Dreams Related To Ambulance

Speed chase in an ambulance

I dreamed that I had a boyfriend and we were playing with his ambulance because his lights don't work, then ambulances and police cars passed us with their lights and sirens on and my boyfriend followed a few minutes later he started speeding in a police motorcycle and told me to run. I ran with him and lots of bombs started going off.

Dreaming about vehicles equipped with sirens points to unfounded states of anxiety or feeling possible (or imagined) threats to the dreamer's well-being or to his or her intimate relationships. Based on the context of your dream, it can be inferred that you tend to cause emotional tremors or make unfair accusations of infidelity, if in a relationship with someone in waking life. Police going after you is a reminder that you should exhibit humility, tactfulness, tolerance and soundness of mind when you get yourself involved in or start having an argument or misunderstanding with another person or a group or people. Acting otherwise would get you in more trouble, which could turn unpleasant, upsetting or even tragic. Sometimes, dreams which involve sirens and explosions serve as subconscious signals of being or becoming isolated, lonely, depressed or even desperate.

Being run over by an ambulance

I'm in the city with my ex-friend. I start showing her around. We cross the road on a crosswalk but get separated by this scaffolding structure in the middle of the crosswalk. In the distance behind her, I hear a loud glass-shattering noise. An ambulance loses control and is coming her way. I try to reach around to pull her out but I can't reach and just freeze. The ambulance then slams into her. I look at her in disbelief. And then another ambulance hits into me from behind. I wake up scared.

This vision seems to point toward a tendency to dwell in the past rather than facing forward and focusing on the present. Showing your one time friend around the city is very much akin to letting her run around your mind. Perhaps you were reminded of her recently, or maybe you often have times when you imagine the possible what-ifs that could have been if you had remained close. The sound of broken glass further amplifies this first symbol, suggesting you are still disturbed or haunted by how things turned out. It may even be causing you some stress and anxiety, though perhaps only on a subconscious level, as is seen in the image of the ambulances that crash into the two of you. Maybe you are considering trying to patch things up, or maybe you just need to talk with another trusted individual who can help you sort out your feelings about this situation.