Dreams Related To Aircraft

An aircraft in the sky

Seeing an aircraft flying across the sky, such as a military aircraft going to a battle or a passenger plane carrying on a domestic flight, mean a fateful event or encounter would soon occur which would have a big impact on your future. This significant moment can be either good or bad. Other symbols in the same dream can provide more specific dream interpretations. For example, an aircraft meant for military purposes means you are going to experience an uphill battle after a devastating failure.

Flying in an aircraft

Dreaming that you are a passenger of an aircraft, going on a vacation or a work-related trip, reveals your tendency to overlook precious moments or important details. This is due to your intense focus on your future, your career and your life goals. Unfortunately, these fleeting moments may be what you would miss or long for once you do achieve success. You would look back in regret for neglecting to savor or enjoy the little things and seemingly insignificant time you spend with important people in your life.

If you have never flown in an aircraft before, then this dream symbol can be indicative of your desire to overcome a phobia. It does not have to be about a fear of flying, but it is certainly something that seems daunting and scary. This irrational fear could be starting to impede your personal growth, so you would start actively seeking ways to conquer it. If you felt calm in the dream, then you would emerge triumphant in your goal of getting over your phobia.

Being a pilot of an aircraft

Envisioning yourself as the pilot of an aircraft, whether it is a commercial plane or a military aircraft, means you are a natural born leader. You do not hesitate to step up when the situation calls for it and you are not afraid of taking charge of tough projects or complicated issues. Pretty soon you would encounter a very contentious issue which would drag your good name. This is when your resolve to be accountable and responsible for the consequences of your decisions would come out. It would be a very stressful period, but one which would give you the opportunity to gain the respect of your colleagues and bosses.

Avoiding crashing an aircraft

Struggling to maneuver an aircraft and trying to avoid a crash reveals grand ambitions and big plans. Unfortunately, the difficulty of keeping the aircraft from crashing mirrors your real-world struggles in making your dreams materialize. There would be a lot of missed opportunities, failed attempts and unexpected turns which would test your grit and determination to succeed. If you were able to keep the aircraft from crashing, then you would be able to overcome all the trias. However, if it ended in a crash, then you are headed towards failure.

Owning an aircraft

Being the owner of an aircraft, perhaps because you envision yourself as a powerful mogul or millionaire, suggests once-in-a-lifetime opportunities would start pouring in as good luck shines its light on you. Grabbing great opportunities and making the most of the good fortune would allow you to significantly increase your personal wealth and gain the respect of your industry peers and contemporaries. If you make wise decisions and persevere, you can even retire early with the freedom to pursue your passions in the future.

An aircraft falling from the sky

Dreaming that an aircraft fell or is falling from the sky, maybe because it collided with another aircraft or there was an engine failure, suggests some external forces and negative energy around you are creating problems in your life. Certain problematic colleagues, family members or friends may inadvertently, or even deliberately, sabotage your chances at succeeding. The motivations may vary from envy to selfish interests. The negative influence may also be an environmental issue or political problem which would make you one of the casualty of this external context that you are living in.

A hang-glider as an aircraft

Envisioning a hang-glider in your dreams, being used for leisure or a training session, can be an indication of stress and over work. Specifically, visions of seeing this hang-glider means you are going to encounter difficulties in your current tasks or activities. In this case, the structure of the aircraft reflects the apprehension and vulnerability you would feel while trying to navigate the obstacles. If you were flying the aircraft, then you would experience bouts of emotional turmoil, perhaps bad moods or even depression because you are juggling a lot of responsibilities.

A low flying aircraft

The presence of a low flying aircraft, as it randomly zips through the sky overhead or as part of a dream scenario involving tactical planes in battle, implies getting into a dangerous situation in reality. Much as you try to prevent this tragedy from happening, it would be out of your control. All you can do is deal with the repercussions. On the other hand, if you are getting married, this dream symbol points to the possibility that your wedding may not happen due to unforeseen circumstances.

A trace in the sky from an aircraft

A trace in the sky formed by a passing aircraft, like a contrail that forms from the aircraft's engine exhaust or because of changes in air pressure, points to the possibility that you would lose something you love or treasure. It could also be a person you care about. For example, you could be forced to sell a collection in order to settle a debt or purchase an immediate need. It is also possible that you and your romantic partner would fall out of love or be separated because of your inability to resolve conflicts.

An empty aircraft

An empty aircraft, one that is undergoing maintenance or after the crew and passengers have deplaned, means you may become disappointed in someone. This could be a teammate who would not perform their responsibilities and derail a project, or it could be a loved one who would commit a grievous error. It is also possible that you are holding a grudge against someone and this is creating psychological turmoil. Your anger is just building up inside you and is likely sucking out some of the joy and warmth you used to possess.

An aircraft landing on the water

Witnessing an aircraft landing on water, whether as an emergency landing procedure or because it is a seaplane, means you are inching closer to a whole new life or a different path. This shift in your life choices would occur because of your decision to break away from toxic relationships or let go of bad habits that are holding you back. In addition, being the pilot of this aircraft suggests embarking on a trip or a journey you have been planning to take for a while now. Circumstances are finally going to come together, allowing you to fulfill this goal.

A long flight in an aircraft

Envisioning yourself on a long-haul flight, going to a vacation destination or with no particular route in your dream vision, is an allusion to a long and complicated project which would take up a lot of your time. You may have no choice but to take on this project, either because no one is interested or you are the only one with the skills to implement it. Unfortunately, because of your lack of choice on the matter, this would bring you no joy or satisfaction even if you successfully complete it.

Unable to control a big aircraft

B-52 copilot, wearing no boots, wearing six layers of flight gloves on the right hand, took off between very narrow buildings on either side of the runway, hurried takeoff because of gunshots fired as president Bush #2 got out of his car which was in the driveway of the house we rented. When airborne, I could not control the plane. Big planes like the B-52 should be VERY stable, like driving a bus! The controls were oversized. I was like a small child sitting behind the wheel.

When you dream about flying an airplane, it could mean that you are trying to pursue dreams which you have cherished for a long time now and are ready to take the next step in starting to accomplish them. However, since you describe your flying as chaotic, it could mean you may have difficult time adapting to the circumstances and that you may not be as well-prepared as you thought you were in order to pursue your heart's desires. You may need to exert more effort before undertaking tasks or projects which could turn risky for your overall stability and well-being.

Ascending while inside an aircraft

Dreaming that you are ascending while you are inside an aircraft, especially if the aircraft is ascending slowly, is just an illustration of your day-to-day activities. You would likely establish a routine as you fall into a regular rhythm of duties and responsibilities, both in your job as well as your personal commitments, as you become more comfortable with your environment and the people who interact with you on a daily basis. If you were feeling fear or apprehension in your dream vision, then something could disrupt your routine.

An aircraft on the ground

Spotting an aircraft on the ground, maybe after it has just landed or at a terminal in your dream vision, means you are surrounded by unassertive or shy personalities who are keeping you from fully realizing your plans or achieving more in your line of work. These could be your colleagues or members of your team tasked with people-oriented or marketing-related work, but their introversion prevents them from representing you and your brand with the kind of passion and energy you need to push your business further.

Aircrafts on the ground

Envisioning yourself surrounded by aircrafts on the ground, like a hangar or a junkyard of old and decommissioned aircrafts, symbolizes prosperity. All the aircrafts around you are the projects, ventures and other sources of income that would significantly increase you wealth. Some of them may already be in place, while others could materialize over the years. This is especially true if the planes look well-maintained. However, if they look old and rusty, then it means you may be neglecting your duties or some of your plans may not take off.

Crashing an aircraft

Crashing an aircraft which you are flying, such as crash landing in the wilderness or on water, refers to your low self-esteem. This may become your personal crutch as you try and fail to successfully manage a team, complete a project or accomplish your goals. Your belief in your skills and capabilities would once again be tested by a new assignment. You could either improve your knowledge and adapt along the way or your insecurity could take over and sabotage your chances at success.

An aircraft taking off

Watching an aircraft taking off, from a distance or from inside the aircraft, suggests an exciting project would soon fall on your lap. This would propel you into new experiences and bring out a lot of different emotions. If you happen to be the pilot of the aircraft in your dream, it means you could be thrown into a nostalgic trip possibly triggered by the appearance of people from your past. You would reminisce old memories, both good and bad, which may help you map out your plans for the future.

Causing an aircraft crash

If you are the reason for the crash of an aircraft, because you caused a commotion inside the plane or you deliberately sabotaged the flight, then someone in your social circle would express romantic interest in you. There could be little gestures, such as giving gifts or being available whenever you need them. It is also highly likely that this individual would finally work up the courage to confess their affection for you. Whether you share the same romantic feelings or not would be up to you once you learn this person's identity.

Being late for a flight on an aircraft

Being late for an aircraft's take off or flight, because of sleeping in or being delayed by a traffic jam, reveals your internal fear of change. You could be expecting certain upheavals or adjustments to your current existence and the thought of being thrust into a whole new situation is giving you a lot of anxiety and apprehension. If you are the pilot and you are late for the flight, then it means you are scared of taking on a bigger responsibility because you think you are ill-prepared or inexperienced.

Recurring dreams about an aircraft

Recurring dreams about an aircraft, whether you are seeing it from afar or piloting one yourself, mean you are going to find yourself in peril. Over the coming days and weeks, external events and issues combined with your own bad decisions would pile up. The result of these unfortunate variables in your existence would ultimately have detrimental effects on your well-being, it could even be fatal if you are not careful. Ultimately, your subconscious is trying to warn you of the inevitable negative consequences of your bad choices.

Wanting to buy an aircraft

Dreaming that you want to buy an aircraft, doing your research or scouting planes, means an irrational decision or action could cause irreparable damage to your life. In a moment of weakness, you are bound to commit a careless act which would give you a lot of problems and difficulties. This could happen when you are stressed out or exhausted so that you would not be able to think about the ramifications of your behavior. Unfortunately, once it is done, there is no way to undo it.

Being a single pilot of an aircraft

Single-handedly piloting an aircraft, in order to get to an uninhabited island or somewhere within your homeland, is a sign of your uncanny ability to attract the opposite sex. Your enviable success in the dating world or anything related to romance could already be happening or it may develop soon after you undergo a personal transformation. This transformation may be less physical and more of a boost in confidence. Maybe you would achieve something that would make you appealing or admirable in the eyes of others.

Looking down from the aircraft window

As a passenger, looking down from the aircraft window and looking at the landscape below means you are not paying enough attention to the people around you. You could be too preoccupied with work or other personal projects that you would end up neglecting certain friends or loved ones. Unfortunately, they could get fed up by your lack of affection or disinterest. Pretty soon they would distance themselves, if not completely cut you off their lives because they are not getting what they need or want from you.

Being a member of an aircraft crew

Envisioning yourself as a member of the aircraft's crew, such as a flight attendant or a co-captain, is an indication of your determination and perseverance. You will not immediately achieve the level of success you want. You may even have to start at the bottom, but eventually you would climb your way up to the status or position you have been aiming for. With enough focus, confidence and hard work, your dreams will be realized. You just need to have patience and believe in your capabilities.

Using an aircraft for traveling

If you are using an aircraft such as a helicopter as part of your transport or travels in your dream vision, especially if you are going to a faraway destination using different modes of transport, it means you are reaching too high when it comes to your goals. Overreaching would keep you from plotting out a realistic timeline, and so you would just end up feeling frustrated. Instead of setting your goals too high, you may need to target achievable ones and then you can slowly keep building up to your ultimate dream. This allows you to get tangible results.

Recognizing aircraft passengers

Being inside an aircraft and recognizing the passengers inside, from close kin to acquaintances, means you are in some way or another responsible for them in terms of their well-being or in conjunction with your work. This is especially true if you are the pilot of the aircraft. If not, then it means you need to work together to advance your goals. In addition, if you are a skilled pilot in the dream, then you are likely very responsible and in control in reality. Otherwise, you would need to take more accountability and perform better or you could risk disappointing all those people.

A military aircraft and gunfire

Running through a field of green, a military aircraft carrier passing overhead with the target human on board, out the back, out the aircraft being restrained by a soldier as the aircraft is passing by a hail of gunfire is ongoing, and I observe the plane vector right and the target human is dropped to the groundbreaking through a concealed entrance in the ground. I move to investigate the drop zone area and find myself in an underground room, the guardian is with me locking the door containing the target.

Warplanes in dreams symbolically represent happiness and prosperity, so seeing a large military aircraft could predict achieving prosperity through aggressive action. This is followed by the sounds and imagery of gunfire, which is often thought to foretell the passing of a family member or loved one. These signs together show a mixed basket, signifying times of happiness accompanied by loss. Investigating the drop zone area at the end of the vision and being locked up could represent sadness trapped deep within you. You might feel that there is no reason to be unhappy with your life and so are unwilling to share those feelings with others. However, good financial standing does not mitigate the loss felt when someone passes on. Therefore, it would be wise to let those feelings out, so that you can heal and move on.