on such good opportunity if you behave inappropriately when communicating with other people around you.

Angels transforming into white doves

Two white angels hovered over me outside my home, and then they transformed into hundreds of white doves flying over me.

Seeing multiple angels hovering above you and then transforming into hundreds of doves is a subconscious representation of your personality. You likely change your attitude and mannerism depending on who you are talking to. This could lead to trouble in the future and may have people branding you as someone dishonest and untrustworthy.

Angels descending on the beach

It was the morning I was on the beach about to swim. When all of a sudden there's dark smoke all over the place. I covered my nose while holding a little girl and helped her cover her nose as well. When I looked around, people started to fall and look like they are dead. All of a sudden out from the sky angels are coming along with horses and lights all over. They sprinkle something I don't know what and people started crying and saying that the Lord God has come. What does it mean?

The setting of the beach is highly symbolic, often associated with regrets or a focus on past errors. This has likely made it difficult for you to act in the present, as you could feel hesitation or even fear over a decision that could turn out badly. These ideas, combined, are further explained in the image of the sky with angels, horses and lights. This suggests your apprehension is multiplied in very specific situations, probably those most closely resembling where you erred in the past. Saving the little girl, however, portends eventually coming to terms with your past and moving past your issues to a brighter, better future.

Looking for a shrine and meeting an angel

I was looking for a shrine with our lady on it. I found it, I was right In front of it. I kneeled down and looked up. It rose into the sky beside it there was a line, then a cross appeared and an angel came out beside it and came down to me and went behind me and around me. It asked me what I wanted. I told it I wanted to be happy and I was panicking thinking of what I wanted and it flew back to where the cross was. I looked up where the cross was and there was someone hanging upside down in the shape of a cross.

Seeing a shrine in a dream suggests a strong fixation on one aspect of your existence. You may be obsessing over a specific problem or issue and, as a result, you lose sight of all the other things happening around you. Maybe because of focusing too much on this personal problem or concern, you forget that you are inadvertently sacrificing your values and principles. This dream encourages you to look at the big picture and what the consequences may be outside of that one element of your life. Failure to be circumspect about your priorities could put your life in a tangle of mess, as symbolized by the upside-down cross. The upside-down crucifix could also reflect negative emotions, such as fear, anger, and despair, which could send you on a path of disorder and self-destruction.

An angel calling by name

An angel was at the window calling my name.

Hearing an angel calling out your name in a dream is an ominous sign. It points to the possibility that an exotic but mostly superficial change in your life may interfere with the way you normally do things. This could be something rather superfluous like a new high-tech gadget your partner may get which would end up annoying you or some minor change at work that could mess with the flow with which things usually progress there. You should do your best to not let such things stress you out and learn to ignore them altogether.

A shape of an angel in the starry sky

The shape of an angel made up of stars in the night sky. It was very bright and brilliantly sparkly and it handed me a bundle of crosses. The angel was calm, happy, and peaceful.

Seeing an angel in a dream vision often portends going through some special turn of events in your life that touches your very essence. Envisioning the angel as made up of stars suggests that this situation has been prepared for you, especially by the higher powers. This means that whatever you learn from this experience is likely necessary for what God has in store for you.

Sex with an angel

I dreamed about having sex with an angel. He was gorgeous, white and glowing, light-blue wings.

Having sexual intercourse with an attractive angel may be the manifestation of your connection with higher powers. This suggests you could also acquire some particularly sensitive spiritual energy or be bestowed with some wisdom that would greatly benefit you in your future endeavors. It would be wise to listen carefully to the voice of your heart and conscious in order to determine what this message is and how best to use it.

Little angels dancing in the field

Yesterday my sister-in-law informed me of her second miscarriage. I have two little girls, and she has one little girl. Also, our pastor informed us that the Church will be joining another Church in the town we live in. I have also been trying to conceive. My dream was about 5 beautiful little angel girls dancing and singing in a line through the field across from the field where I grew up.

Witnessing singing angels in the dream world is an auspicious symbol. It means you may soon achieve a sense of enjoyment and a peaceful existence. In addition, it can also refer to the possibility that you would become the recipient of a large inheritance from an unanticipated source. The interpretation of the number five depends on its significance in your existence. However, part of the Biblical explanation of this symbol has to do with God's generosity and goodwill toward humankind. Perhaps the downtrodden days would finally come to an end and fulfillment and satisfaction would finally prevail.

Giving birth to an angel

I dreamt I was giving birth to a pure white angel.

A dream wherein you find yourself giving birth signifies major changes and upheavals that are about to take place in your life. Perhaps you may have been contemplating getting rid of certain bad habits or picking up good ones. This symbolism is further reinforced by the fact that you gave birth to a pure, white angel. An angel represents events which would have a deep impact on your existence, meaning these proceedings are likely to improve your quality of life and your outlook on the future.

Angels fighting

Angels fighting in the sky.

Seeing angels in the dream world is usually a sign of good news. However, because the angels were fighting in your dream, perhaps the angels reflect your conflicted emotions. You may be struggling to reconcile your behavior with your values and personal beliefs. Going against your principles may be causing dissonance in your mind, hence you are now trying to rationalize your actions.

On a bus with angels and terrorists

A female angel appeared in my dream and she is fetching me. I told her that I am not yet ready to go because I haven't seen or informed my parents yet. And suddenly we are in a bus going to the place of my parents. Along our way there were terrorists and they stopped the bus and all the passengers went out of the bus. Then my male companion, I presumed an angel too, tapped the shoulder of one of the terrorists and ran to a house and he's followed by the terrorists and a gun fired him but he was not hurt.

The presence of an angel in the dream world is usually thought to predict life-changing events or circumstances taking place in reality. In this vision, the angel was guiding you home to meet your family. This is often interpreted as a sign that you may have recently hurt someone's feelings or offended them, making it necessary now to seek forgiveness or to offer compensation. You may have hurt them unintentionally with an offhanded, insensitive remark, however, your morality would not allow you to simply ignore your error. The bus you were on further suggests your words or actions may have been guided by the influence of others. Going against the bad influence and pressure coming from those around you may cause conflict and hardship for you, as seen in the terrorist attack. But you would probably feel better about yourself after the fact if you follow your own moral compass.

Falling down the stairs and rising back as an angel

Female. Recurring, once in a while, rare dream I had all of my childhood. I walk down the stairs, then I fall to the bottom of the stairs. However, I rise back up, like an angel and then proceed to walk down the stairs as normal.

When you dream about yourself tumbling down the stairs, it could be a negative sign, a metaphor of yourself moving downwards and distancing yourself from your main objectives. The imagery of falling down could also mean there is an envious person who wants you to fail at everything you do. However, since by the end of the dream you managed to come back up as angel, it is an indication that you are resilient enough to endure these possible attacks, but should be cautious about how you utilize your strong sides while protecting your weak spots.

Being an angel and taking people to heaven

I was an angel, and I was saving the good souls and taking them up to heaven, I saw the city of heaven, I was part of a group of angels. I would fly up to a human and put my hand out and say "In the name of Jesus", and say a prayer, if the person passed out, they were not good, but if the person didn't pass out, I would take them up to heaven. I would go through houses and was faced with dark energy, but once I said "In the name of Jesus", it would disappear. It was a very lucid and colorful dream.

Being an angel in the dream world is usually considered a warning in reality. It is usually related to how you use money in daily life. However, considering your good works in the vision, it seems more likely this vision is talking about spiritual wealth rather than physical objects. In that sense, your vision may be a reminder of the good you were put on earth to achieve. This is supported by your guidance of good souls to heaven, a symbol associated with success and the achievement of goals. Your power over dark forces also speaks of the internal power you have to make good out of dark situations. Perhaps you have someone close to you, either family or someone in your faith community, who could use your help and strong spirit to overcome their troubles. By blessing their life with your support, you would be blessing your own.

Riding on an angel's back

I dreamed I was riding on an angel's back and I wasn't afraid. Then I woke up.

Riding on the back of an angel during a dream is a highly auspicious portent to perceive. It often reflects an upcoming occasion on which you would be recognized and admired by friends and family in wake life. If you are a young person, this dream could represent an upcoming graduation or a birthday of special importance, like 18 or 21. If you are middle-aged, you could win a special award for your hard-work and talent in your field. This event would bring you great satisfaction and would boost your confidence.

Learning to fly as an angel

I was an angel and another angel lifted me to the clouds and let me go to force me to fly and land or splat. After, the angel had me with 2 others to lift them up and bring them down without hurting them. Then I was above the blackness of earth and the stars started to fall around me from black sky and then I looked for a place to lie and watch the stars fall and got tangled in an electrical line, got electrocuted, then fell and felt the pain as I hit the ground. I dream often of being an angel and flying or practicing landing.

The whole arc of your dream represents your search for meaning. For instance, envisioning yourself as an angel means your subconscious is reminding you to use your resources more wisely. Perhaps instead of spending money or investing in frivolous things, you can share your blessings through charity or uplifting other people in need. The other angels represent heartwarming encounters and life-changing events which would cause a drastic change in your life and steer you into a fulfilling path. However, it is unavoidable that you will stray from this ideal path as illustrated by the dream symbols of space, falling stars, and getting electrocuted. All these symbols indicate struggle, learning, and possible rebirth. You will emerge from the darkness as a new person and a better version of yourself. Finally, the recurring dream of flying and learning to land refers to your journey in finding your true purpose in life. Will you succumb to worldly aspirations or aim for more spiritually fulfilling goals?

Being lifted by an angel

I'm a male and I had a dream I was at a window and an angel basically told me to jump out and I did and he was then carrying me while flying up in the air super fast, just up and up. I could feel the breeze and the angel was a male, I'm pretty sure wearing a gold breastplate with white feathers wings. As I try to remember the dream, it's like I can see it happening in first person and also third watching it happen.

To envision yourself being carried away by a flying angel is a highly auspicious dream symbol depicting recognition. You will soon earn the respect and admiration of your peers or colleagues for your accomplishment. Being told to jump out the window means you should not be afraid to grab opportunities or take risks because this will pay off for you in the end. The optimistic tone of this dream vision reveals your hopeful frame of mind. The gold breastplate means you are a force for good even in the face of misery and adversity.

Fallen angel

To be in the presence of Satan, the fallen angel, is a polarizing symbol. On one hand, this can portend a dangerous path ahead of you because of a charming yet duplicitous personality who may tempt you into a self-destructive lifestyle. On the other hand, this can portend love and fortune ahead of you if you choose to be more fearless with your choices. This ultimately refers to the duality of life, especially when it comes to the good and bad consequences of any action.

Visited by an angel

The vision of an angel visiting you in your dreams often means you are seeking heavenly guidance. An angel can be a symbol of God, especially if you are religious and subscribe to this particular religion. When faced with a difficult challenge, you may ask for protection from a higher power. If you are not particularly religious or spiritual, an angel's visit can refer to a guardian or well-intentioned people who will be able to help you out of a tough situation.