Dreams Related To Airport

Ex-boyfriend at the airport

I dreamt I was at the airport where my ex was dressed in his marines uniform with his friends waiting to board a plane.

Dreams about seeing someone waiting to board a plane could be indicative of issues and troubles soon appearing in your waking life. It could also predict becoming very busy with your duties and responsibilities because of an unexpected turn of events. At the same time, seeing your ex wearing marine's uniform could be symbolic of your current or future efforts to use the knowledge and experience from the past in order to solve existing or upcoming issues as clothing of this kind envisioned in a dream usually represents wisdom and truth.

Unfamiliar airport

Seeing yourself in an unfamiliar airport tells you that you are about to be acquainted with new people, who may be from a different part of the world or from a different culture. They will make life more interesting for you through the new learning experience you will acquire from these people.

Meeting someone at an airport

Encountering someone at an airport or warmly greeting someone in the arrival area of a dream signifies that you are on the brink of receiving unexpected and potentially significant news or information. This dream suggests that a surprising development is on the horizon, one that could have an impact on your life or perspective. It's a reminder to stay open and receptive to new opportunities or changes that might be coming your way. Just as an airport is a place of arrivals and departures, this dream highlights a sense of transition and anticipation, encouraging you to be prepared for the unexpected twists and turns that life may bring.

Airport building

Seeing an airport building means that you will soon have a very hectic schedule, juggling several events and responsibilities all at once. This will challenge you to be wiser in managing your time in order to catch on with things you need to be done.

Departing from an airport

Departing from an airport is an indication of enjoyment and excitement in life. You will find new adventures and experiences which will enrich your life. They may not be all positive or exciting, but they will be more than worth your time because you will gain new knowledge from this experience while enjoying it to the fullest.

Being late to get to airport

Dreaming of being late to get to the airport or being late for your flight shows that you are having a hard time fitting in with your circle of friends. The kind of lifestyle that they have may not agree with your own values or priorities in life. Now maybe the time to evaluate if it's worth it to sacrifice your unique qualities for them or solve this issue some other way.

Watching airtraffic from inside airport

Watching air traffic from inside the airport tells you that you are being naive in your dealings with other people. You tend to trust too easily and this may put you in a harmful situation. Try to be more careful and discerning before trusting people, especially those you just met.

Working at an airport

Dreaming that you are working at an airport tells you that you are focusing too much of your time solely on worldly possessions. You are neglecting your spiritual needs and personal growth in the process and this may not be good for you. Your life may become meaningless and empty, and in the end you might lose your drive to pursue higher aspirations.

Leaving an airport in a luxury car

Gender female. Dream: I am in a plane which is at the airport. A girl (my assistant or secretary or someone... not sure) informs me that I have to go somewhere (don't remember where). Next thing I remember is that I sat in a chauffeur-driven Mercedes and left. I am enjoying the interiors of the car and the same girl (with me on plane) is saying something which I am not listening to. Then I wake up.

This dream reveals your ambitious nature. The airplane alludes to the kind of heights of success you wan to reach. Having an assistant in the dream is a kind of wish fulfillment of being able to attain a position of power. Going somewhere hints at going places in the real world: places of privilege, power and high-flying ambitions. Similarly, the Mercedes dream sequence further solidifies your optimism to become successful and self-confident. You are focusing on your career goals and that looks to be your main priority at the moment.