Dreams Related To Amputation

A loved one undergoing amputation

To see a loved one such as your spouse or lover undergoing amputation could mean that you are hiding your weaknesses and keeping secrets from this person in order to prevent being hurt or possibly offended.

Arm or leg amputation

Dreaming of someone performing an arm or leg amputation on you is a sign of death. It could mean that soon you will experience the death of someone very close to you, people such as your spouse or lover, a child, or a parent.

Having a limb amputated

To dream of having a limb amputated portends upcoming losses or setbacks at work. If you see yourself losing more than one limb, then it could possibly mean that you will experience a substantial decrease in sales or work accomplishments.

A coworker undergoing amputation

To dream about a coworker undergoing an amputation is a sign of fierce competition between you and this coworker. You may have to make the choice to retaliate against some of this person's actions, or you may have to overpower this coworker because of the incentives that you are both competing for.

Body parts amputated with no blood

Dreaming about body parts being amputated from the body with no blood present during the separation is a sign of beneficial separation. It means you are about to witness a painless and stress-free separation from people who prove to be unimportant and outdated networks.

Uncle dying from an amputation

I was going to my uncle's funeral, he died of a leg amputation (in my dream only) and on his casket there was a boy playing the cello and a frog on the middle of the case. In real life, my uncle had broken his leg, but he is fine.

Dreaming about a loved one, in this case your uncle, undergoing an amputation could mean that you are hiding some secret from him to prevent him from being hurt or possibly offended by your words. His death due to this injury could represent the lengths you would go to in order to avoid this particular conversation. Furthermore, it may actually suggest the slow death of the relationship because you cannot be open and honest with him. It may be wise to find a time to have this difficult talk so that you can clear the air and give both of your souls some peace.

Amputated limbs set aside

To see amputated limbs set aside by themselves is a sign of separation. It could possibly mean a break up between you and your significant other through unexpected separation or divorce.

People willingly undergoing amputation

People were in line volunteering to be arm-amputated, I was afraid to watch them. Then my former lecturer was standing on my heads in front of my bed.

Dreams about amputation are usually a sign of divisions within a group, either between the group as a whole or just between two people, particularly in regards to an opinion or an understanding of a situation. It may also indicate separating or distancing yourself from people who are holding you down or who are not adding anything of value to your life. Additionally, seeing a lecturer in an unexpected and unusual position, especially in regards to the head, represents not being sure which group to join or which position to take. It serves as a hint that you might need to seek some advice about your current situation from someone you trust or a person with authority.