Dreams Related To Amazonite

Putting amazonite in mouth

Hi, last night I had a dream that I was at my gram's house and I believe she gave me a piece of raw amazonite (like the one I have at home, which is white with black speckles), and I put it in my mouth about to eat it, but then took it out and it turned bright blue and looked polished and more like agate, but it was still amazonite to me when I woke up. Do you know what this could mean? There was more to my dream, but I cant fit it all here.

This dream is a collection of mixed symbols that make sense once put altogether. First, your grandmother's house represents safety or a place where you feel at ease. Putting a crystal in your mouth points towards terrible, unstoppable events that are about to occur in the future. The mouth itself suggests this would be something you hear about, like gossip or civil unrest. Put together, these two symbols reveal that in a time of uncertainty and terrible pain, you are searching for peace. The original white and black stone that becomes blue reveals that while you currently can only see the very bad and the very good at their most extreme, you would soon be able to see things in balance, bringing you contentment and happiness.