Dreams Related To Amethyst

Amethyst jewelry

To dream of seeing amethyst jewelry is a sign of satisfaction. This means you will find undeniable gratification and purpose in your personal life, work, and other events which are important to you, and this satisfaction will bring much joy to your existence.

Amethyst given as a gift

To see an amethyst given as a gift is a warning that you will meet someone who you need to avoid as much as possible. If you entertain this person and his actions, he will bring disruption and chaos into your otherwise stable and calm lifestyle.

Walking on amethyst stones

To see yourself walking on amethyst stones indicates that you are not being considerate of the opinions and ideas of other people when it comes to decisions you make. Overconfidence in how you act and what you do makes it difficult for you to change your ways even when exposed to someone's remarks about your actions.

Dim array of amethyst stones

If you find yourself stumbling upon a dim array of amethyst stones, then this is a warning of envious surroundings. Other people may become preoccupied with your success and will make an attempt to interfere with your progress in order to take advantage of your achievements.

Amethyst stones covering ground

Seeing amethyst stones covering the ground in small clusters is a sign to maintain focus. It is recommended you reexamine your priorities concerning what you want to achieve and try to make a conscious effort to learn to do things quicker in order to get ahead.

Amethyst reflecting sunlight

To dream of amethyst stones reflecting the sunlight means you are being monitored by someone. It is possible that this person or a group of people are watching you because they have a genuine interest in the things you are trying to accomplish.

Precious stones such as amethyst as dream visions

Sharp-edged amethyst

To dream of seeing a sharp edged piece of amethyst stone can be a sign of difficulties or challenges in your usual training and academic standards, such as a loss of focus when it comes to mastering exams or assessments.

Presenting someone with an amethyst

To see yourself presenting someone with an amethyst piece of jewelry is a sign of negative interference. It means that your involvement in someone else's affairs will inadvertently create a negative response from the individual you are trying to help. You might want to take extra caution when you dream of giving this stone to someone you've developed a deeper relationship with.

Dropping and breaking amethyst

I had a dream where I was in something like a family room and I had multiple healing stones. The most distinctive one was an amethyst and I accidentally dropped it and it shattered in half.

This vision seems to point to some discontent within your home or family life, considering the imagery of the family room. The symbol of the amethyst in particular represents satisfaction and complacency, so perhaps by dropping and breaking it in the vision you are revealing a certain relationship or facet of your home life that is less than you would like it to be. Maybe your family does not treat your hobbies or knowledge seriously, or it is also possible that they do not understand the person you have become. This vision could be considered a warning of the trouble you may face defending your ideas and fighting for the quality of life you desire.

Precious stones like amethyst quartz or diamond in dreams

Oval-shaped amethyst

Encountering an oval-shaped amethyst stone in your dreams can be interpreted as a sign of minor interruptions or challenges that may arise during significant business trips. While these interferences may be relatively minor, they may require your attention and adaptability to address effectively. This dream encourages you to be prepared for unexpected events during your travels and to approach them with patience and flexibility to ensure the success of your important business endeavors.

Throwing amethyst in the air

To throw an amethyst stone in the air or play with them by juggling them in your hand can be a sign of a smooth beginning for a new accomplishment or endeavor. It can also mean you can expect quick and significant outcomes in return for your efforts.

Losing amethyst

To find yourself losing an amethyst stone or a piece of amethyst jewelry means you will experience a season of peace and a cooling down of emotions concerning your significant other or this dream may suggest a time period of complete ignoring or neglect coming from either you or your lover.

Seeing amethyst stones on the ground

I was walking alone on a dirt road behind my house with my mom and I saw an amethyst stone on the ground and when I picked it up, it shattered into 4 or 5 pieces. I kept one of the most beautiful pieces. I'm not sure what I did with the other pieces. I might have given one to my mom as well.

Roads symbolize the path you are taking in reality. A dirt road reveals that the path may not be as straightforward and as easy as you would expect it to be. There could be rough patches and cunning individuals who may thwart your way to success. However, if you keep your priorities straight and do not lose sight of your goals, as represented by the amethyst, you would find satisfaction and contentment in both your personal and professional paths. Each piece of the broken amethyst represents a priority for you. This goes to show how many families and your loved ones figure in your motivations to succeed.