Dreams Related To Agent

A real estate agent who is dead

I met a young man during real estate sale. He was young, in love, very happy and nice. Later I was taking a photo of the house he bought from me to show how nice it looked. Then I was leaving, he was in his car, he seemed confused, as he was driving, turning around a lot. Then I was with a friend, she said did I hear that man died. I said, he was such a good soul, can't believe, I just saw him. This young man was gay, and they were both exceptionally outgoing and nice. I only briefly met them.

The death of the young man in your dream, although tragic, signals your own success. This interpretation is appropriate in the context of your dream since you were not hostile or antagonistic towards him. This is also connected to your behavior in reality in which acting respectfully towards different types of people will attract good karma. In addition, selling the house to him means you are underestimating your own skills. If you only block out naysayers and trust in your instincts, you will start to thrive even more in your chosen field. Finally, the man's confusion while driving is a reflection of the current confusion and uncertainty in the real world. You feel like there is so much injustice happening that even good people suffer meaningless deaths.

Agent as a representative

When you dream of an agent as a representative of a company or organization, then it's a warning that unexpected problems will occur to make unfortunate events happen in your life.

Meeting with an agent

Meeting with an agent of a business or some company that is promising to help you means you are trying to involve unnecessary people in handling your problems.

Working as an agent

If you work as an agent of a company or organization, then you are about to experience a very uncomfortable phase in your life where things are unpredictable and constantly changing.

Insurance agent

To dream of an insurance agent means you will be offered opportunities that will foster positive transitions in your everyday life and success in your current endeavors.