Dreams Related To Affair

Having an affair

Having an affair during the course of a dream vision does not have a negative reflection on your loyalty or love for your partner. Rather, it is symbolic of having an unfulfilled desire or unaccomplished goal. You could have been reminded of your lack of progress recently, or this vision itself may be a message from your subconscious to get back to work and make your dreams a reality.

An affair with a married man

In my dream, I was having an affair with a married acquaintance of mine. When he ejaculated, it had the appearance and consistency of a hand sanitizer and I believe I was upset that he came.

Dreaming of committing adultery or having an affair with a married man alludes to your yearning to be desirable as well as a constant search for sexual satisfaction. On the other hand, this could be an allusion to the guilt and shame you harbor for being tempted into similar situations. If you are presently involved in illicit activities, this may be your subconscious confronting you with your indiscretions, so that your awareness may help you steer clear of sensitive situations which could get you into more trouble.

In-laws having a sexual affair

My sister and my brother in laws having a sex affair.

Dreaming about sexual scenes between your close relatives has negative connotations. It could be a forewarning about some upcoming unpleasant events. You could become involved in a conflictual, dramatic or hazardous situation which might have disastrous consequences. Their successful resolution would demand your utmost dedication, concentration, energy and time. These unexpected circumstances would not necessarily be sex-related. However, they would probably have relational and social repercussions. For example, someone could commit some socially unacceptable act. Furthermore, they would probably affect people that are close to you, even maybe those that appeared in this dream.

Deceased husband having a secret affair

My dream was about my late husband married to my cousin's fiancé, we were still married but in a dream he had disappeared for days and I found a ring in his jeans pocket. That's when I discovered he had a secret affair, but was still trying to hide it from me.

Seeing your deceased husband having an affair symbolizes poor social behavior on your part as well as unfulfilled desires or goals that you have yet to achieve. Coming across a ring is symbolic of an unending circle, a circle of events and problems which may still be remaining unsolved or taken care of. You might need to take a step back and see if you are making people around you uncomfortable with your behavior. Re-examine the ways you go around in trying to accomplish your goals.