Dreams Related To Abuse

Abandoned and abused animals

Animals have been abandoned. To my left, I see a lamb and a cow in separate metal cages, they've both starved to death. There are stacks of other cages, (4 high, 5 across, 6 deep) covered by tarps, I can't see what's inside. Then I come across a fenced area with a cow hanging upside down by its legs, swinging, it's completely decomposing, but still alive and looking at me to help it. I can't get to it to save it. There's an older horse (injury to its face) and 2 donkeys that come running towards me.

Animals that appear to be suffering due to abandonment often reveal that there is imbalance in the life of the dreamer. Oftentimes this is due to some area of the life taking a majority of the time in a day or a lack of understanding about how certain lifestyle choices affect the overall quality of life. In this case, the main animal perceived in this vision is a cow, a symbol considered holy and lucky by Hindu dream workers. However, the cows you saw were starved and decomposing. Rather than representing wealth and prosperity, these images portend great suffering and loss of possessions. It can be inferred that perhaps you are not living within your means. It is also possible that you are budgeting correctly but that money is being lost due to certain habits or leniency. With this in mind, the sheep, horse and donkey represent disappointment, a lack of energy and hardship, respectively. You may want to quickly take stock of your finances and enact a spending freeze until you get your situation sorted out.

Daughter being abused by her boyfriend

I just woke from a dream where my daughter was hit by her boyfriend while sitting on a step outside, in front of a house. Somehow I appear in the dream fussing at my boyfriend and find out from a bystander my daughter's cheekbone is crushed, she has to go to hospital and two guys immediately beat up her boyfriend that heard me say "Why did you hit my daughter?". What's this dream mean?

Dreaming that your daughter's boyfriend is abusive towards her is a sign from your subconscious that something is not right with the relationship they have. It may be something benign and harmless, but it is more likely to be something that could seriously hurt your daughter in the future, either physically or emotionally. This is followed by your daughter going to the hospital, which portends hearing some unpleasant, possibly shocking news, most likely about her boyfriend. Your worst fears about him may be on the verge of being confirmed.

Feeling powerful in the presence of abuse

I had a dream about my abuser provoking me. The whole dream I felt like I was moving through maple syrup but then I felt a presence behind me and I felt powerful. I could move and I felt light. I inherently knew (idk how) that an angel gave me some of their power. I went to go beat up my abuser but then I woke up.

This vision seems to be the manifestation of your subconscious understanding of your own strength and ability. Moving through the maple syrup at a slow, hindered pace at first could be your own acknowledgement of past excuses or weakness, but the strength and lightness found through the angel suggests that you are ready to move past this situation either by taking action against this individual if none has been taken yet or by moving on and making your life the best it can be.

Abusive father dead

The violent dad in this dream suggests that you struggle to face life emotionally. You tend to be easily affected and swamped by immense emotions that might be brought by past trauma. This incident results in your being overly protective of your boundaries and needing to have control in most aspects of your life. This hinders your ability to make a lasting relationship. Thus, this dream should serve as advice for you to let your guard down a little and be more trusting of people.