Dreams Related To Airplane crash

Going through an airplane crash

To see yourself being present inside the plane when it is going down indicates lurking suicidal thoughts or possible suicidal tendencies and could also mean your subconsciousness can host thoughts of committing homicide.

A plane crashing but undamaged

Hi. I dreamed a big and white plane crashed into a calm sea but was standing slightly below the sea and didn't sink to the end of it. Also it looked undamaged.

Witnessing or seeing an airplane crash without scenes of horrible catastrophic consequences in a dream conveys a favorable message. It means that you would be able to adequately execute your tasks or implement your plans without relying too much on the help of others. Convincing peers and colleagues to support your endeavors may just take up precious time and effort that you could otherwise use to polish your strategies. Even if the result is not altogether satisfactory, the calm sea suggests you would still land on you feet. The whole experience would in fact make you better and wiser.

Trying to find mother after an airplane crash

I was on holiday with my mum to which we were in a hotel when airplanes started spiraling out of control in all sorts of directions. I'm a going off left, right and center. I unfortunately lost my mum. Was running around mad trying to find her or somewhere safe. Found a lovely lady near a churchyard who took me in and let me stay. The son was a weed smoker. I then ventured off to find mum to find my best friend. I kept returning to the hotel but no luck finding my mum.

Witnessing planes go awry whilst vacationing in a hotel likely reveals the negative repercussions of lofty dreams and ideals. You could be reaching too high with impractical and unattainable aspirations leaving a lot of room for errors and miscalculations. Losing your mum in the midst of the chaos portends a period of isolation and distress. You would likely be left alone to fend for yourself and tend to your bruised ego. The churchyard is your salvation in the dream which is a metaphor for your core values and beliefs. In going back to your stripped-down self through introspection, you would likely find your balance once more.

Remains of an airplane crash

Finding yourself in the aftermath of an airplane crash means that you should single-handedly complete your tasks without relying much on others because their help will most likely be counterproductive.

Fear or anticipation over the immediate airplane crash

Dreaming of witnessing an airplane crash may symbolize a fear or anxiety about your current situation. It suggests a need to remain vigilant and maintain control over your circumstances to successfully navigate challenges. The dream could reflect concerns about potential setbacks or failures in your endeavors. It emphasizes the importance of staying focused and proactive to prevent negative outcomes.