Dreams Related To Air

Someone blowing air on my face

So I was sleeping and all of a sudden I felt like someone blew on my face, the air was strong because it woke me up from my sleep with the need to look for my next breath.

Feeling that someone has blown air onto your face suggests there is a relationship in your life that is not quite ideal. Perhaps it has yet to reach the point where it becomes mutually beneficial, or maybe the usefulness of this connection has long since run its course. In either case, searching for breath when you awoke could mean you would need to make a decision regarding this individual soon, that is, whether to continue seeing them or whether to cut them out of your life for good.

Swimming in the air

I jumped in the air and started swimming.

Swimming in the dream world generally alludes to exploring your emotions and the subconscious mind. On the other hand, air suggests imagination and creativity. Hence, swimming mid-air or navigating this space above land portends a period of creativity and innovation. You may be able to come up with ingenious ideas and out-of-the-box solutions to your problems. You would also experience a boost in your confidence, so take full advantage of this auspicious time to implement your ideas seamlessly.

Being lifted up in the air

Getting lifted into the air depicts a passionate yet turbulent relationship. You will fall head over heels in love, but this toxic relationship will cause a lot of complications. Even though you know it is not good for you, the intensity of your feelings will make it hard for you to let go. In dream analysis, wind or air can also signify uncertainty. To be swept away is a metaphor for instability. You could find yourself in between jobs or unable to pay your rent, so you do not know where your life will lead you.

Floating in air

To float in the air or levitate means you probably lack direction. You are either just going with the flow or you have trouble finding opportunities within your interests. Unlike flying, which implies will and direction, floating suggests passivity. In Islamic dream analysis, floating can mean bad luck for the dreamer. Since you do not have a clear purpose and nothing is tethering you to the ground, your life is more likely to go downhill. It is possible that your subconscious is encouraging you to be more proactive to attract more positive energies into your life.

Breathing cold air

Breathing in cold air or feeling the cool air brushing your skin, like from air conditioning or the natural coolness of air during winter, means you would soon be dealing with problems in your personal life. An issue may erupt between you and your significant other or you could have a misunderstanding with a family member. In a way, the cold air symbolizes the loss of warmth in your interactions with the person you would quarrel with. It also means that you would sorely miss your usual happy banters and natural closeness.

Warm air

Warm air as a dream symbol, like the spring and summer breeze or tropical air, has an auspicious interpretation. It means you are entering a period of peace and abundance. Things are finally going to calm down with your problems slowly melting away. Alongside this calm and harmonious phase would be a chance for you to shine and fulfill your goals with much success and satisfaction. Since there are no distractions to deter you from achieving your targets, you can dream big and pursue your passions.

Breathing air underwater

The ability to breathe air underwater, perhaps as you envision yourself as an aquatic creature or by some magical properties, suggests a similar miraculous occurrence in the real world when it comes to your financial standing. You could become involved in a highly complex deal, situation or scheme. While this may seem futile, you would ultimately be able to profit or benefit from the whole ordeal. Perhaps you get to find a resolution to this conundrum or you would be able to find a loophole from which you can gain a lot.

Air in general

The presence of air in dreams, whether you are breathing it in or feeling it circulating in the room, generally reflects your current physical and psychological state. Often this means things are not ideal or something has not reached your expectations. Maybe your job is not fulfilling or your relationship has gone stale. The same dream symbol can also mean that things are more or less going to be in this lukewarm state for the foreseeable future, so be prepared to summon up a lot of patience.

On the other hand, air as a dream symbol can also be interpreted in a positive light. This could likely be an opportunity for you to use your creativity and resourcefulness in order to get yourself out of this rut. Perhaps all it takes is a bit of imagination for you to add a little spice in your life or make some progress in projects or undertakings that may have stalled.

Clean mountain air

Breathing in the clean mountain air, as you are going on a hike or an excursion in your dream vision, means getting the recognition you deserve. Your high quality work and consistent performance would not only be noticed by your superiors, they would likely also reward you for your excellence. On the other hand, if you are currently looking for a job, then this dream symbol suggests that you would finally become employed. It may not be the job of your dreams, but it would certainly provide the financial stability you need.

If breathing in the mountain air makes you feel dizzy, then it means you may not be able to handle additional tasks and responsibilities at work. Perhaps you lack the training and experience to perform at this level. In addition, if the mountain air is cold, then you would undoubtedly be able to acclimatize and overcome the initial challenges using your strong will and determination. If the air is warm, then it means you would have no trouble easing into your new job or your new position at work.

Fluctuating air

Feeling fluctuating air in your dream vision, like the varying intensity of air during a storm, suggests possible ailments. You could become ill from a weakened immune system as a result of being overworked. Perhaps you are feeling a lot of stress from a particularly complicated task or project. Alternatively, the illness could affect a loved one, perhaps your significant other or a close friend. As such, the fluctuating air actually refers to a change in routines because of an unexpected health issue that would require recovery time.

Swirling air

Swirling and restless air in dream visions, like in a windy place or as a result of fans moving the air around you, points to big changes and unexpected events that would have significant impact on your own life. The repercussions are typically negative, so prepare your mental state to be able to get through this tough period. It could be related to new policies at work or new rules in your place of residence that would cause an imbalance in your day to day. So try to keep a clear head before you do anything you may regret.

Fresh air

Fresh air in dreams, whether you are on vacation in your vision or in a sanctuary, reveals your absolute trust in your closest friends. It is possible that you have shared a lot of experiences that tested your loyalty with one another, or perhaps an upcoming incident would further strengthen your friendships. Alternatively, this symbol also points to the resolution of your current problems and issues. This may entail the help of your peers and allies which would allow you to know who your real friends are.

Air with dust particles

The presence of dust and particulates in the air, maybe inside an old and dilapidated house, means that you may be the subject of gossip within your social circle. Perhaps you have been misbehaving or have gotten involved in controversial situations and this would become the topic of conversations between your friends or among family members. Maybe someone else involved in your dealings or privy to your affairs would divulge sensitive information that would then get passed around, so be careful who you are dealing with.

Air with red hues

Air in dreams with red hues, perhaps because of rust-colored dust or reddish aerosol, means there may be armed conflicts occurring or about to happen in your neighborhood or area of residence. A lot of lives could be threatened or changed forever because of the conflicts. Although this period of unrest could also be due to other reasons, for example because of unruly residents or a big corporation interfering with the current state of affairs which would create a lot of issues and controversies.

Breathing hot air

Breathing hot and humid air in dreams, such as at a tropical beach location during summer, means someone in your social circle may have ill intentions. It is possible that this wicked individual would persuade you into getting involved in shady deals or unlawful acts. The intent of this malicious act may be to hurt or harm someone you know, likely an acquaintance or colleague, for their personal gain or purely out of spite. Thus, the hot hair is a word of caution to avoid getting entangled in other people's vicious plans.

Dizzy from fresh air

Feeling dizzy after breathing in fresh air, from a countryside location or the refreshing air of the great outdoors, denotes upcoming outdoor adventures or physical exertion. You could go out on a camping trip, hiking or engage in extreme sports with your friends which would require you to be in great physical shape in order for you to fully enjoy the activity. Perhaps you have been itching to get out of the city and recharge out in nature, or maybe you have been sedentary lately, so you would decide to get back into shape.

Dark and clouded air

A dark and clouded air, such as polluted air that has been mixed with smoke, fog or both, suggests illness or material loss. The sickness may be a physical one, like fever or flu, but it could also mean emotional sickness such as depression. This may be linked to possible financial problems or losses, maybe from too much extravagant spending. You may have to borrow money or tighten your budget if you want to avoid getting further into trouble. This would likely stress you out and make you miserable in the process.

Air that does not move

Unmoving or stagnant air, so still that you feel no movement or disturbance in the surroundings plants and trees, means you may soon experience emotional turbulence. While the specific reason may lie in other symbols in your dream vision, this could have something to do with frustrations about a lack of progress in your projects or personal goals. You may feel like fate or the world itself is working against, so you could take out your frustrations on your loved ones with your emotional outbursts.

Damp air

Damp air as a dream symbol, like the air in a dark and damp basement, could point to possible depression. Certain events or incidents may result in the loss of your motivation to chase your dreams or pursue happiness. Maybe you would start to think that happiness is such a far-off dream and likely unattainable at this point. Alternatively, your foul mood may be due to intrusive relatives or family members who may be too controlling. Their expectations and disapproval may be too much for you to handle.

Clean and clear air

Clean and pollutant-free air, similar to the air during late fall or up in the unspoiled mountains, means all your current problems and existing issues would soon be resolved. So the breathable air reflects your own sense of relief after all the troubles are behind you. Maybe you would need help in the form of allies to find an excellent solution to work-related problems or even concerns in your personal life. If you and your significant other have been experiencing conflict, then peace and harmony would be restored soon enough.

Breathing dusty air

Breathing dusty air in a dream, maybe as you are cleaning your room or after a sandstorm, implies that you are a poor judge of character. This lack of intuition when it comes to forming impressions about people means you may tend to befriend the wrong sorts of individuals or surround yourself with duplicitous characters. Perhaps you prefer to see the good in people or you are easily charmed. Unfortunately, this could backfire and would likely reflect badly on you if you continue to associate yourself with the wrong crowd.

Being suspended in the air

Finding yourself suspended in the air, maybe floating mid-air like levitating or hovering over a steep cliff, suggests upcoming success or accomplishment. The heady feeling of being suspended several feet above ground is a reflection of the euphoria that would wash over you as you win a competition, complete an arduous task or get recognized for your professional work. You may have been feeling useless or underappreciated, but this dream symbol means your time to shine is upon you.

Gasping for air

Gasping for air, perhaps when someone is choking you or as you reach the surface after holding your breath underwater, is an indication of your desire to meet and mingle with interesting individuals or fresh faces. Your current group of friends and usual interactions may be becoming too predictable and boring for you, so you want to find ways to join other activities and meet new people. It is highly likely that you would meet a fun individual who would share a lot of your interests if you decide to put yourself out there.

Not enough air

Dreaming of not having enough air, perhaps because you are in an enclosed space, implies a craving for social interaction. Maybe you have willingly or inadvertently isolated yourself from others and you are now feeling lonely. This desire to interact with people again means going to parties and maybe even seeking out events where you would likely meet new friends. In addition, if you are also having difficulty breathing in air, then this could point to a creative block or your inability to find inspiration which is negatively affecting your work.

Air with light blue hues

Air with blue hues, maybe when just some parts of the atmosphere are visibly blue or tinted, refers to the possibility that you would soon become wealthy or at least better off financially than you are right now. Maybe you would just become more dedicated in improving your craft or you would be given a financially rewarding opportunity. Meanwhile, farmers who dream of this symbol would be blessed with a plentiful harvest that would give them a bit of breathing room financially. This luck and blessing may even last longer than you would expect.

Being pulled up in the air

Being pulled up in the air by an unseen force is a highly religious symbol to perceive while dreaming. It portends accomplishing something important or valuable in the near future, despite your own self-doubts or the criticism of others. In a sense, this vision represents a higher power helping you achieve greatness because you deserve to have your dreams become a reality. This would lift a weight from your shoulders and bring you much satisfaction.

Feeling the air blown through straws

I dreamt of sitting at a table in a bar-type environment and someone on my left and another on my right were blowing air through straws, but I could actually feel the air as if they were actually present. It woke me up and my heart was racing.

Being in a bar or pub in the dream world is usually a negative symbol associated with rejection. You may be feeling alienated at work or even at home and you are seeking some sort of validation in the waking world. This mounting stress may also be associated with the air being blown in your direction representing pressure. You may be facing close scrutiny in the workplace and you just want to escape the constant supervision even just for a little while.

Being thrown up in the air

Envisioning yourself getting thrown or pulled up into the air could be symbolism for suppressing emotions. You may be feeling overwhelmed recently, but you do not want to appear weak. Perhaps people rely on you to be steadfast and level-headed at work or in your household, hence you had to learn to appear stoic even when in distress. This could also be a reminder from your subconscious to take time for your well-being. Things might become hectic soon, so it helps to carve out some space for self-care. After all, you cannot take care of others if you are not fully healthy in mind and body.