Dreams Related To Aliens

Kidnapped by aliens

Being kidnapped by aliens in the dream realm represents your internal desire to avoid something unpleasant or troublesome in wake life. It is possible you would have to host some annoying relatives or pick up some extra responsibilities at work, even though you really do not want to. However, this vision may caution against avoiding your problems. Sucking it up and doing what you are supposed to do could yield some beneficial results, like happy co-workers or appreciative family members.

Fighting with aliens

Fighting aliens represents your struggle to meet new people or network successfully. Your introversion makes it hard for you to mingle during parties or attend social events. This could also mean you are often misjudged as aloof or weird. So, perhaps your subconscious is encouraging you to be more sociable. You could enroll in a pottery class, dabble in photography or join a book club to make yourself more comfortable in social situations.

Alien encounters and being abducted in dreams

Friendly aliens

Meeting or encountering friendly aliens means you will get acquainted with interesting personalities in reality. These encounters will broaden your mind and expand your network with great results. This can also suggest embracing diversity. Perhaps you are wary about transgender people or immigrants from other nationalities and the opportunity to get to know them better will shatter certain prejudices or stereotypes you have been harboring.

Meeting aliens

Meeting aliens in the dream world means you are going to host a small gathering or party at your own home. Neighbors, acquaintances from work as well as strangers, such as friends of your friends, will be your guests on this occasion. At the end of it you will forge new friendships which will hopefully last due to shared interests and ideas. On the other hand, this could also mean attending someone else's party where you will encounter interesting personalities and widen your social sphere.

Aliens stealing people's bags

Some aliens were picking people's bags and flying away. Police were there trying to stop us.

To fully understand this vision, we should look at the signs in reverse order, starting with the police. Visions about being arrested or stopped by the police usually portend receiving an offer which seems to be very beneficial to you, especially monetarily. You may be tempted to accept this offer, but the first sign, seeing aliens stealing bags, suggests that this may be too good to be true. If you pursue this opportunity, you may find yourself in legally and morally questionable circumstances.

Defending Earth against alien attack

I've been having the same dream multiple times. It starts with an alien spacecraft landing on earth. I usually am the first to notice, and then the spacecraft starts to attack. Thousands of these come to earth and start attacking. I am one of the leaders defending against the creatures by strong-holding a house. I reassure the children and women and find items to defend ourselves with, as well as how to barricade. The aliens typically destroy/take over earth, but I wake up before I know my end.

Fighting in a war of invasion from an alien enemy is symbolically linked with the idea of fighting foreign invaders being present in your body. In simple terms, your body may be beginning to fight off some disease or illness which threatens to ravish your strength and energy, leaving nothing behind but a shell of your former self. Your words or reassurance to others are like the balm that calms your worries, however, these words alone cannot heal you of this affliction. You may need to seek out professional medical expertise to find out the source of your troubles and learn how to prevent things from progressing further.

In love with an alien

I dreamed that I was somehow transported to another world and this huge alien was showing his planet to me and we were in a desert, but I could see a big gorgeous city in the distance highlighted by a beautiful sunset and the alien told me I had to leave, but I really didn't want to because it was so nice and I think I was also in love with the alien?

The alien in your dream depicts your desire for change. You may be looking for a change of pace or a different lifestyle. Being brought into another world speaks of new phases, journeys and personal transformations. Something big is about to happen that would place you in an unfamiliar surrounding or unfamiliar company, possibly a long vacation or a new work project. This change means that you would experience a state of loss and isolation, as symbolized by the desert. Because of the need to adopt to the different circumstances, you may end up getting used to it or getting attached to the new environment and people.