Dreams Related To Alley

Straight alley

Noticing a straight alley ahead of you in your dreams is a warning of circumstances that may make your life change for the worse and will be accompanied by some very unpleasant tasks to complete or things to overcome, irritating you the whole time while you have to deal with them.

Wandering dark alley

Wandering around in a dark alley is a warning that you may have to re-evaluate the people around you and make a conscious effort to eliminate keeping company with people who criticize your ideas or tend to negatively affect your life whenever they are around.

Beginning of a long alley

Seeing what looks like the beginning of a long alley in a dream is a symbol for starting something new like a new business, endeavor, or idea. Most likely, you will be inspired by someone else who will prove to be the catalyst of this start. Just remember that you must fully participate in the completion of these new beginnings.

If the alley appeared to be clean or well-lit, then this can be a sign of a favorable outcome for the endeavors you are about to undertake. Conversely, if the alley appeared dark and gloomy, then this can be a sign that the outcomes for your endeavors will not be as promising as they once seemed to be in the beginning or they could just be risky. If the end of the alley leads you to a bright and sunlit spot, then it can be a signal for you that you will have great success when these endeavors you are currently undertaking are finally completed.

Alley lined by trees

Seeing an alley lined by trees can mean that you will soon have to go on an unexpected trip for business or for some other venture. The place where you will be traveling to can be a previously non-visited or not commonly heard of place, usually in secluded area overseas or in some remote location within an often-traveled territory or a country.

Alley in the dusk

To be spotted in an alley in the dusk hours that is darkened by a sunset or clouds in bad weather is a warning that there is going to be a longterm period of a sickness or bad health.