Making through a haunted house Dreams about a haunted house with a lot of rooms and a guy with an axe trying to kill me, a spider web made of rope and I am trying to cut it to escape and I get out of the rope web and I see this rectangle of blue jello-like box, but big and long. I grab scissors and cut a line and a lady comes by me and gives me her baby and said to protect it and I slid thru with the baby. Dreaming of being inside a large haunted house suggests you have a large network of friends and family who are willing to help you when you need it. However, envisioning yourself being chased by an ax-murder could be a warning that not everyone in your network is as sincere as they claim to be. In fact, you should be careful not to fall into the traps set for you by your enemies or people who dislike you. Your ability to break through the rope-like spider web in your vision is a promising sign, especially when combined with the image of protecting a young child. Both of these images suggest you would be able to weed out those who are untrue to you and avoid their malicious actions against you.
Gods and spirits at a funeral I am at a funeral wake overlooking the sea. When I look out towards the sea I can see three Gods that resemble Zeus, they are hovering above the sea. Sky is full of beautiful colors as the Sun begins to set. Then I turn to see that I'm surrounded by spirits. I didn't feel afraid it was all very calm. I didn't know whose funeral it was nor did I recognize any of the spirits. The theme of your dream overall has to do with new beginnings. The funeral, although a sad affair, actually means the opposite in dream interpretation. It speaks of receiving rewards and being lucky both for you and your family. The figure of Zeus, in this case, alludes to control and guidance. Since the sunset points to the end of suffering and the beginning of a new cycle in which you can finally regroup and get your bearings back in order, you would need a guiding light or force to help you pull yourself back up. Whether it means faith or your general outlook on life, it would be instrumental to the rewards and good tidings awaiting you and people who matter to you the most.
Turning into a ghost while being attacked We are in a messy room and there is an older man trying to hurt me. He can see me and feel me but I'm like a ghost to him, nothing I do can stop him from getting to me. The messy room in your dream reflects your mind's disarray. You are probably going through some emotional turmoil punctuated by self-doubt and uncertainty. Consequently, being unable to save someone from the old man points to your inability to stand up for yourself during pivotal moments in your life. Your insecurities and shortcomings are manifested in this dream perhaps due to your recent efforts to increase self-awareness of these personal issues.
Being pursued by an army of demons I dreamt of demons hunting me. At first I was protected with a fence, but they managed to enter and I ran with my baby and soon enough they learned where I was hiding and they came and threatened to kill me and my baby if we do not show up. I saw light in their eyes and their skin turned to be a frame, inside of them there was fire. They were so dangerous and many, so I came out and agreed to go with them and they were holding my baby. To dream of being chased or hunted by demons suggests lingering psychological and emotional issues. You could be prone to projecting your own fears and negative energies onto those around you, especially your loved ones. The demons symbolize self-doubt, short temper and other destructive habits or tendencies you may have harbored over the years. Being called out by the demons in this dream vision thereby points to a need for you to acknowledge you shortcomings and failures as a way to be freed of the darkness within you. The first step is always to confront your problems instead of running away from them or denying their existence.
Being chased by a couple of vampires I was being chased by a female vampire and a male one. Then I killed the male one and the female kept chasing me. I ran into the bathroom to escape but then I turned into a vampire and then turned into a man. Then I had sex with the female. Vampires in dreams are associated with mystery and sexuality. Your transformation into a vampire while also turning into a man could be indicative of your desire to explore your sexuality. Maybe you are still grappling with issues of sexual identity and you are just beginning to explore this area. Alternatively, being chased by vampires is likely a warning. Transforming into a vampire has also been associated with upcoming dangerous situations due to negligence or carelessness. The aftermath of this event may be difficult to deal with and you would be forever changed because of it.
Lifted up and wrapped in by a white ribbon I went to bed beside my girlfriend. Then my dream began from that same situation. This white long object looking like a rope or ribbon picked me up from the bed and have me suspended about two feet off the ground as it wrapped itself around me slowly. My girlfriend got up and ran to the door as she stood up in shock as well. I tried to loose myself from this object as it wrapped itself around me, but I was defenseless. I was in no pain. I was in shock that this was happening. Then I woke up. Dreaming that you are lying in bed with someone is a symbol of strained relationships. In this case, you may soon have a falling out with your girlfriend which could last for a long time and threaten to break you apart. Ribbons are symbols of childishness and frivolity, so the cause of the problem may be something petty or inconsequential. Perhaps the petty fight is just the last straw and there could be other problems piling up between the two of you over the course of the relationship. Finally, being wrapped by this rope or ribbon reflects your helplessness about the situation. Maybe you feel like you are trapped or your girlfriend does not listen to your side or explanation whenever you have arguments. Then again, maybe the problem is that you have trouble being honest with her or opening up to her about your issues.
Ghosts in a library I was in a giant library and I was looking for a room to rent and a ghost was following me and the head librarian came up to me and told me that ghosts were very drawn too me, but not in a bad way and not to be afraid. I went into another room and a ghost was following me and then it left and another ghost came and followed into another room and then I left and went to my car. The library in your dream speaks of your personal journey and the lessons you have learned. It is your mind's repository for all the knowledge gleaned from your experience in different situations. Finding a room to rent is likely an allusion to your desire for personal growth. However, in order to do that, you need to be able to face your ghosts. The ghosts following you around can either symbolize your mind dwelling on things which cannot be brought back, or it may point toward past issues you have been trying to avoid. In both cases, there is an important lesson you need to learn before you would be able to move on to the next chapter of your journey.
Devil by the side of bed I have been struggling to sleep since I had this dream... It started off me looking at myself in my bed in my room, then it changed. It became a bed I was unfamiliar with, in an industrial hallway that never ended, but when I looked up, the devil was at the end of the bed. It was black, but had the yellow eyes like the one from "Evil dead". I couldn't look. When I did, part of my right leg was gone. I screamed. Opened my eyes again, more of my leg was gone. Then I woke, what does it mean? Dreaming about being in a strange bed in an unfamiliar room is an indication that you are about to be visited by someone you have not seen in a long time. This meeting could have a deep impact on your waking life. The fact that you could see the devil at the end of the bed symbolizes that you might indulge in an intimate encounter with this person, but get some unexpected or unfavorable outcomes as a result. The symbolism of a missing leg again carries negative connotations, it points towards the loss of a certain amount of wealth. The overall imagery of your dream implies that this encounter would have a negative impact on your life. Consider this as a warning and remain vigilant towards people who have the potential to harm you.
Voodoo practice causing fire I dreamt that I was at my psychoanalyst's office and he was performing a voodoo healing ceremony on me. It was a bit sexual. A log lit on fire and started to burn the building. We had to evacuate. My family showed up and were interrogating me about what happened. They believed I was having sexual relations with him. I wanted to talk to him but he made me promise I wouldn't say anything about the voodoo and I also had to distance myself from him. I wanted to ask him how to respond to the police. Seeing a psychoanalyst in this dream likely reveals an inner turmoil. You may be experiencing psychological and emotional distress as a result of an identity crisis. As such, the ritualistic voodoo healing alludes to the process of exorcising yourself of your personal demons, unsavory thoughts and morally reprehensible behavior. Your desires and values may be clashing, creating dissonance in your mind, hence you are looking for guidance and seeking clarity for these feelings you have. The implied sexual intimacy you had with the psychoanalyst could only be a manifestation of your guilt and shame. You are hiding something from your loved ones for fear of being judged. Ultimately, the fire that consumes the building refer to this period of transformation you would go through after you come to terms with who you really are.
An evil ghost switching babies A what seemed an evil ghost kept switching my baby with an nonhuman ghost baby and I had to keep chasing him and finding my baby frantically. An evil, menacing ghost which threatens your family is an ominous sign to perceive in a dream. It predicts inevitable changes that would negatively affect your household. Because your baby is the main victim in your dream, this could be directly related to your child, although it could also affect your family as a whole. Then again, trying to find your actual baby could also be an allusion to your quest in finding the perfect opportunity to succeed in your chosen career. Either way, you may want to be on the lookout for upcoming disruptions or threats which may make your life more difficult.
Bad things from the past materializing I was at a huge gathering with family, friends and people I've never met before. The song the band played made everyone go psycho! Every bad thing you ever did in your life took form into another you and tried to kill you. When you kill it, it disappeared and the next one came back, but was harder to kill. If it killed you before you killed it, it became you, but as a really bad person. There was a girl that I was with the whole time but when I tried to kill hers it would heal keep trying to kill her. The gathering of friends and loved ones in your dream suggests a reckoning with your personal demons. Reunions are typically associated with past events or loose ends. Hence, the evil doppelgangers you have to kill during this occasion likely reveal your struggle in suppressing self-destructive behavior or emotional outbursts. The fact that they keep coming back more evil and harder to kill may be referring to your tendency to repeat mistakes or fall into old patterns. In order to break free from your previous mistakes, you must learn to become more self-aware and find the motivation to become the best version of yourself.
An evil woman wanting soul A relative told me she could see an evil woman presence living in our home. And that she didn't like me and wanted my soul. That she followed me everywhere. An evil woman living in your home is an indication of some unavoidable negative circumstances coming into your life which could greatly affect your existence and be job-related or happen in your private life. The evil presence following you everywhere in the relative's dream points to stressful situations and troubles that could start taking place. Try to be more watchful and observant, so the effects of these circumstances are as minimal as possible.
Befriending a ghost of a girl I dreamed that I was in my parent's house (where I have had paranormal experiences in the past) and I was speaking to the ghost of a young woman named Allison. I have never met her in the waking world. She told me how she died and that she was the one who had been trying to communicate with me for all these years. I saw her clearly now though. I was not frightened, but felt at peace and fulfilled, that I was finally able to see her. We bonded but she vanished when my mom walked in the room. Meeting or having an encounter with a ghost in a dream vision could be indicative of emotional turmoil or discomfort which has been bothering you lately. It may seem like a petty issue on the surface, but it is one that you may consider to be important due to its mysterious and enigmatic nature. Given that the ghost woman Allison has attempted to contact you before, it could mean that this situation is slowly revealing itself to you or that now you are at an age when you can begin to understand the complexity of the reality. The idea that your mother triggered the sudden ending to this encounter by walking into the room may further suggest that you are the only one who can truly comprehend and deal with this situation, meaning you have some special calling or purpose in this story. You would have to focus your mind and energy to hear the message and understand what it is asking you to do.
Zombies inside the childhood house I was in the house I grew up in, where my father still currently resides. I found my dead mother's corpse wrapped in plastic underneath a bed. My boyfriend and I lifted it onto the bed. Part of the plastic came unwrapped. In the other room, I heard a zombie-like snarl from the room her body was in and felt the need to escape the house. When I came running back to rescue my kids, they were already safely outside. Finding the corpse of your dearly departed mother in your childhood home represents some dark periods or memories from your past resurfacing in the present. The fact that your boyfriend was with you during this time may indicate either his part in bringing these old memories to light or his taking care of you while you deal with the half-healed wounds. Safely escaping the zombies with your children at the end of the vision points toward a new period of growth and happiness in your life. Once you close the book on the darkness in your past, you would be able to experience a bright new future.
A black entity coming into contact through palms I had a dream where someone, in a shadowy form, was trying to hold onto my palm as though to rub off or get at something from my palm. This shadowy figure was that of the shape of a woman. It sneaked around me and on three different unsuspecting times, it tried to rub off its palm on mine as though to take something away from me, say my virtue, gifts, position. But in all three attempts, I refused to let it get out anything from me. The shadowy image of a woman you saw in your dream may show some hypocrisy in your current beliefs. For example, you may have been holding onto a certain set of morals or ideas since you were a child, but now you act in a way that directly opposes what you say you believe in. In this way, the image of this shadow trying to reveal what is in your hand may reflect your subconscious desire to show yourself who you truly are. Your refusal to give anything up, however, may prove that you are not yet ready to give up these past ideals. Until you are ready to do so, you may find it difficult to have peace of mind.
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