Dreams Related To Abduction

Escaping after being abducted

I saw that someone was trying to abduct my friend and me, but I managed to come out of the running car and managed to pull her out too. What does that indicate?

The act of abduction of you and your friend portends the likelihood of your involvement in illegal, fraudulent or other borderline criminal activities. This dream serves as a hint that if you use the power of your will and your mind, you may be able to bail out of these plans before they materialize. It also indicates that you could soon be approached by some dishonest characters who will try to befriend you with the single purpose of using you in their illegal manipulations. Your dream is a warning indicating that you should pull yourself as fast as possible from any questionable or even criminal schemes which may result in serious repercussions both for you and others entangled in them knowingly or against their will.

Being abducted by aliens

There was an orange glow through the bedroom window. I got out of bed to look and it was like being on a train with everything rushing past. I went into another room where there were other people, someone said we were being taken by people from another planet, but didn't know where. I ran back into the bedroom to look out the window again. Still moving. I told myself it was just a dream and kept saying "Wake up", but I couldn't. I then became very frightened, as I thought it was real and not a dream.

Trains or images similar to train movement in dreams are often thought to represent our path in life and the road we take to get to where we need to be. In this case, your train is going very quickly and seems to be disorienting you, meaning your life may feel outside of your direct control at the moment. You probably feel powerless to change its course or lack the confidence to exert your will. In order to escape the harsh reality you may currently be in, you may prefer to turn to the fantasy world and hide from reality. However, this dream cautions you not to waste time avoiding unpleasant situations. Instead, it would be better to make small steps to take control of your surroundings.

Witnessing abduction of a little girl

I was watching from my window out into my yard (which was filled with chickens and squirrels), and I saw a little girl. Then 2-3 people dressed in black robes ran out and grabbed her and ran off while I couldn't do anything about it and I was terrified.

Observing the events of this dream by looking out of a window could be a reflection of your tendency to not fully rely on those who love and care for you. You may be doing more harm than good, causing issues and problems inside the relationship due to your inability to trust or share your true feelings. The irony is that the image of the little girl suggests that you miss the security, comfort and warmth provided by a self-containing relationship. You yearn for closeness, yet push others away. The final images of the girl being kidnapped is an indication that you may make a big mistake concerning an important relationship you wish to maintain. It would be wise to take the knowledge gleaned from this vision to heart.

Being abducted by an old lady

An old lady was trying to steal me. I was trying my best to run, finally found my family members. They were pulling me from one side and the lady was pulling from the other side.

This dream may reflect your current predicament. The old lady could be an aspect of yourself related to the past. There may be old issues which continue to haunt you and these are causing complications in your reality. Perhaps these old wounds are creating conflicts between you and your loved ones. Old women are also symbolically associated with traditional and conservative values, so perhaps your beliefs are clashing with some members of your family, making you feel torn between upholding your values and empathizing with others. This vision may be asking you to reflect on whether it is worthwhile to prioritize personal beliefs over harmonious relationships.