Dreams Related To Allergy

Experiencing allergies

If you are experiencing allergies, it is a sign that you have the opportunity to have a very lucky and prosperous marriage. If you are already married, then expect a very innovative and strategic approach to solving your financial problems.

Sudden allergic reaction

If you experience a sudden allergic reaction or allergy attack in your dream, then this could be a sign that you need to be more cautious when expressing your viewpoints or when criticizing the behavior of those around you.

Someone affected by allergies

To dream of someone affected by allergies or having the symptoms of allergies could mean that this individual will be the one whom you will be able to entrust with the things that personally bother you because this peson will prove to be trustworthy and dependable whenever you need him or her to help you with advice.

Your child affected by allergies

If you dream that your child has been affected by allergies or has some type of allergic reaction, then this can be a warning that you will soon have to become concerned or active in helping people who are close to you.

Trying to rid of allergies

If you find yourself trying to get rid of allergies in your dreams by medical means, then it could be an indication that you will soon have to address some issues with lack of money or other financial difficulties.