Dreams Related To Activities

Trying to drown something

Trying to drown something or dreaming that you are trying to eradicate something by drowning refers to having an extremely emotional experience that could happen in your life. You might undergo some kind of depression due to something unexpected that will transpire in your life in the near future. Maybe a loved one will be ill, your partner will leave you or a friend might betray you. Whatever the cause may be, try to be more positive when the going gets tough. Try to drown your sadness with more positive things like the image suggests.

Building a ship

Dreaming about seeing yourself in the role of a ship builder could reveal a leadership position. In particular, you could be starting up a social event, social organization or social project. As such, you would be its founder and leader. You would be in charge of managing it and of making the most important decisions.

Repairing a ship

Dreaming about trying to repair a wrecked ship could be a symbol of persistence. Because of this personal quality, you will be able to deal with every hindrance that appearing in your life or affecting your plans and projects. You would not give up until all the problems were solved. This could further translate your ability to successfully advance faster compared to others in what is relevant to your projects, activities or businesses.

Many people building a ship

A dream about seeing a large number of people building a ship could translate some upcoming participation in a collective endeavor. You could soon start working alongside other people. You would try to conjointly solve some difficult issues or serious problems which would concern or be related to you all. Most likely, you would succeed united.

Building a boat

Dreaming about building a boat could be a gloomy sign. You may be going through a period during which you might be preoccupied with dark thoughts, feelings or intentions. You have the temptation and sometime act mischievously, aggressively, destructively or even demoniacally towards others and yourself. You seem to be unable to control these tendencies.

Dreaming that you are a spectator or participant of some snow-related game or activities indicates a period of rest and recreation. You would soon take a break from the daily grind and embark on a pleasurable trip to your favorite destination, where you could do whatever you want albeit for a short period of time.

Using scuba diving gear

Using scuba diving gear in a dream reveals looming troubles surfacing in your life or it can mean you are getting ready to become an undesired employee to your boss.

Scuba diving gear near water

If you see scuba diving gear that is lying on the sand near a body of water as if it hasn't been used, then it could be a sign that you are getting ready to suffer losses or experience negative circumstances in your life.

Seeing yourself in scuba gear

Seeing yourself in scuba gear in a dream is a sure warning that you will be the subject of much ridicule and debate among prominent gossiping social circles.

Alphabet in reverse order

To see the alphabet in reverse order is a warning that you may be wasting too much time multitasking with no tangible results. For example, if you were to apply to several jobs at one time, your misfortune would dictate that you would be rejected by all the positions you applied for.

Reading alphabet with someone

To read the alphabet with someone in a dream is an omen that a time period of consistent negativity is approaching that will make it unwise to start a new business or personal pursuit while it is occurring.

Alphabet being read aloud

To hear someone reading the alphabet aloud means you will be surprised with information that will come from a distant location the form of a letter, news, or announcement.

Spelling out the alphabet

To spell out the alphabet in a dream is a sign that any goals or projects you choose to accomplish at this moment are destined to be successful or it could mean you can expect a lot of happiness coming your way very soon.

Mixed letters of the alphabet

To dream with the letters of the alphabet being arranged in a random order is a sign that your life may be unstable and you need to take action to bring stability into your life.

Unfamiliar letters in alphabet

To recognize unfamiliar letters in an alphabet is a sign of looming complications when trying to complete certain actions, projects, or activities. These complications will require you to make additional efforts to complete the actions, projects, or activities.

Ordered letters of alphabet

To dream of seeing the ordered letters of the alphabet suggests you will experience ultimate success in completing some kind of project or activity that requires you to use critical thinking skills.

Dictating address to be copied

To dictate an address to be written down could mean that you will have a meeting with a person or group of people that will involve much discussion with very little fruitful results.

Looking for a lost address

Dreaming that you had to look for a lost address that you know you wrote down somewhere but is hard to find at the moment portends of spending some considerable amount of time - most likely wasted time - pursuing a new project or activity.

Searching for location using address

If you see yourself in an environment where you have the need to inquire about the location of a place using its address, then it could be a sign that you are getting ready to experience a new phase in your life that will bring about significant changes in your lifestyle.

Writing address on envelope

To write an address on an envelope in a dream could mean you will either meet a new friend, meet a new person to develop a personal relationship with, or step into a new phase in your existing personal relationship.

Someone getting address written

To see someone getting an address written on a piece of paper is a warning that you may encounter an incident where people will try to deceive you or you will receive information you'd rather not hear about.

Searching someone by address

To search for someone by address is a sign that you are performing activities or accomplishing smaller goals that are allowing you to progress significantly closer to realizing a big goal or dream that you have been thinking about for a very long time.

Handling unfamiliar automobile part

Handling an unfamiliar automobile part is a warning to thoroughly prepare to defend yourself against an onslaught of criticism about your means of solving a problem.

Struggling to close the trunk of an automobile

Finding it impossible to close the trunk of your automobile warns that you are too extravagant on unnecessary or useless things. Before it is too late, you must pause and re-evaluate your spending habits.

Purchasing automobile parts

Purchase of automobile parts means you accept more from your life than what the world has to offer you. Be advised to slow your pace or risk losing all that you have achieved thus far.

Changing the finish (color) of an automobile

Repainting your automobile is a sign of unexpected fortune or physical assets you will be in possession of.

Manipulating various automobile controls

Playing around with the controls of your automobile is a tell-tale sign of unforeseen losses that may come in forms of minor injuries or illness.

Purchasing an automobile

To purchase an automobile means to restore a good reputation you once was accustomed to and to receive the respect and favor that comes with it.

Selling your automobile

Having a dream of you selling your precious automobile is a bad omen about undesirable changes coming to your life that will catch you off-guard.

Signing autographs

If you see yourself signing autographs it means you are overconfident about your abilities and you need to seriously reevaluate your strengths and weaknesses before attempting to achieve new goals you have set for yourself.

Getting an autograph from a celebrity

To ask for an autograph from a celebrity is a suggestion that you doubt your competence in handling responsibilities, and this fear of handling responsibility leads you to delegate serious and challenging tasks to others.

People getting your autographs

Dreaming of celebrity status and having people ask for your autographs signifies a pompousness that makes you neglect and fail to appreciate the simple things in life happening around you.

Cliffhanger in dangerous fall

To see a cliffhanger at a dangerous fall on the mountain can be a sign of a dangerous detour in life and financial loss. It can also mean you will experience being laid off from or demoted at work because of the deceptive and sabotaging behavior of those who envy you and want to see your demise.

Wearing cliffhanger gear

To see yourself wearing cliffhanger or mountain climbing gear is a sign that you are about to change your place of work and will undertake a new job that will keep you occupied and very absorbed in your work duties.

Cliffhanger conquering mountain top

To see a mountain climber or cliffhanger conquering the top of the mountain is a sign of promotion. It could mean that you are about to get a promotion at your current job, or you may be granted an opportunity to advance your career. It can also be a foreshadowing of great achievements in your business endeavors.

Cliffhanger on mountain slope

Seeing a cliffhanger on the mountain slope is a warning that you may soon face sorrows or troubles with family members or your lover.

Cliffhangers on mountain top

To see a series of cliffhangers on top of the mountain is a sign of success. It can also mean that the ongoing project you have been pursuing is now going to come to its successful completion. It also indicates that this project will receive recommendations and accolades from others or you could get a reward or be honored for your accomplishments.

Cliffhanger struggling with his gear

To witness a mountain climber or cliffhanger struggling with his gear in your dreams is a sign of friendship betrayal. This means that some of those who call themselves your friends may not be as devoted as they seem to be, and you should exercise caution when selecting who you surround yourself with.

You are about to enter a period in your life where negative and unfavorable situaitons are about to occur and which are most likely created by some of your closest friends or relatives. It is recommended that you take caution in order to successfully counteract and deal with them before they become harmful to your overall well-being.

Someone you know as a cliffhanger

Seeing someone you know acting as a cliffhanger in your dreams means that you can expect to be pleasantly surprised or have some unanticipated event occur in your life. It can also be a sign of new beginnings which will allow you to undertake new projects or pursue new goals with the assistance of the person you saw in the dream as a cliffhanger. This person's assistance will allow you to achieve much success in your new undertakings.

Dangerous cliffhanger climb

Taking a dangerous cliffhanger climb is a sign of unwelcome spontaneity. It could mean that a close friend or family member will unpleasantly surprise you with an action that will adversely affect your life for a long time.

Being a cliffhanger

If you see yourself being a cliffhanger and demonstrating a cliffhanger skills, it signifies that you will make some challenging decisions that will require you to take risks while maintaining a strong sense of responsibility to get what you want to accomplish.

The negative side of this dream reveals that you treat your daily activities as trivial and lacking meaning. This illusion of constant boredom causes you to look for adventure and excitement wherever you can find it. However, this constant pursuit of adventure may appear stimulating but will eventually become too demanding to upkeep.

Writing in almanac

Seeing yourself writing an article for an almanac is an omen about great financial losses. It could also mean that you are about to experience a failure in the accomplishment of a current goal or project.

Buying almanac

Buying an almanac is a sign of upcoming betrayal. It means that you are soon to make an unintentional turn to scandalize or demoralize the relationship with someone you have known for a long time.

Browsing through almanac

Browsing through an almanac is a foreshadowing of upcoming deception. It could mean that you will experience deception coming from a person you have known for a long time that you really trusted all this time.

Reading almanac

Reading an almanac is a sign of upcoming increase in prosperity. It can be a sign of increasing wealth which will lead to newly found independence. It can also be a warning about the eventual exposure of some type of deception occurring in your life that will not be to your advantage when it is made public.

Being granted amnesty

To see yourself being granted amnesty in a dream is a sign that you will experience an expansion of the network of people you are able to connect with. It can also mean that you are about to reconcile with and accept people whom you dislike and have had disagreements with.

While reconciling with your former adversaries and opponents, you may find that some of those who you once disliked and had disagreements will take it upon themselves to reach out to you to make peace or even become really good friends with you.

Hearing about amnesty on the news

Hearing about amnesty on the news is a warning about your health. It could be that your working conditions are causing fatigue and making your health to decline at an accelerating rate.

Someone close granted amnesty

To dream about someone close to you that was granted amnesty and is about to return from a far-away land or territory is a sign of the return of past problems. These problems will not surprise you because you will be able to make the right and timely decisions in order to deal with them.

Being in charge of granting amnesty

To dream of being in charge of granting amnesty to a person or to a group of people is a hint to refrain from obsessing over trivial affairs and focus on things that bring purpose and meaning to your life.

Hardship following amnesty

To witness hardship followed by amnesty in a dream is a positive sign concerning life's adversities. It means you will be able to successfully overcome hardships and issues in your life with relative ease.

Deciding amnesty for many

When you are faced with deciding amnesty for many people in a dream, it could be a sign of looming dissatisfaction in life. It could be a sign that you are discontent with your current job, or you are dissatisfied with your current status in society.

Creating a survey

Dreaming of creating your own survey means that it is time you meet back up with your classmates or college friends, which will give you all a lot of memorable things to talk about and share with each other.

Distributing a survey

Distributing a survey in your dream means you are most likely to spend too much time engaging in or volunteering for charitable activities. This creates friction within your family circle because of your lack of effectiveness in balancing charitable work with your personal life.

Answering a survey

Answering a survey in your dreams is a sign of potential disagreements between you and someone who highly influences your life. Exercise self-control and remain trustworthy in order to avoid potential conflicts.

If you find yourself being angry or dissatisfied with the survey, you are about to examine someone's conduct or actions  and provide legitimate feedback that lets them know you are unhappy with the way they behave themselves. However, it would be wise to try not to offend the person or hurt their feelings while trying to be honest and straightforward in your feedback.

Re-examining survey answers

To see yourself re-examining your survey answers means that you are highly likely to scrutinize the details that shape your current mode of thinking and you tend to excessively analyze your behavior.

The most important thing to remember is to make it a point not to scrutinize your every action when it comes to planning out how to achieve a goal. You will be able to achieve more meaningful results if you refrain from reflecting on every minute detail that comes between you and the achievement of your goals.

Destroying survey sheets

To see yourself destroying survey sheets or canceling your responses is a sign you exercise extreme caution and careful planning when it comes to making decisions and exhibit behavior that can eventually lead to disastrous outcomes and shatter your peaceful living.

Reading survey answers aloud

To read survey answers aloud indicates you have a habit of comparing yourself to others in order to act superior to them. It is recommended you stop trying to compete with others and maximize your talents and abilities so that you know you are doing your best without having to put others down to feel like you're the best.

Yourself giving an applause

If you see yourself giving an applause in your dream, it shows that you are about to fall for someone who is highly esteemed in your social circle or among your colleagues. This new relationship will also earn you greater recognition and respect among your colleagues.

Receiving applause

If you are receiving applause in your dream, it may indicate that someone you know is very jealous of you and the kind of life that you have. That person would go to great lengths to discover what makes you successful in life.

Hearing applause

Hearing applause that is directed to you, especially if you are standing on stage is telling you that the person you are interested in also feels the same way towards you, and that he or she likes you more than the other person who is trying to vie for his or her attention.

Someone receiving applause

If you dream that someone is receiving applause, it is an indication that you are becoming jealous of somebody else's accomplishments and stature in life. It could also be a sign that you are hungry for appreciation from other people, and that you also need to be more appreciative of your own unique qualities and accomplishments.

Applauding frantically to someone

If you are applauding frantically to someone, an actor or a speaker for example, it is a sign that something significantly good and desirable is about to come into your life. There will be a lot of very positive changes in your life in the future.

Helping yourself with a first aid kit

If in your dream you are helping yourself with a first aid kit, it is a warning that what you are planning to do may not be the best for you. Try to think things over and re-plan in order to avoid any disappointments or failures.

You arresting someone

Dreaming that you are arresting someone indicates that you are about to convince someone to follow what you tell them to do, and this person will do it willingly without having any second thoughts.

Battling with an army

Battling with an army refers to making a very important decision in life. You are about to face the battle of trying to come up with a decision regarding issue that will affect you in a big way.

If you are able to defeat the army in your dream, this shows you are prepared and confident to overcome whatever roadblock on the way to achieving your goals in life.

Army in fight

An army in fight shows that you will be involved in a controversy by being the whistle-blower of a scandal or a fight, and you will reveal some details about it making others upset. This will lead to unexpected consequences that you would not want to happen, and you might be placed in a precarious position for uncovering such sensitive matters.

Being faced with an army

Dreaming that you are being faced with an army signifies being in the middle of a long, unsolvable battle with someone. This conflict will torment you for a long period of time, and you will have difficulty moving on from it.

Army maneuvers

Seeing army maneuvers or armies moving to complete their maneuvers is a symbol that you are a very organized person. You are more drawn towards discipline and strict order and this disposition affects how you live your life.

Being a part of a winning army

Being a part of a winning army tells you that you will soon gain the trust and respect of someone who used to ignore you. This person will suddenly take interest in what you say or do and will seek your advice on certain matters.

Army parade

An army parade is a symbol of gaining recognition and reward. You will soon be held in high esteem for the great work that you did, and you will be awarded for your accomplishments accordingly.

Choosing between different aromas

Choosing between different aromas or substances with various aromas is a symbol of fear and indecision. You are afraid of deciding on a very important but difficult matter, because you think that it will be disadvantageous to you. However, your fears are unfounded because in the end, you will prove to yourself that things will be better than you expected.

Your fears can be based on what other people are telling you. Try not to listen too much to what others are saying and instead, rely on your instincts and personal judgement. You are wiser than you think you are and capable of making major decisions affecting your life. Follow what your heart is telling you.

Drinking with an actor

Drinking with an actor is a symbol of losing some material possessions. You are about to lose some of your wealth or a big sum of money because you tend to overspend. Take heed and think of your finances when you experience this dream.

Being cast as an actor in a movie

Being cast as an actor in a movie is a symbol of being caught in a web of deception. People around you are talking behind each other's back and you will soon fall into this trap of being involved in rumors yourself. Try to be more cautious when you experience this vision in your dream.

Taking makeup off as an actor

Taking make-up off as an actor is a warning of bad health. You are about to have a serious illness and you should take the necessary precautions to prevent it from worsening. Act on it while it is still early.

Trying to break a harp

Trying to break a harp is a warning that you will have a long-standing conflict with someone who means a lot to you. Because of this conflict, your relationships with other people will also be affected and you are in danger of severing ties with significant people in your life.

Looking at an archive

Looking at an archive or archival documents means that you always use your imagination and creativity when approaching challenges or problems in life. You always strive to show some originality in the way you handle various situations in life and this makes you very special.

Unauthorized access to an archive

Unauthorized access to an archive or being able to gain access to an archive building illegally is a sign that you are being careless in the way you make decisions in life. This might lead you to major changes that may bring some unexpected and unwanted consequences, so try to be more mindful of how you decide.

Studying archived documents

Studying archived documents or poring through piles of archived documents tells you that you need to use your creativity more in order to achieve the goals you have set. Learn to be more imaginative and crafty in how you go about things in order to succeed. You will need a lot of time and energy in order for you to reach your goals and being prepared will help a lot.

Trying to find an archived document

Trying to find an archived document or searching through an archive for a particular document is a sign that you are about to miss someone whom you have lost touch with. This person is someone you value a lot but because of distance, time constraints or other priorities in life, you have lost connection with this friend of yours. Try to rekindle your friendship by staying in touch with your friend.

You attacking

A dream that you are attacking someone symbolizes being faced with a heavy amount of work. You will soon be given a big workload whether at work, in school or elsewhere and you will be expected to do it well, so it is time to focus and pull your resources if you want to succeed.

Watching an attack

Watching an attack happening right before your eyes is an indication that you will be blamed for doing something shameful and this will cause humiliation to you. Because of this, some people in your circle will doubt your credibility and will be disrespectful to you. If you are currently involved with someone romantically, it could also mean a change in your current relationship.

Being part of attack force

Being part of an attack force shows you that you will act with assertiveness when it comes to your cheating partner. If you catch your loved one cheating on you, this tells you that you will react proactively and face the problem head on. You will be able to solve whatever is the problem between the two of you and turn the situation favorably to your advantage.

Being present at auditions

Being present at auditions in your dream or witnessing an audition is an indication of good fortune You will find much happiness in life because of the success you will garner in your career or business. This will gain you well-deserved admiration from other people and you will be at a better position within your social circle.

Your own audition

Seeing your own audition is a bad sign. It signifies that the success and achievements you have gained in life are putting you at an unfortunate or a disadvantageous position because you are not handling them well. You became prone to risky behavior and fallen prey to dubious business propositions because of your over-confidence.

You in charge of an audition

Being in charge of or seeing yourself overseeing an audition is a warning that you should reevaluate your current plans. Whatever you plan on undertaking right now is not the right decision for you at the moment and this may bring you disappointments and hurt later on if you pursue it.

Public auction

Being at a public auction is a sign of conflict, especially when it comes to financial concerns. You will be involved in disagreements with your family members or with your coworkers because of financial concerns. This will be about budgeting money or finances.

Actively participating in an auction

Seeing yourself actively participating in an auction tells you of your uncanny abilities when it comes to business. You have natural talent and skills in putting up and managing a business, whether you are aware of this talent or not. Now may be a good time to listen to your inner voice and try putting your gift to use.

Trying something on at a parlor

Trying something on at a parlor is a vision of romance. You will have a memorable romantic encounter with someone and it will become a very meaningful part of your life.

Talking about a parlor

Talking about a parlor in your dream tells you that you are about to face a very hectic time in your life. Your schedules will always be full with errands or events.

Sewing satin clothes

Dreaming that you are sewing satin clothes foretells of going on a romantic date. You will soon go out on a romantic date with your partner or someone you just met.

Ironing satin fabric

Dreaming that you are ironing satin fabric is a premonition of distress and hardship. You will experience some difficulties in the near future, for whatever reason.

Flying an airplane

Flying an airplane in your dream means that you are about to pursue a dream that you've had for a long time. You will soon take those first steps in realizing this dream.

Meeting someone at an airport

Meeting someone at an airport or welcoming someone at the arrival area is an indication that you are about to receive some unexpected news or announcement.

Watching airtraffic from inside airport

Watching air traffic from inside the airport tells you that you are being naive in your dealings with other people. You tend to trust too easily and this may put you in a harmful situation. Try to be more careful and discerning before trusting people, especially those you just met.

Exercising in water

Dreaming that you are exercising in water, such as water aerobics or maybe doing laps, foretells a reawakening of your romantic life, You will be able to revive an old romance and find renewed passion in your intimate affairs.

Pouring water on someone

Pouring water on someone indicates being involved in an embarrassing situation. You may put yourself in a situation that might cause you embarrassment or lead to a mistake that will place you in a compromising position.

Bathing in water

Bathing in water in your dream signifies being successful at resisting malicious attempts against you. You will be able to dodge successfully any attempt done by someone trying to put you in a precarious situation.

Carrying water

Carrying water in your dream such as fetching water, is a symbol of being triumphant over problems. You will finally be able to win over all the negative things in your life that have hounded you for some time.

Washing in water

Washing in water, such as rinsing your face or other body part, symbolizes going in the right path. Your life is in the right direction and because of this your plans are coming true. You will be able to achieve the goals that you have set for yourself.

Swimming in cold water

Swimming in cold water foretells of a pivotal event that will transpire in your life, and this will be instrumental in helping you avoid a potentially dangerous situation. This can also be helpful in steering you away from a conflict caused by a chain of events.

Watering plants or lawn

Watering plants or the lawn in your dream, tells of your social nature. You are very people-oriented and put a lot of time and energy in being around others. This brings you a lot of friends resulting in your life being abundant with social activities.

Pouring water on fire

Pouring water on fire or putting out the fire with water, tells you that you might soon be faced with difficulties in life. This could mainly involve material losses, leading to financial problems or hardship.

Selling your car

Having a dream of you selling your car is a bad omen about undesirable changes coming to your life that will catch you off-guard.

Manipulating various car controls

Playing around with the controls of your car is a tell-tale sign of unforeseen losses that may come in forms of minor injuries or illness.

Changing the finish (color) of your car

Repainting your car is a sign of unexpected fortune or physical assets you will be in possession of.

Struggling to close the trunk of a car

Finding it impossible to close the trunk of your car warns that you are too extravagant on unnecessary or useless things. Before it is too late, you must pause and re-evaluate your spending habits.

Dog show

Dreaming of attending or participating in a dog show means you will live a life with beneficial outcomes. It also means you will be able to enjoy the direction your life is taking because it will be filled with ease and little or no hardships.

Starting a fire

To see yourself or someone else starting a fire in your dreams with the purpose of destroying some piece of property means you may receive unexpected news. It can also mean you are about to receive a visit from a long lost friend who was once very close to you.

Putting out a fire

Dreaming of containing or putting out a fire is a sign of victory. It means you have the advantage of being able to handle any upcoming issues or problems coming your way.

Cooking on an open fire

To dream of seeing yourself cooking on an open fire is a good sign. It means you are about to start a successful romance, or you will meet an interesting person who proves to be an enlightening friend.

Preparing to start a fire

Seeing yourself gathering wood and a lighter in preparation of starting a fire in your dreams means you will be able to communicate better and possibly on a completely different or new level with you family members which will enrich the relationship you have with them.

Saving someone from a fire

Dreaming of saving someone from a fire coming from a burning building means you are going to use the experience from a tragic event that was once draining a lot of energy out of you and transform it into achieving that long awaited inner balance and peace you've been looking for.

Saving your belongings during a fire

Dreaming about trying to protect or save your belongings during a fire outbreak indicates you are a highly sensitive person who is easily offended. Because of this sensitive nature, you often tend to focus on remembering all the negative things that have happened in your life.

For you, each trifling comment or conversation you experience has to have some hidden or more serious meaning to it to the point where you tend to obsess and preoccupy yourself with analyzing the remarks, which makes you come across as being paranoid about other people's opinions directed at you.

Informing firefighters about a fire

Dreaming of calling the local fire department and informing firefighters about a fire in your neighborhood or in some other location you have knowledge of is a sign you have knowledge or information that will prove to be very helpful in achieving business goals and successfully competing with other businesses. It could also mean you are about to eliminate people who stand in the way of you having a successful love life.


Dreaming about fishing for recreational purposes portends troubles and all kinds of unexpected problems which may overwhelm and disappoint you.

This dream can also mean getting into trouble because you have been trying to cheat or deceive someone, it is a warning that you should not behave this way, otherwise you will end up acquiring problems which may turn your life into misery. This dream is also an indication that you are unable to relax and receive pleasure during sex because you are too preoccupied with something going on in your life.

Descaling fish

Dreaming about cleaning and descaling freshly caught fish is an indication of fun activities and exciting things to do for you just as a change to your regular daily routine.

Watching fish in the aquarium

Watching fish swimming inside an aquarium means that the position you have taken not to interfere with other people's issues or problems is a good strategy you have adopted to deal with these particular situations. Keep neutrality to avoid getting too involved in things and solving personal issues people try to impose on you.

Things may turn worrisome and annoying for some time, but you will be successful in dealing with them by setting your mind straight and not responding to every small request for favors or help coming from these people

Setting up a net to catch fish

Dreaming about setting up a net to catch fish is a good sign of luck and fortune coming your way, it can also predict receiving some unexpected benefits.

Being interested in a lottery

Dreaming about yourself being very interested in participating or entering a lottery or a raffle is a sign that you will occupy yourself working on something unrewarding or worthless money-wise, but it will still be a pleasant and joyful experience for you personally.

Participating in a lottery draw

Participation in a lottery draw in your dream predicts possible obstacle you are about to come across or a trap you can get into. It may also signify loss and misfortune in doing things.

Traveling far away

Seeing yourself traveling far away in your dream is a good sign of success in your romantic or business-related endeavors.

This dream can also be telling you about reuniting with your friends who live far away, it can be a sign of profit and pleasure. Some sources refer to dreams about travel as a sign of departure, such as death in your family or among your closest friends, it can also represent signs of guilt and emotional insecurity haunting you.

Traveling through dark unfamiliar terrain

Experiencing a dream about traveling through dark unfamiliar terrain portends danger and severe illness.

Friends preparing for a travel

Dreaming about your friends, who are in a good mood and preparing for traveling signifies some pleasant and joyful changes which are about to happen in your life.

Looking at a traveling ship

Dreaming about looking at a traveling ship passing at a distance symbolizes a new man or woman you are about to meet, who will change the course of your life in some unpredictable ways.

Trading in a market

Having a dream about participating in trading in the market is a good sign of becoming wealthier and being able to provide for yourself and your family.

This dream is a good sign of luck if you are planning on playing bingo, gambling or participating in a lottery. However your luck will be on your side as long as you do not get too obsessed with immediate winnings and lose control or become addicted to gambling.

Walking down the road with friends

Dreaming about walking down the road with friends and having a good time with them is a good sign. It means your life is getting ready to be filled with a lot of happiness, and you will see a balance within your family. You will also enjoy renewed happiness with your spouse, and you will enjoy the peace and harmony in the relationship with your children as they grow up in the best environment.

Paving a road

Dreaming of seeing yourself paving a road is a good indication that your positive personality and motivation to succeed will cause you to reach high achievements in your life and even become famous for them. Meanwhile, try not to forget how you got to this point, and be willing to always help those that you know don't have the same privileges in life as you do.

Constructing a road

Working on road construction or building a new road in your dream is a sign that you are about to be the recipient of an extremely important and life-altering proposition or offer which will turn out to be a great asset to you.

People dancing at a reception

Dreaming about people having a great time at the ball or reception, either dancing or having fun symbolizes that you are about to become a recipient of some pleasant or good news. This happy news will lift your spirits and put you in a jovial mood.

Being dressed up for a reception

If you see yourself all decked up for a reception, it is a prediction of you meeting someone with a great personality, and whose company you will enjoy a lot. This person might be a potential suitor and a future romantic partner as well. He or she will bring you immense joy and wil be a source of great happiness for you.

Attending a reception

A dream in which you see yourself attending a reception with a lot of people around you could signify that you are about to visit someone who could be seriously ill or it could also mean that you are about to be involved in petty talks and trivial issues which are basically the result of meaningless rumors and gossip.

A very crowded reception

A dream about a reception which is overcrowded and bustling with too many people could signify that you are about to get involved in undertakings which will yield no productive results and most of your efforts to get a positive outcome will be in vain. They will only consume a lot of your time and have no real benefits.

Playing games at a reception

A dream in which you see yourself playing or indulging in a game of cards or table games could signify that you might be indulging in some nefarious activities which will have a profound impact on your happiness and which will only bring you trouble and disappointment in the long run. These activities would only serve to increase your distress and nothing else.

Getting ready to go to a reception

A dream in which you see yourself getting ready to go to a reception, either by getting dressed or putting on makeup is symbolic of the success which you will achieve in implementing your projects and ideas. You would be able to culminate all your goals with the help of affluent and respectable individuals who would prove to be a stepping stone in your climb towards success.

Although this dream may mean reliance on others for help, it is not suggesting you should start counting on these people entirely. You must take independent steps to achieve your own goals and avoid shortfalls. You should rely on your own skills and resources. At the same time, taking advice from people during the initial phase of realizing your goal might not be a bad idea keeping in mind you are the main player here.

Getting home from a reception

A dream in which you see yourself returning from a reception signifies the fatigue or tiredness that you are feeling because of the big projects which you have undertaken. This should be taken as a warning to devote more time to yourself and take some good rest, so that you can feel energized again and your confidence is restored to perform some other tasks with enthusiasm and commitment.

A fancy reception

Dreaming about a fancy and jet set kind of a reception is symbolic of your desire to climb the social ladder and rub shoulders with the elite. It is indicative of the fact that you are working hard to improve your social standing and would continue to do so until you achieve your goals.

A reception with costumes

Dreaming about a reception where you see people in a masquerade or, for example, a costume party during Halloween is indicative of the fact that you are easily distracted by things which provide you with little or no fulfillment. Instead, try and focus on working towards goals which will bring you true happiness and satisfaction.

Reception with a feast

Dreaming about attending a big feast or a banquet with large tables as part of a reception can be indicative of an invitation to a wedding or engagement ceremony which you are about to receive. You may soon be hearing good news about close friends or relatives who are about to tie the knot.

Running towards people

If you dream about running towards a group of people it could be taken as a good sign, one which symbolizes upcoming celebrations or festivities in which you'll partake. It can also be taken as a sign of marked improvement in the overall quality of your life.

Running into someone

Dreaming about colliding with someone with great force and falling to the ground due to the impact could signify immense losses which you will face financially or it could also symbolize that your reputation is about to go in shambles because of your questionable or inappropriate behavior.

Running all by yourself

Dreaming about yourself on a solitary run could symbolize your ascent towards the good things in life. You'll be better off than the people around you and will also gain respect and good standing in society. This in turn might give you an opportunity to become popular within the social circles to which you belong.

Running from danger

Seeing yourself running to escape from a dangerous situation or a threat can be viewed as a sign of experiencing some losses or realizing suddenly that your attitude towards life needs to undergo a major change. It could also indicate that whatever you are doing currently is not going to improve your situation and needs to be looked into immediately.

Someone running from danger

Dreaming about seeing someone else trying to escape from danger or a threat could symbolize the sorrow which you feel at the loss of a close relative or a good friend due to unexpected events or circumstances.

Running long distances

Dreaming about watching yourself run long distance can be taken as a favorable sign regarding your longevity and you will be blessed with good health, you will enjoy the benefits associated with being fit. It could also symbolize salvation from troubles which may have been bothering you so far but now you will be able to avoid all the problems and obstacles in your life.

Running fast

Dreaming about seeing yourself run at your fastest can symbolize the unexpected joy and happiness which you are about to encounter in your life. These changes may come as a pleasant surprise and will make you feel exultant and carefree.

Running barefeet

Dreaming about running barefeet could be taken as a warning of impending money troubles and that you might need to tighten your purse strings or become tight-fisted if you want to keep providing well for yourself and your family.

Running to get the goal

Dreaming about running towards your goal and being successful in reaching it can symbolize the success which you'll gain from all your endeavours. All that you have planned or envisioned for yourself will culminate in success and your wises will come true.

Running after and catching someone

Dreaming about being able to catch the one you are running after can be regarded as a sign of happiness and joy you will feel after being able to complete a project or achieve your goals. It could also symbolize the attainment of something which you have been striving for.

Running passed someone

Seeing yourself running after and being able to get ahead of that person could symbolize the longevity of your life and the fact that you are going to outlive this person.

Running to an unknown place

Dreaming about running towards an unknown place or running without reaching a destination could symbolize possible financial losses. It could also signify that you are spending more than you should and that you must stop spending money on trivial things.

Running to exhaustion

Dreaming about running to the point when you feel completely exhausted could indicate that spending money carelessly could lead you to completely drain your budget. This in turn may result in becoming bankrupt and being unable to pay your bills.

Running to catch a prey

Dreaming about running after a prey like a chicken or a goose and being able to catch it could be taken as a sign of good tidings coming your way. It could symbolize the favorable offers or propositions made to you.

Running to save yourself

Dreaming about running away from someone in order to save yourself can symbolize the safe and protective environment in which you are living. It could also mean that you are living under the protection of some outward force. This dream could also signify the dangerous paths which you might be treading in order to solve certain issues or problems which are bothering you.

Running after your enemy

Dreaming about running after an adversary or an enemy is symbolic of the victory which you will have or an advantage you will gain when dealing with people who are competing with you. It could also mean that you are about to gain the upper hand over those who were trying to interfere or cause problems in your life.

Endless running

Dreaming about making an endless run and feeling exhausted could symbolize certain health problems. It could also signify some difficulties which you will face in solving problems or your inability to complete a project which you are undertaking due to temporary illness or health issues. Dealing with these issues could halt most of your work and render you incapable of performing your regular duties and tasks.

Running after your spouse

Dreaming about running after your spouse could be a sign of a few negative vibes which might result in long periods of extreme boredom. This could be a result of dealing with people who have a tendency to nag. It could also mean that you are a part of something, like a certain project or activity which might keep annoying you and leave you feeling disillusioned and bored.

Running and being unable to stop

Dreaming about seeing yourself running and not being able to slow down or stop could be taken as a warning of challenging times ahead of you. This means that the project or endeavour which you have undertaken will require excessive efforts and a lot of hard work in order to be completed successfully.

Someone running from you

A dream in which you see someone trying to get away from you is symbolic of the uncertainties in your life. These periods of confusion would leave you feeling disillusioned and unhappy. It could also signify that these problems might interfere with your peace of mind and leave you mulling over your personal security.

Helping someone to run away

When you dream about seeing yourself assisting someone by helping them run away from certain dangerous or threatening situations, it could portend financial diffciulties which you might face. It could also signify the troubles which you will go through while being unable to control your spending and going over budget.

Finding a safe place by running

Dreaming about being able to successfully escape from a dangerous situation or a certain threat by running and finding a safe place to hide is symbolic of the fact that you will be able to avoid complications with relative ease. It could also mean that you will be sucessful in overcoming danger you might be exposed to because of a few perilous situations.

Running together with someone

Dreaming about having a friend or a buddy who is your running companion while exercising must be taken as a good sign. It could signify the quality time which you will spend with people whom you treat as close acquaintances or family. It could also mean that you will have delightful time in the company of people whom you have met recently.

This dream is also revealing the fact that such an encounter or an engagement would invigorate and refresh your spirits. This in turn will make you feel buoyant and energetic. You would feel much younger while learning interesting and exciting things. You might also feel relaxed and happy during this time period.

Swimming somewhere

Dreaming about swimming in water towards a certain point or destination usually is a positive sign. It reveals that you could soon become successful or materially rewarded in regards to one of you current projects or businesses. This will make you proud and satisfied with your gains and victory.

Swimming together for lovers

Dreaming about swimming in water alongside your lover is a negative symbol. Specifically, you could soon be separated or distanced from someone with whom you have an intimate relationship. This parting could be consequent of an unexpected situation or happening and most likely be temporary in duration.

Swimming effortlessly

Dreaming about swimming effortlessly and confidently could represent upcoming success. That is, you could be currently occupied with a project, business or activity which stands a chance of being successfully completed. The outcomes would be thereby greatly benefit your professional career and take you aspirations even further.

Swimming against current

Dreaming about finding yourself effortfully swimming against water current often is a negative sign. It could foretell that your current main goal would be difficult to achieve. You might find obstacles and struggle a lot. Nevertheless, you might eventually manage to find solutions and work out a way of turning these problems into advantages.

Swimming backwards

Dreaming about swimming backwards is a symbol of illusions. Specifically, you could be deluding yourself in regards to your progress. You might think that you are closer to achieving your objectives as you move along. However, your judgment might be inaccurate or incorrect. You might be deluded about your own advances. Such delusion could be consequent of your traditional and conservative approach, your tendency to procrastinate, or your poor resilience and inability to adapt.

Swimming with others

Dreaming about swimming alongside other people represents be a positive sign. It could reveal that your closer friends are reliable and worthy of your trust. They will offer their help and support whenever needed or requested.

Struggling to swim

Dreaming about swimming while struggling to stay afloat often is a negative sign. It could be that you would soon go through difficult circumstances in regards to a project or task that you have recently completed. You could experience some serious disappointment.

Swimming under water

Dreaming about swimming under water, that is, below the water’s surface, could be a sign of uncertainty. More specifically, you might be experiencing some doubts, concerns and hesitations. You could be unsure about, and be psychologically struggling with something that has great importance, significance and value to you.

Swimming for a female

For women, dreaming about swimming alongside your lady friend, who is much better at it than you, could be a symbol of forgiving eyes. This is because people tend to forgive your mistakes and omissions. They would not show signs of any resistance or opposition to your progression. Such benevolent attitude towards you would be consequent of your charm and appearance.

Swimming and drowning

Dreaming about swimming and drowning could symbolize unsurmountable difficulties. That is, you could come across insoluble problems and unsurpassable obstacles. You would not be able to successfully finish some task, activity or project you are presently working on.

Swimming on land

Dreaming about swimming on dry land, that is, in the absence of water, is a negatively charged sign. Namely, your current task, project or business could only be successfully completed at a great cost. You would have to invest an outstanding amount of time, effort and dedication to see it come to a good end.

Swimming and reaching the shore

Dreaming about successfully reaching the shore often is a good sign. It could reveal that your current projects, activities or businesses would be successfully completed. That is, you would achieve your current goals and objectives, some of which could have been occupying you for quite a while.

Unable to reach the shore while swimming

Dreaming about being too exhausted to reach the shore while swimming, and without drowning, could symbolize delays. That is, you could soon experience some temporary obstacles and hardships. These could hinder the achievement of your objectives as well as postpone the completion of your projects and activities. In particular, you could expect to see the favorable resolution of your plans delayed or moved to some time in the future.

Swimming while clothed

Dreaming about swimming fully dressed could reveal some present frailty. That is, you could subconsciously desire to rest and recover under the shelter or safe haven offered by other people. That is, you could be currently struggling and fatigued with your life situation. You would feel you needed to take a break and benefit from the support offered by others.

Swimming naked

Dreaming about swimming naked could be a symbol of your high self-esteem and confidence. You tend to trust your skills and ability to solve any difficult problem or situation you come across. You might also feel that you are in charge of your life and are responsible for its positive and favorable outcomes.

Swimming and diving

Dreaming about diving while swimming in the water or of observing yourself doing so is a negative sign. Specifically, you could be considering embracing a new project, business or activity. However, such novelty could only bring risk and perhaps even danger into your life.

Watching others swim

Dreaming about observing other people swim, such as in a swimming competition, could foretell a peak in the workload. That is, you would be so busy that you would hardly have time to take a break, and rest or enjoy yourself. However, this would be the only way of meeting your deadlines and bringing your project or activity to a successful end.

An accident while swimming

Dreaming about getting injured or having any other type of an accident while swimming is a negatively charged sign. It could translate an upcoming encounter with an insincere and dishonest person. This person could try to manipulate you into believing that you were dealing with and relying on an intimate or close friend. However, this individual is most likely deceiving you with the objective of taking advantage of you.

Swimming with the current

Dreaming about swimming along with the water current is a symbol of emotionality. That is, you could be an emotional person with a tendency to let the emotions take the best out of you. Alternatively, you could soon go through a period during which you would let yourself be driven by your feelings and emotions. You would not be able to gain a rational control over your life.

Swimming in dark water

Dreaming about swimming in dark murky waters often is a negatively charged sign. It could foretell the reception of distressing and prejudicial news. You might come across this unexpected message while travelling or on a journey.

Swimming in fast water

Dreaming about swimming or trying to swim in a very fast current often is a symbol of upcoming danger. That is, you could soon find yourself in a seriously threatening situation. Alternatively, you could soon experience some health-related problems or issues.

Swimming toward someone

Dreaming about swimming towards someone who is standing on the shore could be a reflection of a desire. You could deeply wish to successfully achieve one of your current goals. Alternatively, you could currently be sexually attracted to someone. This person would not necessarily be the person in your dream.

Swimming away from someone

Dreaming about observing yourself swimming away from someone who is in the water or on the shore could be an escape symbol. That is, you might be presently wishing to run away from an uneasy and stressful situation. You could also seek to stay in the comfort of your own familiar world.

It is possible that this dream also reveals your inner desire to silence and tame your emotional drives. This could be a reaction to the sexual advances of someone who could be trying to seduce you. Moreover, it could also mean that you feel you are being excessively solicited by other people. You would therefore simultaneously feel that you are unable to satisfy their demands or fulfil your social responsibilities.

Enjoying a swimming pool

Dreaming that you are enjoying your time in the swimming pool is a symbol of boredom. It indicates that your life can be a drag, and you may be confined only to the tedious cycle of your daily routine. You tend to forget, or rather, refuse to acknowledge, that there is more to life than what you normally see and experience. From time to time, you should try to break the monotony. Go to the movies, get a massage, treat yourself to a sumptuous meal. Otherwise, take a break and do something you have dreamt of doing ever since you can remember, like writing a novel in the mold of your favorite Indian author, Arundhati Roy. Life is meant to be enjoyed, so make the most of it.

Diving into a swimming pool

To dream that you are diving into a swimming pool represents a big change ahead. It indicates that you could be on the verge of deciding on an aspect of your life which could have long-term effects or consequences. Therefore, you would take it upon yourself to spend more time to really think about it, taking all things into account, before finally giving it a go.

Someone you know in a swimming pool

Dreaming about a person you know who is enjoying being in a swimming pool symbolizes complete transformation. You could be well under way to becoming an entirely different person on account of a significant change in your life lately. It could be embracing a new religious belief, switching support to a new political party, going under the knife or undergoing surgical procedures which would significantly alter your physical appearance, or having a sex change. In any case, such a change would affect your relationships, career, business and your life in general.

Walking on foot

A dream about walking on foot may have dual meaning pertaining to the same psychomotor activity in real life. On the one hand, the dream vision could symbolize walking as either a relaxing form of exercise or a stressful and tiring activity. On the other hand, it could also indicate a desire to slow down the fast pace of life. For another different symbolic meaning, it could also mean experiencing scarcity in terms of financial resources or technical knowhow which is otherwise necessary to move forward and succeed.

Alternatively, dreaming about walking on foot could mean having the luxury of observing and discovering the surroundings in great detail, as opposed to using other means of movement, such as running, driving or flying in space, which may produce a less accurate picture of things seen. Studying the world around you might be a slow process if you do it on foot, but it could also yield great rewards. You would be able to see the beauty of things up close and personal.

Walking to a distant place

To dream about walking and heading to a distant place, worrying that it might take you a while to get there, is symbolic of missed opportunities for leisure and enjoyment in reality. In your effort to reach your goals in life, you may be focusing too much on the end result of your current undertakings, rather than enjoying what pleasures the present may be offering while you are doing what you need to do to achieve your dreams.

Perhaps a dream about walking all the way to a distant place is hinting at a different symbolic meaning which only you could determine if you try to look for answers as to why you opted to travel on foot instead of by any other more convenient means, such as driving or getting on a bus. It is possible that the meaning lies in having companions while walking, that is, remembering who these companions were and what their presence could signify, particularly in relation to their willingness to walk with you towards a distant destination.

Fast-pased walking

Having a dream about walking at a fast pace or doing brisk walking in an effort to catch up with someone or something is a subconscious admonition about the stigma of living on ill-gotten gains. Making a living by illegal means, profiting at the expense of others, or dealing in shady transactions to hasten your way to success is a despicable and completely unacceptable act which should never be justified, no matter how noble the purpose or intention. This dream vision is a reminder that happiness can only be bought with money which comes from hard work and honest living.

Slow-paced walking

Dreaming about walking at a slow pace or walking as though in slow motion as seen in movies speaks of a huge letdown after setting high expectations for a current project or undertaking. You could soon experience a crushing blow despite investing a lot of time, money and effort into a project or relationship, and despite having high hopes of excellent monetary or emotional investment returns. Nevertheless, the experience would teach you a valuable lesson and make you a wiser and more astute person.

Other people walking

A dream about observing other people walking is a symbol of rivalry and competition. Someone at work, in your line of business or in your romantic life might pose some serious threat to you, give you a run for your money or cause a heartbreak. This dream vision reminds you not to be too arrogant or too complacent about you own capabilities, or you could end up losing an important office position, a huge chunk of a target market, or the love of your life to someone you initially considered an underdog who did not have a speck of a chance to outsmart you.

Walking in the countryside

To dream about walking in the countryside evokes feelings of loneliness and nostalgia brought about by a physical absence. A loved one or someone who holds a special place in your heart may have been away for a while, and you could be missing him or her terribly at the moment. Nevertheless, a lot of your friends would fill the void caused by this person's absence by spending time with you and keeping you company as often as their schedule would permit.

Walking in the countryside for a female

If you are a female reader, a dream about walking in the countryside is a prediction of a happy life in the future. With or without a family of your own, you would feel self-sufficient and contented with the simple pleasures your future life would provide for you. On a sad note, this dream vision indicates the possibility of going through a period full of regret and sadness caused by your painful separation from the love of your life.

Walking and learning

A dream about walking purposefully toward a target destination as a learning experience or for educational purposes, such as visiting a famed historic site on foot, signifies a personal participation or involvement in an investigation or research on a matter which you and your nosy companions deem to have huge monetary or knowledge value. If the dream vision includes a throng of curious people composed of familiar faces or complete strangers, it indicates that several people in your waking life would try to get involved in the activity so they could also get "a slice of the cake" or collectively share in the expected profit.

Walking during festivities

Walking along a city street filled with crowds from all walks of life during festivities is a reflection of discontentment and unhappiness over an unfavorable outcome. Huge investments in an undertaking could only yield dismal and disappointing end results. For instance, spending on expensive suits to look sleek at work, or spending too much on transportation to get to work, presuming it is the only job available to you at the moment, could do you more harm than good because your meager salary could not support such an expenditure. Investing in top quality, state-of-the-art equipment for the mass production unit of your business may not be a wise decision after all, since your old but less expensive piece of equipment might prove to be more cost-efficient.

Nearly avoiding an accident while walking

Dreaming about narrowly escaping or nearly avoiding a deadly accident, for instance while walking along a shoulder of a high-speed limit freeway, speaks of the importance of taking calculated risks in every endeavor. In order to ensure the success of a project, business or undertaking, due diligence must be exercised every step of the way to minimize if not completely prevent risks and damages, and to make the right moves by using all the appropriate resources to meet all objectives, which would ultimately lead to the desired outcome.

Walking through a cemetery

Having a dream about walking along the cobblestones of a cemetery and trying to locate a loved one's grave site is symbolic of beneficial departures. It is an indication that you might soon leave home, either permanently or on a temporary basis, to look for greener pastures "on the other side of the fence", that is, in a place where you may know not a single soul but which may hold the key to your success. Despite the uncertainty, your courage could save you and reward you with a life-changing opportunity.

Getting dark around quickly while walking

Walking hurriedly along a road and observing the darkness slowly enveloping the surroundings long before reaching the destination symbolizes an unfinished business or unfulfilled aspiration. For reasons which may have to do with your lack of motivation or inability to sustain your enthusiasm, you would never be able to finish a project or undertaking which you started on an otherwise optimistic note.

Walking in the darkness and seeing the light

Having a dream about walking and groping your way through the darkness, and emerging in a well-lit place, is the subconscious equivalent of an old piece of advice which says, "There is light at the end of the tunnel." This dream vision is reminding you to never lose hope in whatever situation you may end up. If you have reached rock bottom, there is no other way but up. Being able to crawl out of the dark pit and into the light aboveground would be the ultimate test of your character.

Walking in general

Dreaming about going for a walk or walking for the mere pleasure of doing such an activity is a favorable sign indicating good health, financial stability and success in all things which mean so much to you. If you are surrounded by natural beauty while walking in your dream, this indicates better health, greater wealth and a more fulfilling life.

A lost oar while rowing

Finding yourself in a boat on the water in a dream vision but realizing suddenly that you have dropped or lost an oar is an ominous symbol associated with failure. Just as the little dingy you are on drifts farther from land with nothing to steer it, so does this dream vision predict the inevitable doom of whatever task you are desperately trying to accomplish. This dream is likely a warning to get out while you can to cut your losses.

Writing in red

A dream in which you envision yourself writing something in red ink could mean that you are highly concerned about your financial situation. For example, you could be troubled by your expenses or decreased income, which would later result in a hard time providing for your family. If the said proves to be true, it is recommended to analyze your current sources of income and examine the possibility of reinforcing at least some of them to alleviate your inner concerns.

Running away from danger and fighting danger

Running from danger is often related to the idea of running away from your problems in wake life. In turn, it can be seen as a warning, reminding you to look at aspects of your life that need improvement and acting upon them accordingly. Fighting danger in the same dream suggests overcoming whatever held you back before, so it may be a good time to be bold and make big changes.

Enjoying dancing

A dream in which you find yourself amidst a joyful dance, reveling in every gesture and moment of the process, is usually considered to be an exceptionally favorable sign. It foretells upcoming relief and signifies that all of your worries and troubles could subside in the near future. As an alternative, such a dream could be a symbol of upcoming success, romantic or otherwise, with representatives of the opposite sex. If so, it is recommended to progress gradually and without any haste, so as to avoid losing their interest and sympathy. A calm and steady approach would most likely bring you the desired victories in the long run.

Wanting to dance

Dreaming of yourself experiencing a burning desire to partake in a dance is to be treated as a symbol of your suppressed sexual craving and hidden lustful impulses. Perhaps, you could be subconsciously perceiving this sensual part of yourself, as well as your sex life in general, as something utterly secondary to other aspects of your life, thus overlooking its importance for any human being. As a result, recent downfalls and trials could be based on this lack of intimacy you may be dealing with.

Watching someone dance

A dream in which you see yourself observing a particular someone in the process of dancing, especially if in a graceful and alluring fashion, is a symbol of your inner desire to explore exotic aspects and forbidden territories of sexual intercourse. For example, you may be subconsciously thinking through the possibility of taking part in sexual activities that are traditionally considered to be improper or objectionable. As an alternative, such a dream could signify your interest to partake in a homosexual relationship, whether it would involve an actual intercourse or not.

A similar dream is also an indication of your inner desire to be closer to the envisioned person whom you have seen dancing in your dream. The mentioned feeling of interest, excitement and captivation has a special place in your subconscious mind if the portrayed person was behaving in a provocative and alluring way as if inviting you to join him or her in the process. Alternatively, as in a confrontation of antipodes and polarities, such a dream could signify a set of direct opposite feelings that you harbor toward the dancer in your dream. For example, it could be anything ranging from mild dissatisfaction with his or her actions and general attitude, to open animosity on the edge of direct hatred.

Dancing in front of a lover

A dream in which you envision yourself dancing before your spouse or partner in love may speak of certain unease and even embarrassment that you may experience when having him or her by your side in public. Such feelings could be either the result of your partner's recent actions and usual behavior or your own inner dissatisfaction with them in general. Additionally, the described dream could signify that you are quite relaxed and comfortable when interacting with other people of the same sex as your lover, up to the point when such an attitude could lead to unfavorable consequences. For example, you may draw pleasure in flirting with somebody else just before the eyes of your current partner in love.

Dancing to wrong beats

Dreaming of yourself amid a clumsy and chaotic dance, with your moves failing to match the playing tune, could be a sign of your inner doubts, concerns and unresolved questions regarding an important aspect of your waking life. The same interpretation goes for a dream in which you see yourself dancing without any accompaniment. Another common meaning of such a dream is that you could be harboring second thoughts about a current relationship with someone in your life. For example, it could be a deteriorating romantic connection, a friendship headed the wrong way or a partnership at work that is not bringing you the expected results.

Dancing alone

As Friedrich Nietzsche once said, "I could only believe in a God who could dance." And who are you, if not the God of your own dreamscape? That said, a dream in which you envision yourself dancing in absolute solitude foretells good fortune and exceptional success in the future. Moreover, these upcoming victories and achievements would not require you to rely on the aid of your surroundings, nor force you to seek any external help in seizing them. Another important detail is the location in which you have envisioned yourself dancing, as its size and space are proportional to the magnitude of your upcoming success.

Dancing vigorously

A dream in which you witness yourself dancing in a robust and overly energetic fashion is a sign of possible health issues in the upcoming future, likely related to your mobility in waking life. For example, such conditions could be traumas, joint pains, accidental sprains and even broken bones that would significantly restrict your freedom of movement. Alternatively, such a dream could be foretelling excessively busy days coming your way. This period would be the result of unfavorable events developing from your recent unattentiveness and failure to take care of something important taking place in the present.


A dream portraying yourself partaking in a slow dance with your date, partner in love, spouse or lover on the side is usually a sign of upcoming discord, conflicts and misunderstandings. Most likely, a series of such disagreements would lead to a temporary separation, either physical or emotional, but in the worst case scenario could develop into a decisive break-up. You would need to mobilize all of your understanding and willingness to set things right in order to avoid an unfavorable outcome of this alliance.

Dancing inside your home

If you dream of yourself dancing in your own house, be aware that this is usually not a favorable sign. Regardless of the details of your dance or the specific location in your home that you have envisioned yourself dancing in, such a dream portends upcoming emergencies and sudden conflicts, as well as the future need to go through a series of unpleasant conversations and disagreements with someone. It is impossible to predict whether this person would be from your household or not, like a friend, colleague or distant relative.

Dancing children

A dream in which you observe, approach or interact in any other form with a group of dancing children is usually a highly favorable sign. Such a dream is the harbinger of good fortune, luck and significant achievements that could occur in the nearest future in your own household. After witnessing the very first signs of the mentioned auspicious events, you can allow yourself to indulge in the serenity of the moment and stop worrying about your closest family members, as it is very unlikely that anything unfavorable could happen to them in the nearest future.

Dancing elderly

Dreaming of yourself witnessing, being close, or interacting in another form with a group of elderly people is to be considered a highly favorable omen. It speaks of upcoming success in your current projects and endeavors, regardless of whether they are related to your work, home or other aspects of your life. It is likely that these auspicious developments would be the result of forces out of your control or just the outcome of unexpected coincidences and luck working towards your ultimate success.

Being swirled while dancing

If you are a woman, a dream in which you envision yourself being swirled in a dance as a result of the spinning moves of your partner is to be considered a warning sign. You could end up finding yourself in a delicate and dangerous situation that would sprout from your careless attitude and gullibility. The described scenario could be related to certain actions of your partner in love, but not necessarily so. After such a dream, it is recommended to stay alert and watch out for any cunning plans unfolding behind your back.

Dancing for someone

In terms of dream interpretation, a dream in which you are persuaded into dancing for a certain someone is a double-edged sword that could signify either a good or ill omen, depending on your age. If you are young, consider this dream to be the harbinger of an unexpected yet pleasant event. For example, it could be a sudden work opportunity on fantastic terms or an invitation to a party you did not know was about to take place. But if you are a middle-aged person, such a dream could foretell upcoming financial hardships to the point of bankruptcy and inability to retain financial accountability. It is recommended to abstain from making serious business-related decisions after experiencing such a dream in order to minimize possible risks.

Dancing in a crowd

Dreaming of yourself amidst a large crowd of dancing people, for example, during a musical concert, an open-air festival or just a casual party, foretells the possible onset of a lonely period in your life. This time could be marked by social isolation, unfavorable events and a gloomy ambiance in general. To get over this period of solitude with a minimal amount of emotional losses on your part, it is recommended to pass the time by indulging in activities that bring you joy and do not require the company of anyone else, such as reading, watching movies, playing a musical instrument or finding yourself a new hobby to explore.

Riding a bicycle

A dream in which you see yourself riding a bicycle, regardless of the specific details of the vehicle, is a vision which could be predicting that in the upcoming future you could get involved in projects, events or other undertakings which may show to not be worth your time and efforts in the end. Perhaps, these endeavors could look promising and rewarding but it is likely that you would later regret pursuing them due to the minuscule profit at the end. Alternatively, the described dream could be foretelling that you could partake in sexual interactions that may be unusual or unnatural to you.

Remembering the contents of a book

Dreaming of particular passages or contents of a book you have previously read in reality could be your mind's way of giving you some life advice. Perhaps you have been grappling with an issue or a dilemma in the waking world and your subconscious is giving you this hint or clue to help you resolve this problem. You may know all along what you need to do, you just have to search within yourself to find out what you really stand for or the direction you need to take moving forward.

Children reading books

Envisioning yourself in a room where there are children reading books means you may meet young and brilliant individuals in reality. An event or encounter could get you acquainted with a group of intelligent and driven young entrepreneurs or visionaries who would open up your mind to ideas and insights you have never encountered before. This could give you the inspiration and enthusiasm to once again revisit your passion projects and inject a youthful twist to it.

Writing a book

Dreaming that you are writing a book, regardless if it is handwritten or typed, alludes to losses in real life. Writing is a time-consuming work and largely done alone, so its appearance in a dream vision represents actions and decisions that may lead to little or no payoff in the end. You may just be wasting your time trying to pursue unrealistic goals and in the process forget to pay enough attention to the people and things that are more important. So losses in this context would not only involved material losses, but also the emotional kind.

Rewriting a book

Dreaming that you are rewriting a book could reveal your proactive nature. You could be the type of person who is not afraid to point out your own flaws and work on improving yourself. As such, this attitude of yours makes you ideal for environments which reward a proactive attitude, self-awareness and an openness to reinvention. Ultimately, this dream vision is telling you that improvements in your overall life would happen soon. You can also expect positive developments in your future.

Destroying a book

To destroy a book in a dream, whether you burn it or tear off the pages, represents cutting social ties in reality. You could get into a heated argument or conflict with a long-time acquaintance which could lead to your separation or the dissolution of your friendship or professional relationship. Perhaps your recent collaborations or interactions have been strained due to underlying issues which you have tried to downplay. Unfortunately, one last argument could tip the edge and sever your ties for good.

Making marks in a book

To dream of making marks in a book, such as highlighting passages or doodling on pages, can point to the possibility of meeting someone in reality. This could be a chance encounter with someone from your past who was particularly close to you, but you lost touch over the years. On the other hand, this could also mean that you would meet someone new and that this could lead to a long-term relationship. It may not be romantic, but this platonic bond may be one that you would both treasure.

Someone reading a book

To see someone reading a book in a dream, especially if it was a stranger, could point to the presence of a child prodigy in your social circle. Perhaps you have a child in the family who is showing tremendous potential on a specific skill or an excellent academic aptitude. If not, then you may soon encounter this outstanding individual. Maybe your subconscious is giving you this message so you can make proper arrangements which would hone the talents or natural intellectual abilities of this child prodigy.

Copying a book you liked

To envision yourself copying your favorite book word-for-word portends learning and the acquisition of new and useful skills in reality. Since you are copying the content, it means you may learn from someone older and wiser, first through imitation and then eventually by finding your own voice or discovering new strategies to accomplish tasks. Polishing and mastering this newly-acquired skill or knowledge would prove to be useful for you in your chosen career. This could potentially give you a distinct advantage from your colleagues.

Running away

Running away, as a dream symbol, is often interpreted as a negative symbol, although the exact interpretation depends highly on what you were running away from in the vision. For example, running away from a dangerous individual suggests a desire to distance yourself from a particular person who is bothering you in wake life, while running away from someone who poses no risk to you could be an indicator of shyness or isolation in reality. The same is true of physical objects with scary pictures or sharp edges representing specific difficulties from your everyday life and plain, innocuous objects representing a general desire to shirk responsibilities or change your environment.

Moving to a new place for singles

Moving to a new place for singles in a dream, for example to a new house or possibly a new town or a foreign country after staying in the same old place for several years, could signal that big changes will soon occur in their personal life. This may mean that after being single for quite some time now, you could now be ready for a relationship and gain momentum as far as your romantic situation is concerned.

Losing belongings while moving

If you are losing belongings while moving in a dream when you are riding towards a new destination, like things or appliances are falling out of a moving van or misplacing them after moving to the new house and being unable to find them anywhere, it could be a hint for you to be more independent and self-sufficient than solely relying on others for help. You could try to be more proactive and energetic instead of constantly delegating your tasks and responsibilities to others.

Things breaking while moving

When things are breaking while moving in a dream, like a glass shattering down the floor or a car or a laptop broken down all of a sudden on your way to the new office or while moving house, it could be a potential advice or hint not to attempt to undergo too many drastic changes at this moment in life. You may want to slow down and smell the flowers so to speak, otherwise, you could expect some serious disappointments coming your way.

Feelings after moving

If you feel happy and satisfied after moving in a dream, bubbling with excitement and laughter while talking to new neighbors while hosting a house party, you could expect wellness, happiness and satisfaction in reality. However, if you are unhappy in the dream like frowning or crying altogether while surveying the new location, you may encounter minor difficulties or challenges in your life, but nothing to worry about because they are those that can be easily overcome.

Moving in general

To dream that you are moving in general, like to a new apartment, house or town, could be an indication of both good and bad global changes in your waking life, and in the process you would be trying to cope with them in the midst of this change. If for example you are sick for quite some time already, there could be positive improvements with your health soon and if you are facing life difficulties, you could be resolving them in no time. Alternatively, you may be having arguments or quarrels with relatives and a sudden downturn in finances, if you are leading quite a satisfactory life up to this point.

Moving for single women

If you are a single woman and you are dreaming that you are moving to a new place, house, town or country when you are generally enjoying your life, may mean a possibility of tying the knot or getting married sooner than you expected in your waking life. As an analogy for moving, this could be the most awaited milestone that you are expecting to happen in your life and you could not be more happier with this. The dream may also mean starting a new relationship with someone special soon whom you would be meeting through a friend or an event you would be attending.

Helping someone who is moving

To dream that you are helping someone who is moving house during a busy work day schedule, like assisting an old man or woman load big and fragile items into a moving van, could hint that your careless words or actions, not well thought out, can become the source of troubles or problems for those you deal with regularly in your waking life. This could also mean possible misunderstandings in your everyday communications. It would be best if you start thinking through first before speaking or doing things to clearly send your messages across.

Watching someone moving

Dreaming that you are watching someone moving to a new house when you are sitting on a park bench one lazy late afternoon, like a new neighbor off loading appliances from the van into the new home and painting the walls with a new color, could be an indication of an unexpected travel or trip for you somewhere in your waking life. Be prepared though, as this travel could be for good or bad reasons. It would be better to stay focused and plan ahead of time, and not be caught unaware when the trip pushes through.

Moving house

To dream that you are moving to a big and cozy new house in a nice and happy neighborhood, when you are feeling restless, discontented or unhappy in your current home for some time now, could very well be referring to you unexpectedly relocating to a new place or residence in your waking life. It would be better to re-assess where you are located right now. This could mean a whole new life and perspectives presented to you after relocating and growing roots in the new place where you would be relocating to.

Hiding something

Dreaming that you are hiding something, whether it is a secret or an object that you are keeping in a safe and concealed place, points to possible involvement in a complex and challenging situation. This may or may not lead to a negative outcome, although you would have to go through a lot of troubles for this. For women, this dream symbol means being talked about behind your back. Although this would be put to an end or put to rest once the truth comes out. You may even have to put out an official statement just to clear things up.

Another dream interpretation for hiding something has to do with wealth accumulation or an outpouring of blessings. These blessings may manifest in the workplace as salary increase, promotion, accomplishments or benefits. This could also occur in your personal relationships as you meet positive influences and supportive friends. If another person is hiding something in the dream, then this individual may be part of your success, either as a partner or team player.

Playing hide-and-seek

Playing hide and seek in a dream, with kids in a playground or with your siblings in your house, means you may be neglected by loved ones which causes a lot of resentment and familial conflict. Perhaps they are too self-involved that they do not take the time to catch up with important things in your life. It is also possible that you may be too busy with your work or other commitments that you forget to prioritize the people who actually matter and care for you. As such, this is likely a wake up call for you to value your loved ones before a serious issue blows up.

Unable to find someone who is hiding

If you dream that you are unable to find someone who is hiding, such as in a game or a loved one who has gone off-the-grid, it suggests brewing problems and conflicts that would lead to a falling out with this person you are trying to find within the dream. Fortunately, this dream symbol means that this is still preventable, serving as a warning and a reminder for you to be more sensitive to other people's feelings so you can avoid unnecessary arguments or misunderstandings that could permanently damage relationships.

Hiding something before giving it to someone

Dreaming of hiding something before giving it to someone, whether it is a birthday present or cash you hid somewhere in their belongings as a surprise, means there are secrets you refuse to share with this person, perhaps because the information could potentially damage your friendship or relationship. It is also possible that this secret deals with sensitive topics about the other person and to avoid awkwardness between the two of you, you have decided to just keep this knowledge to yourself.

Breaking things up

Breaking things up in the dream world is a complicated image to interpret and depends on the context of the situation. If you were breaking things apart angrily or violently, this symbol may be the manifestation of deep seated anger toward certain situations that you cannot control in reality. Alternatively, breaking things up calmly in order to separate them into boxes or trash bins may be a sign of needing to organize your day to day life and de-clutter your home.

Arguing scientifically

Arguing a scientific or academic point during a dream vision, such as at a conference or a formal debate, means you have some yet undiscovered skill or talent that you have not tapped into. Perhaps something is holding you back from trying or maybe you do not have the time or energy to explore those particular avenues. If you did look into it, however, you may find some ability that would improve your status at work or among friends.

Being invited to drink wine

This vision is a positive prediction of your long life. Tasting different brands of wine signifies that your body is in good condition and hence you should continue to take good care of it. Long life is dependent on your present activities so you should eat healthy and exercise regularly.

Sound of wine bottles being opened

Hearing the particular pop of a cork being pulled out of a wine bottle means you may soon be betrayed by someone you once trusted whole-heartedly. While the outcome of this betrayal is unlikely to be seriously damaging to you, the hurt and disappointment would still sting for some time.

Opening a bottle of wine

The act of opening a bottle of wine in a dream vision, particularly a sparkling variety, predicts soon receiving wonderful, uplifting news. This information would come as a great surprise and bring you much satisfaction. If you happened to spill the contents of the bottle upon yourself when you opened it, it suggests that your deepest, strongest wishes may soon become a reality.

Being at a wine drinking party

For business people or those who work in the corporate world, dream vision that takes place at a wine-drinking party could reveal the closing of a successful deal, the winning of an important contract or an introduction to someone whose expertise would be beneficial to you.

Taking a photo for young females

For single, young females, dreaming about taking a photo, like a selfie or taking a picture of a landscape while you are on vacation, means you may uncover unpleasant secrets or disappointing information about your significant other or your crush. This bit of information could completely change your impression of this person and it would consequently alter your current relationship. So maybe you and your partner may decide to part ways or you may completely be turned off and become disillusioned about your crush.

Processing photos

Dreaming of processing photos, whether digitally or inside a darkroom, portends upcoming issues and heartbreaks. The heartbreak or impending disappointment does not have to be romantic, you could experience a falling out with a good friend because of betrayal or finding out that their friendly gestures have been insincere all along. As such, the processing of photos represents the eventual shift in your relationship and perhaps it would mean the end of your friendship. For better or worse, you would learn valuable lessons during this process.

Printing photos

The act of printing a photo or multiple photos is thought to represent your personal wrongdoings coming to light. This means that while your original crimes against someone were unrecognized, new facts are likely to be found that implicate you beyond a shadow of a doubt. If you have since become close to or friends with the person or persons you aimed to hurt, they would be extremely disturbed by this revelation. You are likely to lose more than your originally intended target should this happen.

Browsing through photos

Browsing through photos at some point during a dream vision can be interpreted as a sign that you would soon encounter someone very unique or with an innate special quality. This individual's personality quirks might take you by surprise when you first learn of them, but they are sure to add depth and richness to your life. If the details in the printed photos were not entirely clear or visible, you may not learn of your companion's special gifts until after being in their acquaintance for a long time.

Another possible interpretation of this dream symbol points toward the possibility of contracting a contagious disease, either through direct or indirect contact with an infected individual. You should take extra precautions to safeguard your health, especially if you see this vision around flu season.

Posing for a photo

The act of posing for a photo being taken, in the context of a dream vision, predicts your behavior, words, actions or even presence may somehow cause great trouble or conflict for others in reality. Whether it is simply a case of being somewhere at the wrong time or reacting poorly to someone else's actions, you could cause some serious drama or difficulty soon. It may be wise to keep your emotions in check for the time being to avoid any unnecessary outbursts.

Posing for the camera and enjoying the experience is often thought to be a reflection of the dreamer's personality, namely that you enjoy being the center of attention. You probably like when others listen to what you say and shower you with affection and gifts. On the other hand, feeling uncomfortable under the spotlight may indicate a tendency to be a loner and a desire to be left alone. You probably avoid the public eye as much as possible, only showing up to events when it is absolutely necessary.

Cleaning a public area

Cleaning a public space in the dream world, such as a park or government building, is generally considered a positive dream symbol, although the exact interpretation depends on the manner in which you were cleaning. For example, using a tool like a broom or a mop means you would be able to overcome the current challenges or roadblocks that stand in your way. On the other hand, picking up trash with your bare hands may mean that you would only be able to get rid of or avoid those who annoy you in reality.

Cleaning a house resembling a museum

The act of cleaning a house that seems to resemble a museum means you have a desire to accomplish something great or truly spectacular in your lifetime. You want to chase after your dreams and make them a reality. You may also be attempting to impress or astonish some influential or powerful individuals who are known to you in reality, be they within your group of friends or not.

Moving from my present house to another house

A dream which involves moving from your present home to another suggests good tidings in reality. This could manifest in actual movement to a new environment, such as relocation or a new job in a new office. By extension, this dream symbol suggests travel of some sort. For example, you could even go on a well-deserved vacation which will give you new experiences and memories to treasure. Alternatively, change and movement could also occur within yourself, perhaps in the form of enlightenment and a new perspective which will propel you in pursuing new interests.

Cleaning at night

Cleaning under the cover of night or cleaning in secret suggests you aim to give assistance to others without being recognized or compensated for your help, meaning you are a humble and helpful person. It also predicts making good progress on any new project you choose to begin or meeting like-minded individuals who desire the same satisfaction from their work as you do. In either case, you would be very pleased and satisfied.

Being in charge of cleaning

Finding that you are in charge of a cleaning operation, such as being the leader of a team of cleaners, means you subconsciously desire to take control of some task at work or at home. You believe you have the skills and knowledge necessary to micromanage a project and bring it to success. If you were cleaning alongside your team it suggests you would thrive in your career and make great strides in your profession. Ordering others around or supervising them instead of helping, however, points toward a tendency to boss others around and put your own selfish goals above the needs of the group.

Cleaning your own house

Cleaning your own house during the course of a dream vision, such as vacuuming the carpets or washing the windows, means you subconsciously desire to be free of some conflict or disagreement within your own family unit. For example, if you are currently fighting with a parent, spouse or child, you probably just want to let bygones be bygones rather than continue to bicker pointlessly.

Cleaning your house of belongings

Cleaning out your house of unwanted belongings means you would soon have to deal with budding rumors about your personal life. Alternatively, you might be challenged or thwarted in your efforts to accomplish your goals, causing you to feel frustrated and at odds with others in reality.

Cleaning by putting things in a closet

Cleaning things up by putting them in a closet, such as hanging clothes or putting away boxes, means you would soon get confirmation that your suspicions about someone else in reality would soon be proved completely correct. However, rather than feeling justified or smug, you would only feel disappointment.

Cleaning by hiding things out of sight

Cleaning a room by sweeping dirt under a rug or shoving things out of sight in a closet could reveal that you would soon be involved in a complicated situation. You may get stuck between a rock and a hard place if you are not careful.

Cleaning by taking away garbage

Taking garbage outside or to a dump in a dream often means you would be faced with difficult times in the near future. Most likely this would be due to lack of money or cash with which to sustain yourself and your loved ones.

Cleaning floors inside your house

Cleaning the floors of your house, be it sweeping, vacuuming or mopping, means you tend to behave irresponsibly, especially when it comes to your job. Co-workers and superiors may be unable to depend on you to give good feedback or even show up to your shift on time.

Cleaning by putting things in the attic

Trying to clean by storing boxes up in the attic usually means you have some big plans or lofty ambitions that have inspired you to ask for help, advice or permission from someone else. However, this vision may also be warning you that if you actually want to accomplish these goals, you should pay a little more attention to your own abilities and available resources rather than other people's input.

Cleaning by putting things in your pockets

Tidying up a desk or bag by putting little items into your pockets could reveal that your schedule is about to get busier because you would be dealing with a family party of some type. There may soon be a new addition to your family through marriage or birth which requires celebrating and merry making for the foreseeable future.

Cleaning by putting scattered things away

Cleaning things up by picking up random, scattered items around the house, such as toys on the floor or bathroom products on a counter, means family matters may become rather complicated for you in the future. Your current or future children may have a disagreement with you that leads to a huge fight or misunderstanding.

Cleaning using water

Cleaning with water, such as washing a counter or mopping the floors, may reveal that the atmosphere and harmonious energy of your home would somehow worsen or become unbalanced. This could lead to more conflicts than normal or higher levels of tension than you are used to.

A video game

Video games in the dream world tend to represent certain aspects of your reality but either skewed or blown out of proportion. For example, a video game about war could point toward tension and stress caused by multiple battles you are fighting in wake life. Alternatively, a strategy or puzzle game may reveal your conscious mind's attempts to solve a problem that has been bothering you for awhile.

A stranger with a message

The image of a stranger conveying a message in the dream world means you could soon learn something interesting or inspiring. Perhaps one of your dear friends has gone through a struggle you knew nothing about, or maybe you would have the opportunity to learn about a historical figure whose trials inspire you to make a big change in your daily life. The specific message you receive could narrow down the meaning significantly, so it would be wise to pay special attention to the exact words and intonation used when the information was relayed.

Performing in public

Performing in public, such as dancing or singing, means you are reaching your boiling point and this is a reminder for you to learn how to manage your emotions. You typically have a short temper and a tendency to be impatient with others. Unfortunately, not everyone can handle your emotional outbursts and some people will fight back which could lead to disastrous outcomes. The reaction of the audience in your dream will add more meanings and interpretations. For instance, if they clap at the end of the performance, then it means you will be successful in controlling your temper.

Endless packing

Packing a bag for a trip but being unable to fill it no matter how much you put inside suggests you are filling your days with an endless amount of goals and to-do's. You likely enjoy planning your days and trying to be as productive as possible. However, despite your meticulous lists and constant goal-setting, you probably lack a sense of accomplishment. Perhaps it would be wise to spend a little more time with family or on taking care of your own mental health and well-being before you burn out.

Cleaning the floor

Cleaning the floor, such as mopping or sweeping the dirt away, portends the untimely passing of a family member or close friend. It could also symbolize a departure, such as moving away from you or distancing themselves from you because of irreconcilable differences. This profound loss will leave a hole in your life which will take some time to heal.

Construction in progress

A construction in progress symbolizes your own journey into achieving your goals. While you may not be at your desired destination yet, you are making concerted efforts to inch closer to your dreams. For example, you may not be able to afford your dream home yet, but you could be moving to a much better neighborhood or a bigger apartment. What matters is that you have the focus and determination to turn your dreams into reality. It will just be a matter of time as you grow personally and professionally.

Others refusing to talk with you

Other people refusing to talk or interact with you during a dream vision may be a subconscious indicator of depression. Your own mind is isolating yourself from the love and friendship of those in wake life. You may want to contact an online therapist or make an appointment with a counselor to help you sort out your feelings. Alternatively, getting involved in a creative outlet, be it traditional like painting or a more modern one like game design or animation, could help lift your spirits.

Dreams about going on vacation or ocean resort

Going on vacation

Going on a vacation during a dream vision, whether it's a beach holiday to Cancun with your friends or an adventure trip in South East Asia, is generally considered a sign that you need a break from your day to day existence. The constant grind of work, work, and more work is wearing you down, and all work and no play makes you a dull person. Now may be the time to take an extended weekend or book a week-long excursion to regain some of the energy and excitement that makes you who you are.

Escaping a killer

Escaping a killer reveals your futile attempts at suppressing your inner demons. Your fears and insecurities are not meant to be ignored. The only way to overcome your personal issues is to face them and understand where they are coming from. On the other hand, this could also mean you are listening to too much true crime podcasts or watching too many serial killer documentaries on Netflix. Perhaps it is time to give your mind some rest from dark and violent content.

Escaping a shooter

Escaping a shooter means you are going to outsmart your rivals. While they are busy plotting to steal your promotion or seduce your partner, you are in fact playing a very different game. Perhaps you are being scouted by a headhunter from a more prestigious organization or you are actually planning on dumping your current partner anyway. Keep your cards close to your chest and watch their jaws drop when your plan is unveiled.

Fetching water from a well

Fetching water from a well with a bucket or scoop reflects your desire for clairvoyant or psychic powers to assist you. You are the type of person who greatly desires to know what the future holds, partially because you have difficulty dealing with surprises or unexpected occurrences. Knowing what is to come would give you some peace of mind that you are on the right track or that you are prepared for any unfortunate situations. However, learning to go with the flow and stay calm in spite of hardship could help you grow as an individual.

Hanging pictures

Freudian sources suggest that the act of hanging pictures in the dream realm can directly reflect the processing of emotions and memories in REM sleep. In a sense, the picture is the encapsulated manifestation of your recent experiences in wake life. For instance, if you hung up a picture of your family, you may be subconsciously dealing with emotions related to an event in the near past, like a birthday, wedding or funeral. If you could not see a particular image in the frames, it simply means you are processing the more general aspects of your day to day life rather than a particularly memorable situation.

Taking pictures with phone

Taking photos with a smartphone or some other cellular device may reflect your subconscious tendency to over-analyze situations in wake life. This vision should rouse some feelings of concern or worry about this behavior, as obsessive reflection could point toward other issues, like depression or anxiety. You should stay away from situations that cause you to question yourself and others with such intensity to avoid triggering unhappy sensations.

Calling 911

Calling 911 or emergency services during a dream can have different interpretations depending on whether or not your were successfully able to get through. Modern sources suggest that if you were able to connect to the police, fire department or paramedics, it means you would be able to handle the stress of an upcoming difficulty with a calm and cool aura. This would bring peace of mind both to your own soul and those around you. However, being unable to get through to emergency services alludes to communication issues in situations that are high-tension. You may even shoot yourself in the foot by not explaining your situation or feelings properly.

Jumping into water

According to various traditional and folkloric sources, jumping into water is often considered an ill omen in the dream realm. It seems to be related to the old adage "never test the depth of water with both feet". In essence, it alludes to finding yourself in a difficult situation with no way out. Other images and symbols within your dream could provide more details as to the exact nature of your troubles.

Having a baby boy but not pregnant

Having a baby boy in a dream when you are not pregnant yourself is not necessarily a sign of an upcoming positive pregnancy test. Rather, Jungian sources suggest that your mind is picking up on subconscious messages from a family member, friend or well-known individual who is currently carrying a child. Furthermore, your dream can be considered a prophecy that things would go smoothly with the labor and birth process. This would bring happiness and relief, especially if the woman who is pregnant is someone you are close to in wake life.

Walking barefoot

To walk barefoot is a metaphor for destitution. Your bare feet signify lack of resources and capability to improve your current situation. Despite your drive and desire to move up in the world, you simply may not have the right connections or the finances to fuel your dreams. The characteristics of the ground you are walking on will provide more specific meaning in dream analysis. For instance, to walk barefoot in snow suggests financial troubles while a dirty floor may indicate relationship problems.

Climbing stairs

To climb or walk up the stairs is a metaphor for success. One by one your goals will be realized and with each achievement you will get closer and closer to your ultimate dream. You have a chance to make the most of this auspicious period to gain momentum and secure a prosperous future for yourself and your family. Walking upstairs is also an allusion to an upgrade to your social status. Perhaps due to becoming more wealthy or respected in your community, you will solidify your position in the upper echelon of society.

Chasing someone

In dream analysis, chasing a person represents your perseverance. You are ambitious and motivated to achieve your goals regardless of the obstacles. Even in nocturnal sleep your mind continues to fuel your enthusiasm so that you are fired up and ready for a new day. Alternatively, this symbol may also reveal your lack of progress in comparison to your peers and you feel that you have to exert more effort in order to catch up or overtake them.

Jumping high

Jumping high up, whether it was because of sports or some supernatural ability, may reflect your positive and carefree personality. Modern interpretations of this symbol suggest those with a light heart and positive outlook on life are more likely to see this symbol in their dreams. If you are currently depressed or feeling dragged down by guilt or regret, perhaps this symbol may also represent a means for redeeming yourself and lightening the load you carry.

Ice skating

To envision yourself skating on ice refers to your intuition. If you are skating with ease in this vivid dream, then it means you need to trust your instincts. You have a knack for accurately identifying a person's motivations, so your first impressions are almost always right. Like a true clairvoyant, you can also predict when opportunities and situations are favorable or not. However, if you had poor skills as an ice skater or if you stumble while skating, then you have to be cautious with your relationships since you may not be a good judge of character. You could be easily manipulated because you tend to be too trusting.

Being hunted

Feeling like you are being hunted in the dream realm, whether it is by an individual or a vicious animal, is often a reflection of your unconscious mind's response to pressure to conform in reality. In a sense, the feeling that you are being watched and followed is a metaphor for being under the thumb of someone with more power or influence than yourself. For young people, this may be a parent, teacher or coach who is trying to influence your life in a certain direction that you do not feel comfortable with. For older individuals, this may be a boss, old friend or religious leader who is trying to get you to act in a way that goes against your moral compass.

Searching for someone

Looking for someone means you feel incomplete. The person you are searching for likely possesses skills or characteristics which you want to cultivate for yourself. In dream analysis, the identity of the specific person you are looking for also adds more meaning to the vision. For example, searching for a partner alludes to fear of dying. You yearn for a semblance of meaning or purpose in order to feel like you are living a good life. You do not want to die without having experienced a full and satisfying existence.

Looking for someone and can't find them

Unable to locate someone who is hiding or lost predicts major conflict between you and this missing person. While you may already be fighting with this person, this dream imagery provides hope that your relationship can still be fixed. This also implies that a close friend is keeping a big secret from you. They could be ashamed about this secret or it may have something to do with you and they do not want to hurt you with this information.

Packing and moving

Packing up and moving house in the dream world can carry a prediction of upcoming news that would surprise or shock you in wake life. Jungian philosophy suggests that such information would prompt you to change or do something different than you were planning, hence the image of moving to a new house or living situation. Common bits of news in this situation often have to do with sudden travel plans or changing a place you commonly frequent.

Drinking water

Drinking water to hydrate yourself in the dream realm is traditionally considered a symbol that is associated with the fulfillment of dreams or goals. However, the state of the water may reveal something more about your journey or path. Clear, clean or fresh water refers to realizing your plans for the future with little to no opposition, while dirty, murky water could mean you would experience a setback that would cause you to put your plans on hold, like an illness. Warm water refers to others trying to interfere with your plans, while particularly cool or cold water may mean you would receive aid from someone unexpected.

Someone moving away

Dreaming that someone is relocating, whether it is a member of your family or a neighbor, means you are increasingly becoming unpopular. Your peers or colleagues are likely forming a negative perception of you because of your insensitive remarks or bad behavior. The next time someone refuses your invitation or gives you the cold shoulder, it is time for some much-needed introspection. You need to be more self-aware in order to get along well with people.

Not being able to find something

Struggling to find specific items, perhaps a pen or your phone, reveals a chaotic mind. Too many things could be happening and you are feeling disoriented. This experience may seem like a wake dream and you are a mere observer, but you have to take charge. To avoid getting overwhelmed by the situation, channeling your inner peace by meditating could help you find your center in the midst of all the chaos.

Searching for something

To go looking for lost things or something missing in the dream realm hints at something esoteric just within your reach. A mysterious force is troubling you, so you will embrace mysticism and the supernatural to uncover this enigmatic phenomena. The prickly feeling behind your neck after meeting someone or developing insomnia prior to a significant event likely have deeper meanings, so do not dismiss those signs. This journey could help you discover a new skill that will help not just yourself, but other people who need spiritual guidance.

Packing in a hurry

Packing in a rush predicts an unexpected transition or a surprising development with long-term repercussions. This situation will force you to adapt quickly or risk getting the short end of the stick. This could be a reference to the Carl Jung shadow concept in which your shadow self is preventing you from reaching your potential. In this case, your aversion to change could make your career stagnate or keep you in a safe yet unrewarding profession.

Taking a test

The act of taking a test during the course of REM sleep is thought by doctors and psychologists to be related to stress in reality. Taking a test that felt challenging or in a subject you dislike could add another layer of discomfort or worry to your situation, while taking a test in a course you like or feeling like you are acing the exam could mean you are handling the situation well. In either case, finding someone to share the workload or at least express your feelings to could help.

Running away from someone

Running away from someone during the course of a dream vision may be a not so subtle hint from your unconscious mind that you need to distance yourself from someone in wake life. This individual may obviously be a bad influence, like someone with criminal or self-destructive tendencies, or they may have some agenda in getting close to you, which could cause you trouble in the future. If you recognized the man or woman in your dream, this should make identifying the person easier, although sometimes the mind swaps faces of those with similar characteristics. For instance, a concerned parent's face may be disguising an overbearing or manipulative partner's visage.

Large gatherings

A big get-together, such as a reunion or a party, reveals your desire to make new friends or at least expand your network. This happy imagery may be a stark contrast to your actual life which is why your subconscious is manifesting this scenario as wish fulfillment. While there may not be a lot of opportunities to meet people, you are going to make a concerted effort to be more social, whether in person or in online platforms. A gathering can also be a projection of your social anxiety. You are probably awkward in social situations and the thought of socializing in a big crowd makes you nervous.

Swimming in dirty water

Swimming through dirty water, such as water filled with pollution, trash or mold, alludes to dealing with a murky situation in reality. You may find yourself going through a series of increasingly difficult or annoying events. This would leave you feeling drained and possibly put strain on your closest relationships.

Punching someone in the face

Punching someone in the face is actually thought to be the manifestation of pent up aggression. Something or someone is annoying you in reality, and your unconscious mind is projecting your desire to confront this situation head on. However, depending on the other symbols in your dream, this may or may not be an advisable course of action.

Cleaning and organizing

To clean and organize in your dream is a prescient symbol of unexpected guests or turn of events. The specifics of the dream scenario will inform you regarding the aspect of your life where this surprising thing will occur. For example, if you are doing your household chores, then you might expect to bump into relatives or long-lost friends. This is your subconscious mentally preparing you for that situation. On the other hand, organizing implies slacking off. Perhaps you are putting off important tasks and your mind is trying to enlighten you about the negative consequences of laziness or inaction.

Cleaning bathroom

Cleaning the bathroom may reveal that you would unexpectedly have to care for a sick relative. Cleaning in this case may actually refer to having to feed or bathe this individual depending on how ill they actually are. Your mood while you are cleaning the restroom may also give more context. If you were happy, the sickness may not be serious or it may pass quickly. On the other hand, feeling upset or stressed could mean a prolonged period of care, causing you much stress and anxiety.

Dancing with someone

To dance with a partner alludes to the merging of feminine and masculine aspects of your personality. You are slowly getting comfortable in your skin. This is especially true if you are the leading during the dance. The identity of your dancing partner also conveys a significant message. For instance, dancing with someone famous, like a celebrity, is a bad omen about having a detractor. This person is likely envious of your achievements and praying for your downfall. Meanwhile, if you were dancing with someone you like, it indicates longing to be close to this person.

Jumping down from a high place

Looking for the dream meaning jumping down from a high place suggests getting over something that has caused you trouble in the past. You may pass a test you have previously failed or earn some recognition that has eluded you before. And although you may be happy with your achievement, it may also feel a little bittersweet.

Forgetting class schedule

Forgetting your own class schedule or daily tasks in a dream vision is a moderately negative symbol to perceive according to the studies of John Paul Jackson. This symbol may imitate some aspect of your reality where you are underprepared. For instance, you may have an important assignment coming up that you have yet to start. Alternatively, you may be forgetting a friend or family member's birthday or special event, which could lead to some friction in that relationship.

Talking to someone on the phone

Gabbing on the phone, whether it is important or not, typically symbolizes petty issues in the waking world. This dream of talking to someone on the phone reveals uninteresting news on your horizon. On the other hand, it can also imply a desire for memorable moments with your loved ones. You could be yearning for more interaction and moments of levity because you have been so consumed with work lately.

Searching for a missing person

The act of searching or looking for someone who appears to be missing in your dream alludes to an unconscious feeling of incompleteness in wake life. In essence, you are searching for this individual in your vision to fill a void in your heart or soul. If you recognized the person, it is possible that you are specifically missing their presence in your life, although this symbol is more traditionally associated with missing personality traits, skills or abilities. For instance, if your grandmother was missing, you may be missing the sense of love and safety that comes from being surrounded by family. If your spouse of partner was absent, love or carnal pleasure may be missing from your reality.

Sweeping the floor

Sweeping the floors during the course of a dream vision is often considered your unconscious mind's attempts to get rid of bad thoughts or negative energy clouding your judgement. Perhaps you have been weighed down by a lot of work or are currently in a situation that causes you a lot of emotional pain. These unresolved problems may even be affecting your ability to function normally. As such, it would be wise to find a way to unburden yourself, perhaps by talking with a friend or taking some time to yourself.

Dancing and wearing a diamond ring

I saw myself dancing and wearing shining big diamond rings in dream.

Dreaming about dancing is a favorable sign. All of the everyday issues or troubles you may have been experiencing will disappear in a short period of time. You will feel much more comfortable and at ease while communicating with the opposite sex. However, this dream can also be a warning not to go to extremes because you may end up having issues with newly acquired admirers. Seeing yourself wearing a diamond ring symbolizes that you will achieve success in all your endeavours and projects which you are trying to pursue. It could also signify favorable changes occurring in your life, maybe meeting a new acquaintance who might prove to be very important for you or achieving some of the goals you have set for yourself.

Swimming in a pool with clear water

I dreamed that I was swimming in a very clear water in the swimming pool.

Dreaming about swimming in the limpid waters of a swimming pool often is a positive sign. Namely, you could soon fall head-over-heels for someone or start a remarkably intense romantic affair. These romantic feelings would make you forget your daily responsibilities and duties. Moreover, crystal clear waters suggest that the relationship would be beneficial and rewarding for both of you. Alternatively, this dream could mean that you could soon meet or re-unite with an old acquaintance for whom you used to have feelings. This encounter could re-ignite these past emotions and you could end up subconsciously wishing to get back together with this person. Overall, the dream speaks of experiencing positive and most probably romantic emotions.

Being on the bus and given worms to eat

I had a dream that I was in a strange house with a lot of extended family. I dreamed that they left and I had to go find some food for my self and my younger cousins. I ended up getting on a bus. I dropped one of my unlit cigarettes through a hole in the floor on the bus which prompted me to get off and look for it. I couldn't find it and then I realized I was lost. I started walking in the direction I thought was homeward. I met three Hispanic guys on the way and they gave me a Styrofoam plate of worms to eat. When I got home ate one and I grabbed another to eat but it stung me.

This dream contains numerous symbols which both combine and conflict with each other, making the interpretation difficult. One image that stands out is that of getting on a bus, which is often associated with beginning new projects or going on some sort of adventure. However, because you exited the vehicle before reaching your destination, it might predict the plan either not being completed or falling short of your expectations. This is also seen in your getting lost within the dream, which can also point to not moving forward with some aspect of your life. Stagnation is likely to leave you feeling dissatisfied or unfulfilled, which is further supported by your eating of the worms but continuing to eat when you returned home as well. In summary, being unable to achieve your goals may prevent you from growing as a person or challenging yourself, which in turn may cause feelings of frustration.

Catching fish in muddy waters

I dreamt of catching fish in a muddy, grassy pool. We were catching and killing the fish with our bare hands. Some of the fish I was catching I could not see where they were coming from, some were even moving up my trousers.

The muddy and grassy pool where you were catching fish is a reflection of your social circle, which either includes people (most likely women) who make you feel uncomfortable and under constant pressure, or individuals whose motivations and attitude you do not fully understand. The visions of you and other people catching fish with your bare hands is symbolic of a lot of activity and communication going on inside this circle, but it is mostly meaningless and does not benefit you in any way. It could be that you are looking for a mate or romantic partner in this crowd (as depicted by the fish going up your pants), but it seems to us to be the wrong place.

Dancing as a ballerina

I am a female, age 22, and I was dancing as a ballerina in another person's house, a person I know, my sister's best friend. It was filled with furniture going from room to room dancing as a ballerina by myself.

You do not mention whether you are a dancer in real life or not. If you are a dancer, this dream may represent feelings of apprehension about an upcoming performance or audition. You may feel more comfortable if you practice more or talk with others about your concerns. If you are not a dancer in real life, this vision suggests you have not been utilizing your artistic talents to the best of your ability. You may be working on a project which could be made better or easier with a bit of creativity and imagination.

Riding a bicycle

I always dream of riding a bicycle and I would like to know what is the meaning?

Seeing yourself riding a bicycle in a dream vision represents an aspect of your personality that is lively, energetic, and youthful. You may still have a childlike sense of wonder or are persistently optimistic. This vision suggests that either these traits are dominant in your personality now or that your subconscious is trying to remind you of these qualities in case you have forgotten them. If you have forgotten or hidden this part of yourself, returning to your true nature may help you to find more balance and peace in your life.

Fetching water

Dreaming about fetching water.

Dreaming of fetching water is an auspicious sign which means you are soon to be triumphant over problems that have been bothering you for some time. You may suddenly find an answer that was not apparent before or learn a skill which changes the situation in your favor. You should take advantage of this success to make as much progress as you can.

Filling containers with water

I found myself filling jars with water. I always dream about this repeatedly. I'm a female... Thanks.

A jar being filled with water in a dream represents the skills and experience you have that help you accomplish work-related projects and personal endeavors quickly and efficiently. With this interpretation in mind, your dream vision seems to suggest you are currently working toward or should be putting more effort into improving yourself, either by learning new job skills, quitting bad habits, or doing activities that expand your horizons. By working hard at these things you can achieve success in the future.

Delivering items to someone

Female 30. My mother was driving me to deliver a man that I've known for years his stuff. I'm not exactly sure what the stuff is, but I had a car trunk full and I was delivering it. When I arrive he's not there, but his cousin is. I try calling him, but I misplaced my cell phone. On the ride to deliver the stuff I'm OK and at peace. I get a little worked up when I can't find my phone.

This dream vision you have experienced contains notions of you being unable to share some important information you may be in possession of with those it is intended to be delivered to, you could be running out of time too. You may be in a situation when you intentionally conceal an issue or build a wall around yourself to stay safe and comfortable, but the longer you keep it to yourself, the higher the probability you will alienate yourself from people who matter and play an important part in your waking life.

A field trip and donating clothes at the same time

I dreamt that I was taking kids on a field trip and donating clothes at the same time. Then, we walked around bazaar-type place full of shops and food places. The clothes were for people in need.

The first symbol, taking children on a field trip, predicts balance in your life and enough wealth to satisfy reasonable wants and needs. However, donating clothes predicts a period of material losses and poverty, causing a desperate situation in your life. Seeing these two opposing signs together indicates you are walking a fine line between order and chaos. The cause of your precarious situation is revealed in the sign of the bazaar, which suggests your relationships and sex life may be slightly out of control. If you do not take measures to restrain yourself, you may find yourself in a difficult situation in the future.

Trying to cut a rope over a pit

I dreamt many people were trying very hard to cut a drying line (rope), but were not able to. I tried it and was able to cut it. There was a pit underneath the line and a voice came from it saying "You're left with 12 years". I don't understand this dream.

This dream vision about cutting a rope could symbolically represent your great dependence on people from the past, such as childhood friends or schoolmates who are still present in your waking life. Relying on their help and expecting them to always be there for you may be a great thing for you personally, but you could also be sensing their growing tiredness and reluctance to be around all the time because of their own responsibilities and commitments. If this is the case, you could be hearing your own voice warning you about breaking ties with these people soon if you do not consider being less reliant on them.

Dressing up as monkeys

My dream was about me and four other people who dressed up as monkeys and stayed in a cage. Later we all decided to go to a zoo. I fought with this one girl who tried to steal my boyfriend and I also fought with my boyfriend about it. Then we didn't go to the zoo and I was the last person dressed as a monkey in a cage.

Monkeys in cages represent misplaced curiosity. Unfounded accusations directed at your loved ones may escalate to full-blown arguments and confrontations if you let your assumptions get the better of you. Keep yourself in check to make sure that you are not out of line with your inquisitiveness. If you undermine the trust you have given to your nearest and dearest, you could find yourself getting sucked into a jealous rage and down a wormhole of negativity. If you let emotions rule over rationality, you may end up alone and in misery.

Birds and insects at a party

There was a party of sorts, and two groups of men who hated each other. I managed to get them to "play nice" for the sake of a good time, while one individual was threatening the union. I brought him outside to talk to him. I discovered that he had tourettes, and came to a better understanding of his anger. I then went and met my dad at a park, where men were shooting barn owls out of the trees. I also stepped on a poisonous red sphinx moth attracted to music instead of light.

Dreaming about a conflict between two different groups of men suggests you are envious of someone close to you, most likely a friend in your social circle. You are probably jealous of their social position or covet the lifestyle they have. In either case, focusing on one individual at this party and pulling him aside indicates that, intentionally or not, you may say something insensitive to this friend who has done nothing wrong to you (except having what you do not). Watching men shoot barn owls out of the trees represents the internal struggle you face when deciding what to say and what to keep to yourself. You may want to pay special attention to this voice, as cruel statements said unjustly could ruin your relationships with others forever.

Participating in a masquerade ball

I went to a masquerade ball at my school with an old-fashioned Japanese theme. My whole class was there and we had an instructor there to teach us how to behave. The girl who could reflect her character the best got to pick what guy to dance and spend the ball with first. The instructor chose me and I chose me with my crush. For the rest of the night we were laughing and hugging, but I always had this feeling that everything was a game. Especially the way I treated the rest of my classmates.

Schools are often associated with stress in wake life and difficulty making things go smoothly. The problems you are facing in your life, then, are likely social, as a large masquerade ball suggests. Perhaps you tend to make friends easily, but have some trouble maintaining those associations in the long term. For example, you may have joined a group and met many interesting people, but over time you may have realized their hesitation to invite you out or to discuss social events with you. This can also be seen in the feeling that the event was more of a game than a real party.

Women dancing around a campfire

My dream is women are laughing and dancing around a campfire.

Campfires are generally associated with socializing or forging personal connections. This may be a reflection of your readiness to date or at least meet new people. On the other hand, there seems to be an outsider perspective as you watch all those women laughing and dancing around the fire. Perhaps you feel disconnected and have trouble relating to the opposite sex. This lack of understanding may be preventing you from establishing meaningful connections. Hence, the vision may be encouraging you to free yourself from inhibitions and just be yourself, as symbolized by the carefree movements and behavior of the women in your dream.

Women mopping floors after a party

I was in a strange house. There had been a party and I walked into a room after the party, where a group of women were mopping the floors. I asked repeatedly if I could get a broom and sweep first, but everyone ignored me. There were big dust balls everywhere.

Being in a strange house after a party likely points to your feelings about your current occupation. Perhaps you are not as enthusiastic or inspired as you were when you were just starting out in your career path. The dirt on the floor represents the alienation you feel towards your job. Even though it provides you and family with a sense of security, you could be losing sight of the reasons why you enjoyed doing your job in the first place. This lack of motivation may be affecting your performance. Maybe you have been committing a lot of mistakes lately and your colleagues have to clean up the mess for you, as indicated by the women mopping the floor.

Possessions stolen at a concert

I went to a concert of my favorite band, P!ATD. When I got there, I gave the staff my ticket and stuff and told them to take care of it as I go to the bathroom. When I come back, they have stolen my stuff and said that I had never given them anything. I was not allowed in to the concert but I got my stuff back.

Dreaming about being to a concert signifies pleasurable and good times you have in your waking life. This dream is an indication that your life has been happy and carefree so far. However, the image of your stuff being stolen from the venue and your inability to enjoy the concert may have negative connotations. It portends that someone or a chain of events could disrupt your normally happy life. It would be better to keep yourself prepared for any upcoming difficulties which you may come across. Patience and willpower would help you weather any problems with ease.

Physical activity and apes chasing

I completed 30 sit-ups. Then I ran up a red mountain when I made it to the top of the wall, there were apes that started chase me. Then I woke up from my sleep.

Dreaming about doing physical activity or exercising could be a manifestation of significant stress and busy schedule in your waking life. Both the vision of running up a mountain and being on top of the wall reveal your constant striving to succeed in something important to you or to impress others by the results you want to achieve. Perhaps your ambitions and goal-driven personality traits are catching up with you even when you are asleep.

Cleaning and painting the room

I am cleaning and at the same time painting the room green.

Cleaning the house is often thought to predict upcoming social events happening inside your house soon. In particular, you may have unexpected company or reunite with someone you have not seen in many years. Painting the house is also a social symbol that alludes to having kind and reliable friends. Together with the image of green paint, these symbols seem to point out your thoughtful, caring nature and the reciprocating behavior of those you call friends.

Unable to control a big aircraft

B-52 copilot, wearing no boots, wearing six layers of flight gloves on the right hand, took off between very narrow buildings on either side of the runway, hurried takeoff because of gunshots fired as president Bush #2 got out of his car which was in the driveway of the house we rented. When airborne, I could not control the plane. Big planes like the B-52 should be VERY stable, like driving a bus! The controls were oversized. I was like a small child sitting behind the wheel.

When you dream about flying an airplane, it could mean that you are trying to pursue dreams which you have cherished for a long time now and are ready to take the next step in starting to accomplish them. However, since you describe your flying as chaotic, it could mean you may have difficult time adapting to the circumstances and that you may not be as well-prepared as you thought you were in order to pursue your heart's desires. You may need to exert more effort before undertaking tasks or projects which could turn risky for your overall stability and well-being.

Making the bed

I was dreaming I was making my bed.

Making your bed in a dream is often associated with the idea of everything in reality having its own place. In general, this means you are mentally and physically preparing yourself for the next stage in your life. As you subconsciously put things away and tidy your surroundings, you are coming to terms with your life thus far and considering the possibilities for your future.

Doing laundry on an Indian reservation

A Native American man was in my dream looking at me. I was by the reservation doing my dad's laundry, on the bottom of a barrel I found a dirty bright orange sweatshirt, it kind of freaked me out.

A stranger who stares at you and makes you feel uncomfortable in a dream could be the manifestation of your mistakes and failures following you throughout waking life. You may feel that you cannot shake off the bad luck that has plagued past decisions and actions. Additionally, the strange orange sweatshirt you found in the laundry may reveal an upcoming opportunity that seems, and most likely is, too good to be true. You should be wary of cheap and easy fixes to problems that have seemed overwhelming thus far. You should look for help from those you trust and make changes slowly and deliberately.

Ironing and burning clothes

I saw in my dream that I am ironing my clothes and suddenly my clothes get burnt while I was talking to my cousin I think. What does this dream mean?

Dreams containing images of ironing clothes and getting them burnt is a sign of soon having a rival or competitor entering the relationship you have with someone special in your life, such as your spouse, romantic partner or lover. Symbolically, ironing things in dreams represents being able to resolve things or overcome conflicts in a peaceful way. Because you perceived yourself being unable to successfully finish the chore, it could mean that there are some turbulent times ahead when you can become drawn into petty quarrels, confrontations and even fights, possibly with the person who will be trying to meddle in your personal life.

Apocalypse during a party

I am a girl. I had it in February, very vivid and detailed. I was at a party with my friends and a new guy I did not recognize. This new guy did some creative things. Suddenly, there was an Apocalypse and we were fighting police-officers and there was also smoke. I was beaten down and then I woke up in the dream!! My friends said the Apocalypse only were an illusion due to the smoke. Then this guy. We melted to one in each other eyes. He said "30 August" to me in the dream. Help me understand?

Attending a party in your dream means you want to relax and have fun. The stranger at the party likely represents your desire to break your routine and meet new people in order to widen your world. He could also symbolize a hidden inclination or a repressed personality trait that you would soon discover about yourself. Similarly, the apocalypse points to a major change. Since the context of your dream seems to be referring to personal transformation, there is a possibility that you are contemplating changing your lifestyle or following another career path. The apocalypse, therefore, signifies the destruction of one area of your life and the beginning of another chapter in your personal journey. Meanwhile, the police represents authority. In the context of your dream, this means that your elders, perhaps your parents, may not approve of the life-changing decision you are about to make. This is why there is smoke in the dream scenario. It represents confusion and anxiety. While you feel the need to make this major shift in your life, the disapproval from others may be causing internal conflict and making you rethink your plans. Finally, "30 august" may not necessarily point to the exact date, but it could mean that you need to make a decision soon.

Mailing letters with someone

Mailing letters. Twice went down 5 or 6 steep stairs outside to put my letters into a slot. An unknown woman stood next to me and threw her letters on the cement floor. Letters went in through the opening. I wanted to do same, but had opted for the stairs. It dawned on me that the cement floor must have moved to get her mail inside.

Dreaming of mailing letters is very auspicious. You are going to have a lot of promising opportunities and blessings. Furthermore, other people in your immediate circle, such as family and friends, would also benefit from the rewards and good fortune headed your way because of your generosity. Taking the stairs to mail the letters means you need to persevere in order to reap the rewards, whereas others may have luck on their side by becoming successful even without working as much. There is no need to envy these flash in the pan personalities because consistent performance wins in the long term. And because your worked hard for your achievements, you would feel much more fulfilled and have a deeper appreciation for your accomplishments.

Walking with boyfriend and shopping

I was dreaming that I am with my boyfriend roaming around in a hilly area and it's a very beautiful place. After that I did lots of shopping with my sister for green veggies and woolen clothes. I'm female.

Dreaming about traveling in a hilly area shows you are having some trouble communicating with someone important to you. The fact that you were with your boyfriend in your vision indicates that you could be experiencing this with him. However, an effort to solve this misunderstanding can fix your problems. The imagery of shopping means you are about to make substantial progress in your everyday life and you will be able to resolve things which have been bothering you for a while. Seeing green vegetables and woolen clothes in your dream predicts that a period is coming up in your life filled with health and well-being.

Walking in the streets

The main idea of my dream was me walking from an amusement park where all the people I know are there, to a post office to pick up a package, I made a couple stops on the way like talking to people setting up a parade, and talking to an old woman sitting on a bench by herself. The walk felt peaceful and refreshing. Compared to the part of the amusement park.

This vision seems to be a reflection of your personality and temperament rather than an indication of your future prospects, although one particular symbol may allude to something on the horizon. Walking through an amusement park could reflect that you see a lot going on around you. This politics in your country may be something more akin to a circus act than a formal governing body. There could also be a lot of upheaval in your neighborhood due to different groups of people moving in and out, bringing different voices and cultures with them. You, however, know how to weather this storm. You can take care of your own business without being ruffled or swayed by blatant lies and sensationalism. In fact, picking up the package from the post office on your route could mean this tendency would help you achieve something personally important to you soon.

Someone helping to carry water

Dreaming that my water is too heavy that an old friend I don't talk to had to help me carry.

Meeting an old friend represents the reappearance of old issues or problems. Carrying water, on the other hand, represents triumph in the face of adversity. In essence, this vision predicts overcoming a past trouble and moving on past it. This would bring you peace of mind and great happiness.

Carrying buckets of water uphill

I dreamt that I was carrying buckets of water in my both hands and I was climbing hill. I was tired when climbing the hill but one man helped me, after we finished climbing he gave me my buckets of water back and I carried them again until I get to where I need drop them. Please what is the meaning?

This vision is highly auspicious and should bring you great peace of mind. Carrying water is often thought to allude to being triumphant over problems that have bothered you in reality. Climbing a hill also has positive connotations, with each step upward alluding to making steps toward fulfilling your dreams. Receiving the buckets after someone helped you could mean you would help someone else on an earlier stage of the same path you are on. For instance, if you have recently opened your own business, you may find time to mentor someone else who is considering starting their own company.

Missing a doctor's appointment

Dreaming about someone having a ring worm. Not making it to my doctor's appointment by missing it one day. My coworker reminding me of my doctor's appointment. Then going in to get my blood pressure checked.

The presence of all these health-related dream symbols suggests you are worried about your health. Specifically, avoiding a doctor's appointment implies that you are likely neglecting your health or living an unhealthy lifestyle. Getting your blood pressure checked means there is a major stressor in your life that could be contributing to your unhealthy lifestyle choices. The ringworm, meanwhile, alludes to someone you trust who will betray you or let you down. Perhaps this betrayal will lead you down a path of self-destruction and you are somehow denying the negative effects of this betrayal, hence your subconscious is reminding you to stop going down this path.

Women dancing

The vision of women dancing in your dream is directly linked to your personal connections in real life. On the one hand, this dream could bring a positive message that involves working on a project with a group of people and making a harmonious relationship with them. On the other hand, this signals your difficulty making connections with the opposite sex. You might be feeling timid and uncomfortable starting up a conversation. This vision urges you to be more confident and less restricted in order to create meaningful relationships.

Washing my hands

Dreaming of washing or cleaning your hands with soap is seen as a good omen. This vision indicates having positive events and experiences ahead of you that center around your friends and family. This likely hints at a family gathering and meeting people you have not seen in a long time, a night out with your friends, or being invited to a party and making new acquaintances.

Taking pictures of a guy

Taking pictures of a guy, whether he is someone you know or a stranger, is an omen for some memories that you are holding onto. This might be because these are happy memories you treasure with a former lover or friends that you have not seen in a long time. On the flip side, this indicates a warning signal of some actions that others might take against you out of envy. However, you would be fortunate, for these will not have a significant impact on your life.