Five golden keys in a box Holding a box with 5 golden keys in it. The vision of golden keys in a box in your dream is a positive sign which speaks of receiving a reward or incentive for something you are trying to complete at the moment or have recently accomplished. If you felt like the keys were valuable and important in this dream, it means that soon you would be presented with a rare opportunity to get involved in an endeavor which is important to you. Most likely, this kind of opportunity would be related to volunteer activities or some community work or activities. The number of keys (five) could be also related to your hand (five fingers), that is something you are working on with your hands, rather than intellectual or mental type of work.
Number three in a dream I had a dream about three men ministers I know now, I listen to all them. The number three keep coming up in the present, what does number three have to do with me? Dreaming of remembering a particular number or associating it with things or people in a dream means you are getting ready to encounter and live through a very exciting, rewarding and life-changing occasion or event that will make you feel very satisfied and happy for a very long time period. The number three is a sign you might receive a proposition or deal which may require you to invest a lot of time and energy into making it successful, noting the appearance of ministers in this dream, it could be church-related.
Being stabbed near a stone with symbols depicted on it I am a 24-year old male. In my dream I am playing in front of the buildings I used to live 15 years ago. I can't remember the reason, someone whom I didn't even see approached and stabbed me and I started bleeding. I was dying in my dream, but lying on the floor, I saw this: It was either a wall or a big stone wheel, but it had carved in a sun with a face with many other details around the face. And I see blood (my own I guess) pouring down that carving. The blood was blue in color. Thank you. Dreaming about being in a familiar place from wake life, particularly one from your childhood, indicates being in a safe or comfortable place in your life. The peace you are experiencing, however, is likely to be disturbed in the near future, as predicted by the stabbing you experienced. Being stabbed with a knife, especially in this sudden, jarring manner, suggests some jealous, impatient person is about to make a direct move against you. Blood is often connected to reputation, so it seems likely that this person is interested in irreparably damaging your reputation through untrue gossip and ill rumors. The giant stone you see represents feeling alone and isolated from others, unable to move and call out for help. You may fear that your friends have abandoned you or are not available now that you are in need of their assistance. You may want to take precautions and reassure yourself that your friends have your back after experiencing this vision.
Lying in bed and pages falling with symbols I was laying in bed wide awake with my eyes shut listening to the TV, the sound of the TV suddenly stopped and I couldn't think clearly, and then I had a vision I guess and about 10 pages fell on me with red writing and upside down pentagram in the upper left corner of the pages. One that stopped I had what appeared to be a wolf eye staring at me. This really freaked me out. This dream has a few complicated symbols which stand out. First, being in your bed in a dream suggests some troubles with relationships, especially romantic ones. If you are in a relationship or pursuing someone, there may be some obstacles or difficulties along the way. Seeing red writing in particular on the papers that fell suggests acting primarily on emotions and not considering the facts of a situation before acting. Finally, having eye contact with a wolf is a negative sign predicting forthcoming bad news. This vision seems to be a warning that your impulsive behavior may have negative effects on your relationships in the future if not worked on.
A neighbor calling the numbers incorrectly I dreamt about a neighbor finally leaving the house we live in, he was very happy and shouting the Roman numeral 8, but he was saying it wrong, saying viiii. I got shocked and told my brother he was wrong, that instead of viiii it was viiii. Please what does this dream mean. Thank you. Dreaming about trying to correct someone when they were citing numbers while being in a happy and cheerful mood could indicate that there is a certain degree of rivalry or competition going on between you and this person. You may also intentionally downgrade or play down his progress or achievements in something that is equally important both to him and you, as taking out an extra "i" would suggest. Overall, this dream vision is a reflection of some existing tensions or superficial competitiveness you tend to be preoccupied with, which sometimes could be disadvantageous or even damaging.
Strange geometric formations in a lucid dream I saw the most fluid vision that I have ever seen in a dream before. It was all black vision with 6-9-ish brown cogs formed into a ball. They weren't connected perfectly and were rotating and spinning around each other. At the center of each cog was a very defined center point. Like each cog had a meaning different from any other cog. I only was asleep for 10 to 15 minutes and I never slept so hard in my life. When someone tried to wake me up, I could feel their presence, but I know I was still sleeping. I tried to wake up, but It was impossible to open my eyes or even move. Dreaming about strange shapes, especially with specific geometric or spacial arrangements pertaining to the visions, speak of you inability or unwillingness to accept a view or opinion expressed by another person. You could be criticizing or rejecting someone's idea, advice or suggestion just because you feel it is inconvenient, inappropriate or unacceptable. Conversely, you may have experienced this kind of attitude and rejection toward yourself lately when you shared your own way of thinking or acting in the presence of other people.
Flying, seeing colors and symbols It was kind of a lucid dream, but I couldn't control anything but myself. I woke up in a purple room. I was wearing these weird purple pajamas. I looked out the window and saw I was in a tower. I flew around and saw my friend sleeping in another tower. I flew around some more and then I found a dark green alter-type bed with a weird black symbol that looked kind of like a skull. I played down and this person appears and stabbed me. The prominence of purple colors in this vision is a manifestation of your recent realization of the need to liberate yourself from a long-standing uncertainty or ambiguity which exists in your relationship with other people, possibly your close friend. This is supported by flying around, which is symbolic of reaching an important decision or making a choice which could help you resolve this situation. However, the dark and black colors at the end coupled with the act of stabbing could also be pointing to a great deal of resistance and hostility you are about to face, but it seems to be the only course of action for you to take.
A bishop providing with numbers My bishop gave me a number 43-25-5. Seeing a priest or some other member of the clergy in your dreams might be an indication of possible conflicts breaking out among your family members, most likely over business or financial issues. Although more pertaining to numerology, the diminishing order of the numbers you were given, could also be indicative of your strong points or arguments slowly losing their power, either because the other party makes a lot of sense or because you would want to find a reasonable and quick way to resolve these disagreements.
Waking up and discovering a tattoo with symbols While asleep, my right arm started burning with pain, I screamed out to mother, after a while mother waked me up, and a scratched tattoo on my arm appeared. The tattoo was a combination of lines with information scratched within every line. It said that the woman that had scratched me was named IRENE, in another line my personal information, in another line a phoenix symbol and another line a Chinese letter. Dreams about aching arms are an ill omen, which could represent dark forces circling your life. Arms that throb with pain in a dream could also indicate a more serious physical danger, like a car accident or work-related injury, occurring in the near future. This prediction parallels the vision of a tattoo appearing on the arm, and, if you do not have any tattoos in reality, could be pointing to emerging need to leave your home for a long period time or relocate. This move could be the consequence of negative circumstances befalling you, and the multitude and variety of symbols depicted on your arm are a stern warning to be watchful of threats or dangerous situations hinted by these symbols.
Someone drawing symbols on the back An unknown person was tracing someone's name into my back with their finger. There was no blood, only a soft touch and I was laying in bed with my back turned at the time. The bed I was on was not mine. Dreaming of being in bed with a stranger is a positive sign. You may soon receive some good news in the form of an opportunity, a possible work promotion, or getting that deal you have been trying to close. Waking up in an unknown bed also corresponds to a new perspective or fresh outlook in life. Whatever good fortune it is that is coming your way, it will influence other aspects of your existence. Please note that another interpretation of the bed in dreams has to do with the consequences of your actions. Whether the bed is neatly made or in disarray could signify what you make of the chances you take in life.
Shapes which include images of moon Namaste. I had a dream about two triangles with a half moon between them. Then two rectangular forms with half moon inside each one and above them a pyramid on each. Please explain to me the meaning. Thanks. Dreaming about a moon that is neither full nor new suggests that your prayers are about to be answered. Whatever you have been wishing and hoping for is likely to be decided in your favor, giving you much relief and happiness. The shapes you saw in this dream can indicate one of two things. On one hand, they could represent how important this was for your basic wants and needs. However, it may also indicate that, now that one want has been satisfied, another may take its place.
Daughter's ex boyfriend and number nineteen Dreamed my daughter's ex boyfriend and the number 19. A dream in which you see the former boyfriend of someone close to you can be interpreted as a bad sign. It could mean that your current relationship is not as stable as you may wish it to be. Certain circumstances may lead to a break-up and the number nineteen is likely to play a role in it, such as someone's age or a date when something significant had or will have taken place.
Mobius loops of three different colors I dreamed of 3 Mobius loops, a red one, a blue one and a yellow one, each smaller in size. If you asked me yesterday what Mobius was I wouldn't be able to tell you. I knew in my dream what they were and they seemed unstoppable. While this vision may have been startling on the surface, it is actually a very auspicious dream concerning your future. The Mobius loops themselves are not nearly as important as the colors and sizes. Red represents passion, blue represents your efforts toward your dreams, and yellow is symbolically associated with success. In this case, the large red loop shows your personality, while the smaller blue loop indicates how your passions focus around the idea of making your dreams come true. The smallest yellow loop, then, predicts success in your endeavors once you concentrate your efforts on specific goals.
A strange tattoo and being haunted Had a dream that I got an odd-looking tattoo on my body, could not tell what the object was. Had the dream for what seemed like all night, in the dream it was shown as haunting me. I didn't like it there or what it was. I'm a female. Tattoos often contain coded messages in their designs, so interpreting them can be tricky in a dream vision, especially if the pattern is unclear or unfamiliar to the dreamer. The length of the dream, however, is quite telling, as a long fixation on the image of the tattoo can predict a need to change your surroundings drastically, often to pursue a dream or find inner peace on a soul journey. If there has been such an activity that you have been putting off for awhile, now may be the time to make it happen.
Drawing symbols with animal blood I had a dream that I cut up animals in half such as cats and dogs and I drew 666 in a field with the animals blood. This vision has a very clear interpretation regarding your future. Cutting and dissecting multiple animals during a dream vision, especially for ritualistic purposes, is the manifestation of your curiosity about the unknown, especially about your future and the possibilities it holds. The number 666, however, clearly answers the question for you, although possibly not in the way you may have hoped. The devil's number predicts you have been making the same mistakes over and over again. You cannot hope to achieve your full potential until you complete this level and move on to the next.
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