Dreams Related To Amnesia

Experiencing amnesia

To witness yourself experiencing amnesia in a dream means you are about to embark on a return of very serious and heavily nagging problems from your past that have yet to be resolved and still continue to haunt you.

Realizing the extent of amnesia

Realizing the extent of amnesia in yourself and discovering that you were in a deeper state of amnesia than you once thought is an omen that means you will miss out on something that would've been very significant and useful had it been able to come into your life.

Others suffering amnesia

Seeing others suffering amnesia in your dreams is a promising indication that you will meet and connect with very faithful and devoted people who will become trusted friends in whom you can trust and count on if you ever find yourself involved in a difficult situation.

Close friend with amnesia

Having a close friend with amnesia as a result of some accident can be a warning of a big failure happening in your life or your inability to successfully complete a project that you initially invested a lot of effort and time into.

Getting rid of amnesia

Getting rid of amnesia in a dream is an indication that you will experience a successful resolution of some domestically-related issues or other family problems. It can also mean that you will be able to pay off your old debts and start living a financially stable life.