Oral sex with a former schoolmate A girl I went to school with I never talked to giving me a blow job. This confused me because I am engaged to someone else and want to know if it means anything. Getting a blow job or dreaming of oral sex has to do with issues of dominance as well as commitment. For males, this signifies their tendency to be flaky or indecisive when it comes to establishing relationships or dating women. The girl represents all the dating possibilities you think you would be missing out on as a result of being engaged. It is the dream world equivalent of having cold feet. This is normal and a way for your subconscious to hash out any lingering issues you may have about your commitment to your fiance.
Sex with stepmother I was having sex with my stepmother, we were both enjoying it, but she would not look me in the eyes while we were at it. Dreaming about having sexual relations with your stepmother may be the manifestation of growing negativity in your life. The cause of this is likely your own pessimism or cynicism. This attitude may be doing more harm than you think, as a poor outlook on life and the future could affect your ability to prioritize tasks and maintain enthusiasm. However, the notion that your stepmother was avoiding direct eye contact may be an indication that you do not have the power or discipline to make this change on your own. Rather, you would need some event or intervention from others to get you on the right track.
An affair with a married man In my dream I was having an affair with a married acquaintance of mine. When he ejaculated, it had the appearance and consistency of a hand sanitizer and I believe I was upset that he came. Dreaming of committing adultery or having an affair with a married man alludes to your yearning to be desirable as a well as constant search for sexual satisfaction. On the other hand, this could be an allusion to the guilt and shame you harbor for being tempted into similar situations. If you are presently involved in illicit activities, this may be your subconscious confronting you with your indiscretions, so that your awareness may help you steer clear of sensitive situations which could get you into more trouble.
Having to choose whom to have sex with I had oral sex with my ex and had to choose between my current boyfriend and my ex. Envisioning yourself having oral sex with your ex-boyfriend has something to do with commitment issues. It is equivalent to having cold feet in the waking world. Choosing between your ex and your current boyfriend in your dream further strengthens these possible issues you may be facing. Perhaps lately you have been realizing shortcomings or emotional discomfort as a result of being with your current boyfriend. In the waking world you may feel indecisive towards him and your subconscious is now manifesting these thoughts. This is normal and a way for your mind to hash out lingering issues you may have about this commitment.
Having gay sex I am male. I have a dream that I have a sexual intercourse with a man, that means gay sex relationship that too with my friends. I need to know the dream interpretation. Thank you. A dream wherein you are having sex with someone who is the same gender as you signifies your appreciation of values and characteristics typically associated with men. You may have a strong sense of manhood and try to exude positive male qualities, such as integrity, respectfulness and courage. Most men are raised to believe they need to fight and conquer others to earn admiration, but you understand that you only need to overcome your personal faults to become better. You are focused on maintaining these qualities which is why this vision manifested in your subconscious.
Husband having sex with his sister My husband had sex with his sister on our bed and I was awake, saw everything they did and I was jealous. Seeing your husband and your sister-in-law involved in such an act of sexual deviancy could be an indication of existing minor problems inside your family, especially between you and his side of the family. It is possible that the bad blood that is between you may be causing stress to accumulate in waking life, leading to this vision. Alternatively, this vision can predict a divorce or separation from your husband, possibly due to a conflict between your different ideals.
Men having sex in between husband and self I am a woman and I had a dream of two straight men having sex in the middle of my husband and I. My husband was on texting while this was going on. The images in this vision seem to demonstrate a disconnect between how you think your husband should act versus how he behaves in reality. Two men having sex in this dream could be the manifestation of your feelings in relation to the idea of masculinity. In this case, you may associate masculinity with strength, passion and integrity. However, your husband may not show these qualities, and you may be disappointed that he does not initiate sex or act confidently as you might expect of him. In a sense, this vision is revealing your feelings about him and could either point toward a need to communicate with him more or a need to be more understanding of his personality.
Erect penises for females I am female married for 6 years. I am 38 years old. I often see erect penises in my dreams at least once a month. I don't know its meaning, please help. The image of a penis in the world of dreams may reflect problems with sexuality in reality. In a sense, some aspects of your intimacy with your spouse may not be fully satisfying you. If you desire more sexual encounters or specific sexual acts, it may be better to tell your partner directly rather than hoping they would eventually get the hint.
Having sex with an enemy Having sex with my enemy, woman to woman, this is the second time having the same dream. I am scared because we work together and she doesn't even talk to me. Dreaming about having sex with someone you dislike may reveal a subconscious desire to be like her or use some of her qualities to your advantage. In a sense, you are appreciating her through the act of sex. However, this vision may at the same time show jealousy or other negative emotions associated with this individual.
Having sex with a husband's friend I am a married woman, 27 and I have a daughter already. But last night I had a dream that I was having sex with our friend, which is a friend of my husband and mine. I dream that I have him beside me in my bed but not my husband and was already having sex with him. In my dream I liked the way he treated me during our sex time. Does it mean something bad? Or does it mean something will happen? Thank you. Dreaming about having sex with someone both you and your husband know could be the manifestation of your actual feelings for this individual. Perhaps you find yourself drawn to this man in wake life. Though you may not acknowledge it openly, your latent desires seem to have been expressed in your dream. The notion of enjoying sex with this person may further reveal your dissatisfaction with your current sex life with your husband. This vision could be an indication that you should have a detailed talk with your spouse regarding what you expect from him and how physical gratification would help improve your relationship.
Sex on a beach I'm a girl and I had a dream about my friend who is a guy and basically we somehow ended up on a beach and we had sex on the sand, very close to the water, I could feel it on my legs. But me and my friend, we live far away and I mean quite far like across the ocean. But he had a sex dream about me too, about 2 nights before I had mine. Is it some kind of sign or just a coincidence? I hope you can explain this to me, thank you. Dreaming about having sex with your friend can be awkward, but it actually happens more often than you would think. Often these intimate dream scenarios manifest as a result of getting closer. Reaching a level of comfort where you are able to disclose sensitive information about yourself can often conjure up this type of vision. Alternatively, sex can also reveal your admiration of him and perhaps a desire to emulate certain aspects you see in him. Both the beach and sex represent a union. With sex it is a meeting of the body and soul, while the beach represents a merging of opposite ideas and perspectives. In that sense, it is possible that having sex on the beach reveals your complementary relationship with him. The fact that you both had the same dream scenario suggests you both value each other and are deeply connected.
Being almost sexually assaulted I've had this dream before once but the ending was different. I'm a female. I was with a guy I have no idea who he was, or where it was. He was trying to hack something. He got sexually aroused and wanted to do something while we wait. I don't remember what I said but I made a joke because I didn't want to and I was nervous. I locked him in the bathroom but he got out and was mad. He picked me up and took me into there, then I woke up. I've been sexually assaulted before, I knew where it was going. Being sexually assaulted in dreams suggests feelings of helplessness in reality. There could be things occurring in your waking world that are beyond your capacity to control. Alternatively, this dream scenario could be your subconscious trying to recreate the abuse you suffered in the real world. The trauma of being victimized has taken residence in your subconscious and would usually manifest during emotional or stressful times. The bathroom represents cleansing, so perhaps this recurring dream scenario is your mind's way of encouraging you to confront and overcome your fears in order to let go of your pent-up anger, anxieties and other negative emotions building up inside of you.
Having sex with ex husband I was having sex with my ex husband last night. We were on a huge bed. There was a lot of foreplay and it was very nice. I had graphic details of his penis. I kept thinking he is going to leave as soon as we are done. He is using me. I felt sad and a bit insecure. He was very kind and caring. In my subconsciousness there was a door. Dreaming about having sex with an ex has negative connotations. It should be considered a forewarning. Events which may have hindered you in the past are about to make a comeback and create further problems for you. Despite the notion that you were enjoying the foreplay, the tiny voice telling you that your spouse would soon leave is actually a manifestation of your subconscious trying to steer you away from trouble. Just because things may seem all hunky-dory and easy does not mean you let down your guard. It would be helpful to keep yourself on high alert and avoid any circumstances or individuals who could cause problems for you in the near future.
Someone masturbating Female, 20. I had a weird dream that this guy I am interested in in a romantic way masturbated in front of me or for me, but I was both disgusted and slightly aroused by this. I am confused by what this dream means, as this is someone I am in love with and this dream was not even sexual in a good or erotic way, it was odd and him masturbating in front of me intentionally whilst looking at me felt like something out of a porn movie I would never enjoy, and didn't enjoy in the dream either. Dreaming about the person you are interested in romantically masturbating in front of you is actually a manifestation of your anxiety about your current relationship. It's an indication that things in your waking life aren't going as expected. Certain aspects you desire could be lacking making you feel doubtful and hesitant. This is further reinforced by your feelings of ambiguity, the notion of you being fascinated yet disgusted at the same time. On the other hand, this dream vision could also mean that there is some sexual tension between you and this person. Perhaps these issues could be resolved amicably by being open with one another. If you are unsure about your sexual compatibility, have a heart to heart talk with him. This, in turn, would strengthen your relationship and help ease the anxiety which you are experiencing.
Feeling guilty about sleeping with a policewoman I am heterosexual male (interested in females). I dreamt that I got pulled over by an extremely attractive blond-haired Greek cop (saw a face, but it was that of no one I had ever met before), but instead of her arresting me we had sex in the car. I am in a relationship and in my dream I remembered thinking it's wrong of me to have sex with this cop, but like maybe I can justify it to my girlfriend because that's such a once in a lifetime opportunity, such a cool thing to happen. So I ended up sleeping with the cop. Dreaming about having sex with a female stranger actually implies that you are about to discover some hidden qualities which you possess. It is simply your subconscious asking you to explore these capabilities. Since you felt in this dream scenario that it was a rare opportunity, it's an indication that you need to find your true calling. Doing so would open vistas which may at one time seemed almost impossible. Learn to tap into your potential and do your best to achieve success in your life. On the other hand, this dream may also indicate that you would like your partner to have the traits or qualities of the woman you met in your dreams. Perhaps you have always been attracted to these types of women and your physical desire to be with a similar kind of person triggered your dream.
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