Dreams Related To Africa

Being convinced to travel to Africa

I saw myself finishing up a project and a tall dark and handsome man suddenly was standing behind me. The idea of traveling and working together became a notion, and as I was beginning to awaken from REM sleep this morning, the idea of going to Africa on a project became a subject between us. There was a German Shepherd dog that I had befriended while finishing my project and the dog was in the scenery with me in the dream.

Plans of travels unraveling in the dream world are likely a reflection of your desire for a change of pace and new experiences. In that sense, the man represents fresh perspectives and innovative ideas for your upcoming projects. You are fully prepared to step out of your comfort zone. And because a German Shepherd dog is often associated with loyalty and protection, you may have someone in your life right now, whether a colleague or a partner, who has always been reliable and a source of comfort. This person would support you in exploring new opportunities and expanding your worldview.

Africa as a place

Dreaming of Africa as a place or a destination in your dream means that you will be wasting your time in a travel. This journey will not be helpful to you in anyway, it will only bring you boredom or repetitiveness.

Astonished by Africa

Being astonished or amazed by the beauty of Africa and its culture signifies that you have hidden talents and skills that are yet to be tapped. You will be surprised by these gifts and they will manifest themselves when you engage in business or the arts.

Hot climate in Africa

Experiencing the hot climate in Africa tells you of excitement in your sexual life. You will experience some spark in your intimate life. It can also refer to making futile efforts to improve your spiritual side and working hard for it but not making any progress at all.