Dreams Related To Agate

Glistening agate stone

A glistening agate stone in your dream is a symbol of taking part in a wedding as a guest or soon having your own wedding.

Agate as part of large jewelry

An agate as a part of a larger piece of jewelry means you are about to experience an unexpected decline in your health for a short period of time.

Agate as a jewel

If you see agate or any other black colored jewel stone, then it is a sign that you need to pay closer attention to exploring your extraordinary abilities.

Chances are you have a talent to be clairvoyant or have psychic powers, or maybe you can heal people by adjusting their biofields. This stone can also mean upcoming travel on land, can also portend sadness and happiness. For businessmen, a move up the career ladder is possible, but it's not a big step you were always dreaming of.

Agate in male ring

Dreaming of seeing the jewel agate in a male ring portends that you will be facing huge dilemmas in your life soon in areas that were once comfortable.

Purchasing agate

To purchase a piece of agate jewelry could mean that you are about to embark on a long trip for business or personal reasons that will have some suprising events.

Agate in female ring

A woman dreaming of an agate ring could suggest the forthcoming of engagement or a proposition that will lead to marriage. For childless women this could mean the bearing of a child.