Dreams Related To Abdomen

A woman hitting in the abdomen

My dream was about a woman. I was fighting with a woman in my dream and the woman chuck me in the abdomen with a broken wood and I got my abdomen wounded and I say to her is that all she can do? She replies that she has done her part. Suddenly I was looking for help but no one seems to help, but my mom was there willing to help but she can't.

The vision of a woman targeting you in your abdomen could mean you relate her to someone who has caused significant emotional scarring in your life and that you are not yet able to heal. However, since she mentioned that she has done her part, it could mean you feel like you deserved it somehow, as if you are atoning for a former sin. The notion about your mom being unable to help you could reveal you are beginning to feel estranged from the comforts of childhood and family life, when you could always count on your parents to have your back in the past, but now feel unsure about facing the future on your own.

Abdomen covered with cysts

I woke from sleeping in my bed and saw my abdomen being protruded by two medium-sized ovarian cysts. The cysts were protruding as if they wanted to tear my abdomen, which caused immense pain. I was holding those cysts as they were throbbing out but covered with skin. And I was feeling terrified, scared of the sight of the cysts.

According to traditional dream analysis, dreaming of pain in the lower abdomen accompanied by ovarian cysts refers to an overall decline in your closeness with those you share a home with. The exact reason for this increasing distance or tensions is unclear with this symbol alone, but it is likely related to repressed sexuality. For instance, if you live with your family, being unable to freely be intimate with a lover could cause you stress that you might take out on your family members. This may equally be true in the case of roommates or those who live in shared quarters.

Your own abdomen

Dreaming of your own abdomen, for example when you put on a swimsuit and you are drawn to your tight and fit abdomen which resulted from your consistent exercise and healthy eating, could symbolize bright future and success ahead in the real life. But in order to achieve it, you should put your best efforts and determination forward without fail. Life goals and dreams only materialize through hard work and persistence and as the dream signifies, results would speak for themselves. The universe would conspire to get what you truly want.

Someone with a big abdomen

Dreaming that someone has a big abdomen, for example when you are at a friend's party in the dream and you noticed one of the guests is showing a big belly being hidden in a loose shirt, could allude to approaching responsibilities and chores related to your household or your children. It could also indicate the existence of someone in your life who constantly creates obstacles and roadblocks on your way to success. You better steer clear away from this person in your waking life who could be sabotaging any plans you may have.

Abdomen aching

Having a dream that your abdomen is aching, for instance when you suddenly clutched your abdomen in pain while eating with family in a restaurant, could allude that your current plans or aspirations will miserably fail. You should not be disappointed and try again in different ways until you succeed. If you see a child holding his or her own abdomen in your dream however, there could be a possibility of transmitting an infectious disease in the real life. You should monitor and guard your health closely and ensure that you are getting the proper care if this incident happens unexpectedly.

Something on top of the abdomen

Having a dream that you have something on top of your abdomen, for instance when you are lying down in bed and there is a stuffed dog toy on top of your stomach which your niece placed there, could indicate unexpected wealth or unlikely sources of income that you could be seeing soon in real life. You should stay on top of your side projects and other businesses to sustain these sources of additional income which could help you and your family in the long run. You would benefit from this financial success and this would create a more prosperous way of life.

Swollen abdomen

Having a dream that you have a swollen abdomen, such that when you woke up in a dream and you were horrified to see that your belly is somewhat swollen and slightly protruding, could mean soon encountering challenges and difficulties in the real life. Do not worry though as you would successfully overcome such obstacles which would bring the feeling of satisfaction and pride. This could result in you gaining more confidence and going through personal growth because of effectively resolving these issues in your life.

Abdomen cut open

Dreaming that your abdomen is being cut open, for example when you are undergoing an abdominal surgery to remove a tumor and the surgeon is using a scalpel to pry the skin open, could indicate big material or financial losses when you spend money unexpectedly in real life. Be prudent and take into account what expenses you may have that could lead you down to this ugly path. You should spend wisely to prevent this from happening in the future.

Abdomen bleeding

To see your abdomen bleeding in a dream, for instance when you visit a doctor to consult about a pain in your abdomen and you suddenly feel and see blood trickling from your abdomen without any idea where it originates, could signify a great misfortune or tragic occurrence happening inside your family or with a close relative. The dream may be warning you to be alert and ready in case a tragedy or emergency happens to you and those close to you. Your entire existence may be put to a test in times of crisis and you should be prepared when this time comes.

No abdomen for pregnant

Having a dream when you are pregnant showing no abdomen at all, like when you visited a doctor in the dream and discovered you were already three months pregnant and yet there is no sign showing the baby's presence in your relatively flat abdomen, gives you the opposite meaning in reality. It could predict a healthy pregnancy and uncomplicated delivery of the child for you. This could erase all your unfounded worries or anxieties regarding pregnancy and giving birth. Just relax and enjoy the journey towards motherhood.

Injured abdomen

Dreaming of an injured abdomen, for instance when you see yourself stumbling over a big stone along the pathway while running and you toppled forward thus hitting your abdomen in the process, could indicate existing threats to your livelihood, authority or sources of income. You should be mindful in managing your sources of cash flow so that you could be effective in making them grow while removing potential threats. Best to be prepared for strategies in weathering these challenges before they catch you unaware when they appear unexpectedly in your life.

Condition of your abdomen

To dream that you have a bulging abdomen condition, for instance when your pants could no longer fit because of the bulges you have to accommodate, could be symbolic of great wealth and material gains in reality. On the other hand, seeing your abdomen not fully appearing in the dream could mean the opposite which may refer to signs of worries, concerns, stressful situations and nagging thoughts. Maybe you could try cultivating peaceful thoughts and practice meditation to pacify whatever unwanted thoughts you are harboring.

Exposed abdomen

Having a dream of an exposed abdomen, for instance when you see yourself on the beach and sunbathing naked while your abdomen is exposed to the heat of the sun, could predict that you could have some minor headaches or useless worries which would soon disappear without a trace if you do not put too much emphasis or attention on them. It may also be referring to upcoming disappointments in love affairs or romantic matters in your waking life. You may try having open dialogues with your partner so as to avoid these negative occurrences from happening.

Abdomen in bad shape

To dream that your abdomen is in bad shape, for instance when you touched your abdomen in the dream and there were unwanted bumps and areas of fat that were not there before, could reveal a possibility of distorted lies and rumors spread by those who dislike you in reality. You may want to pay closer attention to those that you associate with in your waking life and whether they have good and pure intentions for you. It would be best to stay true to your values and beliefs to ward off those who are trying to stain or destroy your reputation.

Abdomen without a navel

To dream of your abdomen without a navel, such that when you checked your body in front of a mirror and you were aghast that your navel is missing and you feel like an alien being, could predict going through some shockingly unexpected event or circumstance which will take a long time to recover from. Brace yourself and be prepared for some jarring events that you could be experiencing soon in the real life. If you are a married woman, beware as the dream could signify a sickness or even the inevitable and unfortunate death of your husband.

A baby in your abdomen

To dream of a baby in your abdomen if you are not pregnant at the moment, such that you when you are wearing a maternity dress and showing a big belly to your friends and family, could be a sign of you becoming pregnant soon. It could also be an indication of having some plans or aspirations which need to be materialized in your waking life. If you are currently pregnant however, and you had a similar dream of carrying a baby in your abdomen, it could be a sign of uncomplicated and effortless birthing process or delivery.

Abdomen in general

To dream of an abdomen in general, such that when you are attending a general anatomy class and the person in front is discussing the abdomen part, could be symbolic of your current quality of life or reflection of your living conditions based on how the abdomen looked in the dream. It might also be symbolic of your subconscious references to basic human instincts such as hunger, sexual motivations and violence or aggression towards others as means of self preservation. Alternatively, the vision could also be a reflection of your repressed basic sensual aspects such as worldly pleasurable experiences or apathy toward something or someone in your waking life.

Rubbing your abdomen

To dream that you are rubbing your abdomen while you are currently ill, for example when you see yourself getting a full stomach and very satisfied after a hearty meal with friends and you rubbed your stomach in pleasure, it could signify improvements and healing as far as your illness is concerned. Conversely, if you are feeling healthy at the moment and you had this dream of rubbing your abdomen, it may mean that you could soon be falling ill or transmitting a disease. You should pay a visit to the doctor sometime to see if there are health matters that you should be addressing.