Dreams Related To Abortion

Regretting having gone through abortion

If you undergo an abortion in a dream and then later express regret, then you are being advised to set a higher priority on your efforts to achieve a goal without focusing over seemingly minute details.

Decision to go through abortion

As you dream of contemplating an abortion, it serves as a cautionary message that the path you are considering may lead to futility and disappointment. This intriguing vision urges you to reconsider your choices and actions, as they may not yield the desired outcomes. Take heed of this warning and reflect on the potential consequences of your decisions. It is a reminder to evaluate your options carefully and seek guidance before embarking on any significant endeavors. While it may be difficult to hear, this dream encourages you to explore alternative paths that may offer more promising and fulfilling results. Embrace this opportunity for self-reflection and seek clarity in your goals and aspirations. By doing so, you can navigate towards a more successful and meaningful direction in your life's journey.

Aborting a pregnancy

According to Christian dream interpretation sources, aborting a baby carried in the womb signifies impending conflicts and suffering within your family. You could soon become bewildered by unexpected events happening to a member of this close-knit group you care about. You may also soon face a situation when you would need to break ties with a long-time friend or acquaintance because they are no longer interested in spending time with you or they have grown past the point you can connect in any meaningful way.

Boyfriend aborting pregnancy

I had a dream that my boyfriend in real life was aborting my pregnancy.

Dreaming about your boyfriend terminating your pregnancy has negative connotations. A baby generally represents hope and new beginnings. The notion of your lover aborting the baby points towards him causing a hindrance in your happiness or growth. It's an indication that you should try to reassess your relationship. It's important that the two of you encourage one another in your efforts and endeavors. It would be helpful to talk to your boyfriend about how he could actually help you achieve your desires by offering you more support and love.

Having abortions from several boyfriends

I am having multiple abortions and laughing, they are from several different boyfriends!

Babies often embody hope and the fulfillment of dreams when seen in a dream. This indicates that you are currently working toward some goal, most likely related to school or work. However, having multiple abortions suggests you are sabotaging your own success in some way. You are probably not acting in a professional manner or have been slacking with your responsibilities. This is further supported by the multiple boyfriends, which represents spending more time on personal matters rather than focusing on your job and duties. If you do not focus your energy and work harder, you may find that your future dreams are beyond your reach forever.

Refusing to go through abortion

Refusing to undergo abortion means that you should avoid making hasty decisions and take into consideration all the possibilities before pushing through your plans of marriage or engagement.