Dreams Related To Alarm

Alarm going off

Hearing an alarm going off in a dream indicates a sense of urgency or a feeling of being triggered in your waking life. The clock and hearing the alarm is a sign to pay attention to the passage of time and deadlines in your life. The situation could be related to your home or personal life. In some cases, it also indicates that something in your life needs to change or that you need to take action on a particular situation. Overall, the dream suggests that you should be more aware of the important aspects of your life such as friends and family, and not ignore warning signs that may arise.

Fire alarm

To hear a fire alarm in a dream signifies deceit and looming conflicts. You might soon find yourself in a triggering situation while being involved in several issues with a person you thought of as a friend. The smoke in this vision also represents something pulling you down from reaching your goals. Perhaps your mind is preoccupied with many things, and having this dream is a warning that you should not ignore. It is time to face your adversities in the real world if you wish to move ahead and take the path to success.